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Jane Velez-Mitchell Biography, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Career , Education and News

Jane Velez-Mitchell is an American television and social media journalist and author. Besides her being a journalist, she is also the founder of #JaneUnChained,a digital news network for animal rights and


Jane Velez-Mitchell Biography

Jane Velez-Mitchell is an American television and social media journalist and author. Besides her being a journalist, she is also the founder of #JaneUnChained,a digital news network for animal rights and the vegan lifestyle which uses more than 60 volunteer contributors from around the world to showcase vegan festivals, animal rights conferences, organizations, vegan restaurants and cooking. The videos originate on Velez-Mitchell’s Facebook page, which has 16.5 million video views in 2017. The network is a 501 c (3) non-profit based in Marina del Rey, California.

Jane Velez-Mitchell Age

The American TV personality was born on September 29, 1956, in Manhattan, New York, NY. She is 62 years old as of 2018.

Jane Velez-Mitchell Height

She has a standing height of 5 feet 2 inches and her body weighs 60kg. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her body measurements are 34-25-35 inches. Furthermore, her bra size is 32B.

Jane Velez-Mitchell Family

Jane Velez-Mitchell was born in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States of America on September 29, 1956. She was born to Pearse Mitchell(father) and Anita Velez(mother). She was raised in the same place where she was born. She was brought up by her Irish father and Puerto Rican mother.  Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is Puerto Rican and Irish-American.

Jane Velez-Mitchell Husband

Have you been wondering who is the American TV personality married to, well according to our research, she is currently believed to be single after her breakup with Donna Dennison. She is a lesbian and was in an open relationship with Donna. However, she could not continue her relationship for a longer period of time. Talking about the present relationship status of Jane Velez-Mitchell, she is strongly believed to be single because there is no information about her love affair in which she is involved actively. Her previous love affairs are also not made transparent to the media. Talking about her sexual orientation, she is a lesbian.

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Jane Velez-Mitchell Education

Talking about her educational background, she schooled at Rudolf Steiner High School in New York City and later, applied and joined New York University. She joined New York University in 1973 and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1977. This made a solid base for her to pursue a career in Journalism.

Jane Velez-Mitchell Career

She initiated her career after her graduation from New York University as a news anchor for WCBS-TV in 1982. There, Jane worked for the next 8 years and moved to work as a news anchor for KCAL-TV in 1990. After gaining 12 years of experience at KCAL-TV, she worked for HLN/CNN as a Television host. There, she hosted a topical show weeknights on HLN and left during the year of 2014 Now, she was all set to start her own business. So, she founded JaneUnChained.com and made herself a managing editor there. Thus, with the help of her talents and appearances, she is one of the demanded Journalists.

Jane Velez-Mitchell Net Worth

The American TV personality Jane Velez-Mitchell has an estimated net worth of over $10 million approximately and also gets a massive salary. And also makes her net worth high through television shows, anchoring and as an author, because her book always hit in the USA. The lady also very famous for her animal rights advocacy and is vegan and an environment, and according to her social media account, she spent much more amount as a donation to animal rights. And she also won animal activist awards in Los Angeles at 2009 and also won several awards as an animal activist. So, at last, we wish that Velez-Mitchell is paid a high salary in the upcoming days and also become more popular.

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Jane Velez-Mitchell News


Jane Velez-Mitchell is a dynamic, unapologetic voice for the voiceless. As an NYU graduate with decades of journalism experience, she has dedicated her life to exposing the truth and informing the public about the issues mandating their attention. Although her career did not begin within the vegan movement, she has relied upon her vast professional experiences and vivid personality to champion the vegan cause and shed light on the very real atrocities committed against animals every single day. LIVEKINDLY sat down with Velez-Mitchell over a plate of vegan slutty brownies to discuss her vegan journey, her activism, and the power of social media.

Velez-Mitchell grew up in a “mostly” pescatarian household. She converted to vegetarianism as a young adult after “reading and hearing about things and just became absolutely horrified by the images of factory farming and animal experimentation.” 21 years ago, she interviewed Howard Lyman, author of “Mad Cowboy,” as a local LA news anchor. After the interview, Lyman walked over to her and asked if she ate dairy. When she affirmed that she did, Velez-Mitchell recalled, “He pointed his finger at me and said, ‘Liquid meat!’ And that was the moment I went vegan. I’ve never, never looked back.”

Velez-Mitchell continued to work as an anchor and news reporter for the next several decades, but she became frustrated with the lack of coverage related to animal issues. “There’s a mainstream media news blackout on animal welfare and the vegan lifestyle,” she stated. “We need more vegans and animal activists in mainstream media.” Although she requested to cover animal-related news several times, and was eventually granted a weekly segment to report on such issues, she still was not satisfied with the overall coverage by other news sources. “Mainstream media is pretty much a barometer of where people are at. It’s not pushing the envelope,” she explained. And if anyone is remotely familiar with her work, she likes to push the envelope.

Following her television news career, Velez-Mitchell launched Jane Unchained in 2015, a media platform focused on covering animal rights issues and celebrating the triumphs of the plant-based movement. “I use my standard journalist knowledge and skills to do animal rights vegan stories,” she said. As a former news anchor, her expertise lies in live coverage, so she always “goes live” when reporting from an event. Her social media tool of choice is Facebook Live. “Facebook Live is a miraculous thing for anyone trying to get a message out,” she claimed. In addition to filming hard-hitting situations, such as the weekly Los Angeles Pig Save vigils, she also attempts to raise up vegan food with her daily Lunch Break Live cooking show. Every day, she hosts a vegan leader in her kitchen who cooks a vegan dish and demonstrates just how delicious, simple, and varied vegan cuisine can be.

Velez-Mitchell takes both a hard and soft approach to her activism. When asked how she balances the gory truth without pushing others away, she said, “Try everything. Different people respond to different stimuli…As long as it’s not violent and it’s peaceful. Let different people do what they’re inspired to do. Do it all.” She also encourages everyone to elevate their activism with social media. “Take whatever you’re doing and supersize it with social media,” she advised. “Because of social media, we all have an incredible opportunity to be a journalist today. Anybody with a cell phone a be journalist and tell the story.”