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Jasmine Roth Biogarphy, Age, Education,Married And Facts

Jasmine Roth  Biography

Jasmine Roth Born in 1984 is an American Tv Personality for HGTV. She is a wife, entrepreneur and television personality in California. Jasmine Roth was born in 1984 & grew up in Virginia. Growing up in a rural area, she learned to build treehouses, playhouses, sheds & furniture along with her dad.

Currently, Jasmine is married to Brett Roth who owns a company called ‘Roth Staffing’, an international staffing company he runs with his family. Brett & Jasmine first met in college. They started off as friends, roommates, and classmates, studying the same course, however, after the first semester, the two started getting serious with one another. The couple got married in 2013 and held the wedding in Park City, Utah. They currently live in Huntington Beach, California.

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Jasmine Roth Education

For her high-school education, Jasmine attended the Shenandoah Valley Academy.In 2003, Jasmine entered the Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts & graduated in 2008. Her major was ‘Business, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management’.She was a member of Sigma Delta Tau, a national sorority.

Jasmine Roth Age

Born in 1984. As of 2019, she is around 35 years old.

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Jasmine Roth Married

Roth is married to Brett Roth. The same year they married, the Roths finished building their first house. Originally, they were looking to buy, but lofty real estate prices led them to decide to build instead. The young couple was ambitious, constructing not one, but two houses—one to live in, and the other to sell—in what little free time they had outside of their full-time corporate jobs.

But after two years and not much progress, it just made sense for Jasmine to step away from her job as a consultant in nonprofit management to focus on the project—and she hasn’t gone back since.

Roth Facts You Didn’t Know

Her first build was her own home.

Jasmine and her husband, Brett, bought property in Huntington Beach, Calif., and planned to be weekend warriors: They’d work their 9-to-5 corporate gigs and spend Saturday and Sunday hustling on the building site, constructing their future home as well as a separate investment property. But they realized quickly they weren’t making much progress on either home. In 2012, she made the decision to quit her job to work on the builds full-time.
“I gave my notice and two weeks later I was in a hard hat on the construction site,” Jasmine says, “and I never left. I loved it.”

Well, technically she started with a treehouse.

While her home was her first big job, lots of little ones helped lay the foundation for this new career. “I grew up in Virginia, and my dad had a general knowledge of carpentry,” Jasmine says. “When you live in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself building stuff because there’s nothing else to do. I grew up building treehouses, really cool playhouses, beautiful sheds, making furniture and that kind of stuff with my dad in the garage.”

Her first-ever job was not typical.

At 15, Jasmine dragged her mom to get a work permit and she’s been working at least one job ever since. And while most of us entered the workforce slinging burgers or organizing clothing racks at the local mall, Jasmine’s first job was… surprising?
“My first-ever job was a fitness instructor at a Curves Fitness. I was in the middle of nowhere in rural Virginia,” Jasmine says. “You can picture fields of cows and corn, then this Curves Fitness in this tiny strip mall with nothing around it for miles. These women would come in and they’d never been to a gym before, and I would teach them how to use the machines and measure their BMI. What I learned was that it was all about making them feel comfortable. It was about having fun and motivating them.”

Her advice: Be humble.

Sure, she’s a boss builder now, but she didn’t learn everything overnight, and she didn’t pretend to know what she was doing either.
Her top tip: “When it comes down to it, it’s just about not being afraid and being humble,” says Jasmine. “You can’t go into something like this where you know nothing and pretend that you know anything.” Ask questions, mess up, then try again, she says. “It’s possible to learn if you let yourself be taught.”

Her home has a dog cave.

Jasmine first custom feature was something special for her three pups: a dog cave.
“Everything in your house doesn’t have to be something that every single person in the whole world would use,” says Jasmine. “It’s okay if it’s something you use and you really want – it’s okay to make it custom. That dog cave is what opened my eyes to that. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it over the years.”
And it’s not just for man’s best friend…
“One of my friends spent the night in there one time.” [Laughs.]

She loves custom art.

Aside from jaw-dropping kitchens (I mean, look at this), one element you’ll find in every house she designs: full wall murals.
“Whether it’s a photo or having an artist come out and paint a mural,” says Jasmine, “it gives dimensions to a space and it’s such a conversation piece.”
This season also includes a piece of art that conceals the homeowners’ massive television. “That feature could be its own business. It’s so cool.”

Her designs are inspired by the homeowners.

When I meet homeowners, I try to understand not only their design taste and what they like as far as aesthetic but how they live,” Jasmine says.
“Take me through [your] Friday afternoon to [your] Monday morning. Just asking that question, I can learn so much about a family, even in how they answer it. Hearing how they live their lives is so important because that’s what’s going to make them love their house.” From there, Jasmine sets out to create a (customized) home they love.

Travel is life.

When she’s not building or designing dream homes, Jasmine hits the road with her husband traveling the world with snowboards in hand. In the last 3 years, the couple has traveled from Japan to Chile to Switzerland and all over the U.S. On her own, she’s visited several countries with Habitat for Humanity, most recently building homes in Romania.
“I make my own schedule. I guess it’s still technically kind of working [laughs] but I love it,” says Jasmine. “It’s such a different experience and so rewarding. it’s amazing to be able to reach out to people in other parts of the world and literally change an entire family’s life.”

She’s working on her dream home right now…but that’s not all!

“We are building our dream house,” says Jasmine. “We’ve been working on it for three years already just designing it. We finally broke ground and it’s exciting and bittersweet because we love our house right now but we’ve kind of outgrown it.”

She Started Out As A Fitness Instructor.

Long before Jasmine got into building homes, she spent her days at a strip mall in rural Virginia as an instructor at Curves Fitness. “These women would come in and they’d never been to a gym before, and I would teach them how to use the machines and measure their BMI,” she told HGTV.com. “It was all about making them feel comfortable.”

“Why not have your house be fun, playful and happy? If it works for the family, I’m going to do it.”

The future renovator started working at 15, and she’s been holding down a job ever since.

Jasmine Met Her Husband, Brett Roth, In College.

The Roths will be the first to admit their relationship started a bit “backward.” Brett and Jasmine started out as roommates at Northeastern University in Boston, where they both majored in entrepreneurship. At first, they were friends, but by the end of the fall semester, they realized they had feelings for each other. The two soon started dating, and this September, the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary—and 13 years overall together.

Jasmine Has Even Bigger Plans For Season 2.

After tackling 13 cookie cutter homes for the first season of Hidden Potential, Jasmine’s decided to kick things up a notch, filming 17 this time around. But she’s not sweating it. “Honestly, because the population is so great in Huntington Beach [where the show is filmed], I think 17 cookie-cutter houses is not going to be that hard to find,” she said.