Jessica Lee Rose Biography, Age, Married, YouTube, Interview, Movies and TV Shows - | Jessica Lee Rose Biography, Age, Married, YouTube, Interview, Movies and TV Shows -

Jessica Lee Rose Biography, Age, Married, YouTube, Interview, Movies and TV Shows

Jessica Lee Rose is an American-New Zealand actress. She played the role of lonelygirl15, a fictional teenage homeschooled character named Bree.

Jessica Lee Rose Biography

Jessica Lee Rose is an American-New Zealand actress. She played the role of lonelygirl15, a fictional teenage homeschooled character named Bree who appeared in YouTube video blogs, beginning in June 2006 making her gain popularity.

Jessica Lee Rose Age

Rose was born on April 26, 1987 in Salisbury, Maryland, U.S. She is 31 years old as of 2018.

 Jessica Lee Rose Family

Rose was born to Coralie Rose and moved to Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty in New Zealand when she was eight. Froom 2000 to 2003, she attended Mount Maunganui College for part of her secondary school education. She later attended an acting class at Studio 111 in Auckland. She then moved to Auckland to study at the Academy of Film and Television Make Up in January 2004.

Jessica Lee Rose Married | Jessica Lee Rose Husband | Jessica Lee Rose Engaged

Jessica got engaged in March 2016 to her partner and fellow actor Tim Phillipps. The couple married in early 2017 at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.

Jessica Lee Rose Photo

Jessica Lee Rose Youtube

In mid 2006, the lonelygirl15 video blogs appeared featuring Rose as a 16-year-old girl named Bree posting under the alias lonelygirl15. The videos seemed genuine and presented lonelygirl15 as an actual person, initially dealing with typical teenage angst issues but soon after introduced a bizarre narrative surrounding secret occult practices within her family. It was an immediate hit and became the most subscribed channel on YouTube but there arose as to whether the videos were genuine or some sort of a promotional gimmick.

An investigation by the Los Angeles Times would then reveal the lonelygirl15 videos as a work of fiction. TRhe United Nations chose Rose via her character Bree to participate in an ad campaign to promote the UN’s antipoverty cause in October 2006.

Rose landed a role on Greek as “Jen K.”, Rusty Cartwright’s girlfriend in August 2007. On the tenth anniversary of the series debut, Lonelygirl15 reappeared on June 16, 2016, Lonelygirl15 reappeared.

The video shows Bree reassuring an unnamed 15 year old subject about being selected, as Bree had been.

To watch Jessica’s videos, click here.

Jessica Lee Rose Film Career

Her film career included doing make-up and costume work on a New Zealand short film titled Us, as well as doing extras’ make-up on the set of Peter Jackson’s King Kong. Rose played a leading role in a short film titled Dearly Beloved and also played a supporting role in the short film Unleash the Fury.

Rose’s departure from lonelygirl15 and she was signed by United Talent Agency and was also cast in the ABC Family series Greek in the role of “Jen K.” She was also cast in the the 2007 Chris Sivertson film I Know Who Killed Me which then starred Lindsay Lohan.

Rose then played “Tina”, an aspiring wrestler, and also in the award-winning sports drama Perfect Sport. She then appeared in the music video for The White Tie Affair’s song “Candle (Sick and Tired),” and the following October, she appeared in the Syfy television movie, Ghost Town in January 2009. She appeared as Bree on Lonelygirl15 in June 2016.

Jessica Lee Rose Height

The actress stands at a height of 1.61 m.

Jessica Lee Rose Movies and TV Shows

Jessica Lee Rose Movies





Look at Me


Casting Couch



ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining



Ghost Town



Perfect Sport



I Know Who Killed Me


Jessica Lee Rose TV Shows





Chronicles of a Man Child



The Temp Life

Tammy Roeder



Julia Anderson

2009, 2011

Poor Paul



The Crew





Blood Cell


Hooking Up

Meg Henley

2007–2008, 2011


Jen K.

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Jessica Lee Rose Shares Her YouTube Journey

Jessica Lee Rose Interview

LonelyGirl15 Reveals Why She Came Back to YouTube 8 Years Later

Published: JUN 21, 2016

Q: What can you tell us about the reboot of LonelyGirl15?

Jessica Lee Rose : Not much! [laughs] Yeah, it’s pretty secretive, so I really can’t say hardly anything except just to watch. There’s a Snapchat channel that recently came out for one of the characters (handle: TheDBeast), and there’s also a Facebook page and a website that people can interact with. But there are clues in the videos, the Snapchats will have clues, and the Facebook will have clues, so I can’t say anything, because I might spoil it.

Q: How did they approach you to bring the character back after all these years?

Jessica Lee Rose : They [writers Miles Beckett and Jenni Powell] had been working on it for awhile. Then Yousef [Abu-Taleb], who plays Daniel, and I had been talking about trying to get them to do something. By the time we contacted them, they were like, Actually, we’re already working on it. So it was really sort of easy. We talked about it a year ago, when it was the 10-year YouTube anniversary, and then it just slowly trickled in. I filmed that video maybe two days before it went up.

Q: How staged were the original videos back in 2006? Because it seemed like they were really casual — just a girl hanging out in her bedroom.

Jessica Lee Rose : They were always scripted, but we wanted it to feel really authentic and natural, so Mesh [Flinders], the writer, was really generous in letting me see the script and kind of just doing whatever I wanted. I would maybe look at it and paraphrase it, or just sort of improv around the lines and adjust them to feel more natural with my own voice. He was really great about that and letting me create Bree alongside him. He did such a good job in making her well-rounded, so just me bringing in my personality was cool.

Q: I was a vlogger back in the 2000s, when Bree was vlogging, as well, and I remember I would spend an hour or two on a five-minute video. How long did your videos take to film?

Jessica Lee Rose : It’s funny, some of them are like, cool, one take, that was perfect, we’re done. And then other times, it was like, why can’t we just get this video? It’s taking three hours. But usually pretty quick, probably an hour to film one video, on average.

Q: Who do you think Bree belongs with, Daniel or Jonas?

Jessica Lee Rose : I think Daniel loves Bree and ultimately, Daniel would like to be with Bree, but I think she’s friend-zoned him pretty hard. I think she has more romantic feelings for Jonas, whereas Daniel was more like a brother.

Q: What did it feel like to be one of the first really major vloggers back in 2006?

Jessica Lee Rose : I was 19 when it all came to a head and it was a crazy. I mean, any 19-year-old that’s given all of this attention and fame overnight can feel a little bit like, oh, cool, I’m set for life. But it definitely wasn’t like that. Yeah, it was unique and it was one of those things where there are not many people, with the exception of Yousef, who was in on it with me, that can relate to exactly what we went through — something we kept secret for so long and then it became so huge overnight. It’s sort of indescribable in a way. But it was pretty amazing. One of those things that I’ll always look back on fondly.

Q: How do you think online fame feels different now than it did back in 2006?

Jessica Lee Rose : I think now it’s a lot more real. I think now people that are successful on YouTube are a lot more respected than they were in the past. For a few years around LonelyGirl and a few years afterwards, it was hard for anyone that was working in the YouTube space as an actor or entertainer to get into Hollywood. It was almost like they didn’t know what to do with YouTubers. It was this huge market, and were they reality stars or were they actors or what were they? Whereas now, I think it’s hugely in demand and being well-known and a YouTube star is a huge asset to agencies and studios and stuff like that. I definitely think it’s gotten a lot more professional and a lot more legitimate, which is amazing, because it’s giving so many people the opportunity to do exactly what they want to do.

Q: When you think back to that time, do you think of yourself more as an actress or more of a vlogger?

Jessica Lee Rose : More of an actress, because I auditioned for it, I had a script, I got told where to go and when to get there. I was definitely acting, but I guess it was a different type of acting than anyone had really done before. Now, it’s pretty mainstream. There’s vlogging in most TV and film and stuff, but back then, it was like, huh, this is blurring the lines! What am I?

Q: Do you still watch other vloggers?

Jessica Lee Rose : I love Philip DeFranco. I know him and we did a show together back in the day. I just love his style and all of his opinions and stuff. I feel he does a really great job. I definitely watch a lot of singers on YouTube, but I’m not really heavily involved.

Q: What have you been up to for the past eight years? 

Jessica Lee Rose : I’ve been acting. I did Greek for awhile and that was amazing. It was one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever did. Jen K. was so hilarious and so fun to play. And then I was just doing the actor’s life. It’s always sort of a roller coaster. Sometimes you’re working and so busy that you can hardly catch a breath, and then sometimes you’re like, guess I’ll go to the gym three times today!

Over the past three years, I developed a company with my business partners, Darren Darnborough and Richard Cambridge. It’s an app called WeRehearse, which is an online rehearsal space for actors. LA is such a big city, and you have to travel everywhere. Your friend might be five minutes away, but it’s actually 25-35 minutes away by the time you sit in traffic. So when I had an audition, it always seemed like such an inconvenience to have a friend help you read your lines or practice with you, so we came up with WeRehearse, where you can go online and basically FaceTime with another actor from anywhere in the world and have them help you with their lines. It’s particularly good if say, you’re American and you need an English accent or an Australian accent, you can search for someone that actually, legitimately has that accent and can help you out. We just launched the app three days ago.

Q: Congratulations! This has been a busy week for you.

Jessica Lee Rose : Yeah. It seems like it. When it rains, it pours. You know, but next week, I’ll be going to the gym three times a day.

Q: Do you ever get recognized out and about as LonelyGirl?  

Jessica Lee Rose : Yeah, probably in America more so than here in Australia for LonelyGirl. I’d say it’s about 60/40, LonelyGirl and Greek. Definitely. It’s more in the past, like, “I think we’ve met before.” I think it’s because of the type of character it is. People would be like, “No, I think we’ve definitely met before.” And then eventually they’d be like, “Oh, no, right, sorry, we haven’t met before.”

Q: Did that sort of encounter ever happen after you started filming LonelyGirl but before you were found out?

Jessica Lee Rose : No one ever actually came up to me or anything when it was still secretive, but there was someone that saw me at a bookstore in Santa Monica — and I was really there — and then commented on a video and said, “I could’ve sworn I saw you at Santa Monica Barnes & Noble, but I knew it couldn’t possibly be you because you live somewhere not in the city.” And I was like, oh! I almost gave it away!

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