Jessica Serfaty Bio, Age, Son, ANTM, Height, Net Worth And More - | Jessica Serfaty Bio, Age, Son, ANTM, Height, Net Worth And More -

Jessica Serfaty Bio, Age, Son, ANTM, Height, Net Worth And More

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Jessica Serfaty Bio

Jessica Serfaty is an American model, actress, and social media influencer, popular for appearing as a contestant on cycle 14 of ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ In acting, she is known for Ride, FML, and Ryde. Jessica was born on April 4, 1991, in Little Rock, Arkansas, the USA as Jessica Ann Michel.

While competing on ANTM, Jessica was a stay-at-home mom. As an actress, she has been cast in short films called Blood Brothers, Faith, and Axe: Dirtcathlon. She was featured in a segment of the anthology horror film V/H/S: Viral as well as in the Logan Paul Vine “Wrong Choice.”  Jessica married Ididia Serfaty in 2008 but later divorced in 2013. She then began dating actor Ed Westwick. Jessica Serfaty and Ididia share a son named Roman Serfaty together.

Logan Paul and model Jessica Serfaty were in a relationship from 2014 to 2016. It was in 2016 when Jessica accidentally revealed her relationship with Matthew Espinosa, an American actor, and YouTuber who had first come to taste fame when he gained popularity on his Vine app. Before the Niall Horan rumors, Jessica also reportedly dated Joe Jonas,  an American singer, songwriter, and actor, who rose to fame as a member of the pop-rock band the Jonas Brothers, alongside his brothers Kevin and Nick.


Jessica Serfaty celebrates her birthday every 4th of April. Bearing in mind that the model was born in the year 1991, we can comfortably conclude that Jessica is 28 years old as of 2019.

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Jessica Serfaty Son

Jessica met Ididia Serfaty, an Arkansas-based property manager, at a church when she was 16 and Ididia was 22 then. Soon, they developed a relationship and Jessica got pregnant. On September 2, 2008, Jessica gave birth to their kid, a son named Roman Serfaty. Soon after his birth, Jessica Serfaty and Ididia got married. They led a happy married life for the next two years until Jessica moved to Los Angeles to build a career in modeling.

Ididia moved to Los Angeles to reside with her. However, Jessica’s professional commitments soon started creating arguments in their marriage. In 2013, Jessica and Ididia parted ways and she was required to stay back in Arkansas to retain her son’s custody. She chose to hand the custody over to her husband.

Jessica Serfaty often visits her son in Arkansas in the summers and on Christmas. On the contrary, Ididia has a different story to tell. He has stated a number of times in the media about Jessica’s ignorance toward their son Roman. Jessica’s ex-husband has further stated that her visits to Arkansas have reduced drastically and that she is not much in touch with them. On several occasions, Ididia has accused Jessica Serfaty of being a bad mother.

Jessica Serfaty ANTM

Jessica Serfaty joined Cycle 14 of ANTM when she was only 18 years old. She was a stay-at-home mom during her stint on the show. During her initial interview with the panel, she revealed that she got pregnant at the age of sixteen, after the first time she had sex and married her boyfriend, whom she met in church a year later when she turned seventeen.

Jessica proved herself to be one of the stronger models during Cycle 14 when she was called first during the very first-panel judging. She was able to keep the Rachel Roy dress she wore during the runway challenge because she performed so well. Jessica was called 10th following the photoshoot with Brian Edwards, then shot back up to 3rd following the ‘dance’ photo shoot with Cade Martin. The panel told Jessica that she produced a strong photograph depicting ‘salsa’ dancing.

Jessica Serfaty produced a ‘vampire’ photo during episode 4, which Tyra described as “stunning.” She was then called 7th during elimination. The American model continued to impress the judges when her photo with D-Nice was called “magnetic” and “in another world.” They also added that they loved that her feet were off the ground in her final photo.

During the Ross Matthews challenge with Nigel, Jessica Serfaty performed the best of the group and won a pair of $6,000 diamond earrings from Jude Frances Jewelry. Jessica’s performance during the “fake” photoshoot earned her the 1st call during elimination. Episode 6 proved to focus less on the performance of each girl and more on the developing drama, as well as clashing personalities, in the Top Model house. The girls began hanging in particular cliques.

Befriending Brenda and Raina

Jessica Serfaty became good friends with Brenda and Raina and this conflicted with Alasia, Angelea, Anslee, and Krista. She made it clear on camera that her and Alasia didn’t get along, which was challenging because she shared a room with her. They were also shown arguing rowdily in the limo on their way back from the first challenge.

Jessica was continually doing well during photo shoots and challenges. It was because of this that competitors such as Angelea really wanted to do well. Jessica Serfaty even won the Tinsley Mortimer challenge, proving that she knew how to dress to her body proportions.


Mr. Jay was critical of her performance while she was attempting to portray a New York ‘club-goer,’ during the “New York women” photoshoot with Mike Ruiz. Jessica was also harshly criticized during the panel. The judges, specifically Andre Leon Talley, well known as ALT, disliked what she wore to panel. He said that her shoes took her whole innocent charm to a level of “skeeza / hoochie / skanky and/or sexy.”

Unfortunately, the criticism didn’t stop there. Tyra called her final photo ‘confused looking.’ Nigel added that he too thought she looked lost. Ann Shoket said she agreed with Nigel; Jessica looked dazed and lost. Despite the barrage of negative reviews, Jessica Serfaty was called sixth, not even landing in the bottom two.

When Jessica was called, Tyra revealed that she was called 6th because the judges were “less than impressed” on how she handled herself in judging while being critiqued on her clothing. Tyra said that she went from “a very sweet girl/miss apple pie” to very combative, which was not attractive. Even at the end of episode 6, Jessica proved to be a strong competitor for Top Model.

Episode 7

Jessica Serfaty did okay during the first challenge, which happened to be an impromptu catwalk challenge with Miss J at Lucky Cheng’s. The girls had to walk a runway in front of an audience of drag queens, Miss J and folks off the street. Jessica showed some personality but didn’t stand out as much as Krista. She performed well during the “Hair Couture” photoshoot with Jerry Metellus, especially considering the other girls were allowed to heckle while watching.

Mr. Jay’s only critique was that her head positioning could have used some improvement while shooting. At the panel, Jessica got kudos from ALT for her pointed toe. Tyra said that she could see Jessica’s photo in a magazine accompanied by an article about Jessica Serfaty being “The one to watch.” Ultimately, Jessica was called fourth during elimination, allowing her to travel to the international destination of New Zealand.

Episode 8

The episode began with a go-sees challenge in New Zealand. Jessica Serfaty ended up booking 1 out of 4 go-sees, although most of the designers said her look was a little soft and commercial. During the “same dress” photoshoot with Nigel Barker, she seemed unsure of her surroundings while posing. Nigel said that her face looked confused and that she wasn’t into it.

At the panel, Nigel said that she lacked passion in her eyes. ALT said that Nigel’s art direction saved her. On the other hand, Tyra said that her face is very commercial, so she needs to really learn how to work her eyes and facial features.

For the first time, she landed in the bottom two, with Alasia, due to her unimpressive performance. While in the bottom two, Tyra said that she’s a girl who can take an interesting picture, but at times she looks too commercial; she needs to work on being edgier. Alasia ended up being eliminated, leaving Jessica to compete for another week.

Episode 9

Jessica Serfaty began the episode by setting the toaster on fire in the Top Model house. This led to a rebuke by the girls, with regards to her cooking/mothering skills. Jessica tried not to be bothered by it even though she was upset by this.

Jessica Serfaty son and ex-husband

During the first challenge, a photoshoot on a film set from the movie Lord of the Rings, Jessica’s performance was called “commercial.” Alexandra commented that she looked like she was in a catalog for Dilliard’s. During the “shadow shoot” with Tyra’s photographer, Jessica Serfaty had trouble delivering “edge.” Mr. Jay said she had trouble finding her energy until the very end of the shoot.

In the panel, guest judge Sarah McLeod loved her eyes. Nigel said it looked like she was “searching for truth” and that her profile wasn’t perhaps her strongest attribute. On the other hand, ALT said that he was at a loss for words. In addition, Tyra said that the shadow was wearing her, not the other way around.

Jessica’s weak photo resulted in a trip to the bottom two. While in the bottom two, Tyra said that she was so “sweet and pretty – and commercial.” Besides, Tyra went on to say that being commercial was a moneymaker, but not a career maker. She said that Jessica can be edgy when she concentrates, but it wasn’t consistent enough for the judges.

Jessica Serfaty became the 9th girl eliminated from the show. Upon elimination, Tyra said that being commercial was a “kiss of death” on Top Model.


Jessica Serfaty stands at a height of 5 inches 9 feet tall which is the same measurement as 1.75 when converted to meters.

Net Worth

Jessica Serfaty is active on Social Media, where she has garnered a big number of followers and fans. Besides, she gets most of her income from being a model as well as an actress. According to many Online resources, Jessica’s estimated net worth ranges between $1 Million – $10 Million.

Jessica Serfaty Engaged

Jessica announced the news of her engagement to fiancé Kaan Gunay on June 19, 2019, just nine months after she split from Gossip Girl alum, Ed Westwick. Ed and the model split on September 2018. The American model announced the jovial news on her Instagram.

Jessica Serfaty Instagram

The model is very active on social media making her a social media influencer. She has a total of 748k followers with more than 1,040 posts. This number continues to grow gradually. Check out the post below from her account @jessicamichel.