Joe Estevez Biography, Age, Net Worth, Apocalypse Now

Joe Estevez Biography

Joe Estevez born as Joseph “Joe” Estevez is an American actor, producer, and director. His first time on the stage was as a 6-year-old playing the “Evil Inn Keeper” in a Christmas Nativity play, and as an actor he has never looked back.

Joe Estevez Age

Joe was born on 13 February 1946 in Dayton, Ohio, United States. He is 73 years old as at 2019.

Joe Estevez Height

The American actor stands at a height of 1.7m.

Joe Estevez Photo

Joe Estevez Photo
Joe Estevez Photo

Joe Estevez Family|Martin Sheen|Ramon Estevez|Renee Sheen

Estevez was born in Dayton, Ohio to a Catholic, Galician – born (Spanish) father, Francisco Estévez and an Irish mother, Mary Anne Phelan. He is one of ten children, eight boys including Martin Sheen his elder brother and a girl. He is the brother in-law of actress producer Janet Sheen and uncle to actor Charlie Sheen, Ramon Estevez, Emilio Estevez and Renée Estevez.

Joe Estevez Wife

He married Shirley Monkman in 1978, they had three daughters together; Angela, Casey and Amanda. They divorced later. He then married Constance Anderson in 2004.

Joe Estevez Children

He has three children  Angela Estevez, Casey Estevez and Amanda Estevez.

Joe Estevez Career

Joe Estevez first appeared on television in 1974 when he was shown in the TV movie’ The California Kid.’ He featured in an episode of’ Eischied’ in 1979. He also lent his voice that year to the character of Captain Benjamin L. Willard in the epic war film ‘ Apocalypse Now.’ His guest roles in’ Starman’ and’ CBS Schoolbreak Special’ followed this.
The actor played the titular character in’ Soultaker’ in 1990, a fantasy horror flick that follows a group struggling to escape from the’ Soultaker’ when their souls are cast out of their bodies after a road accident. He was cast in the martial arts movie’ The Roller Blade Seven’ as Saint O’ffender the following year. He reproduced the role in the sequel of the film ‘ The Roller Blade Seven’ in 1992.
He starred as Father / Umpire in the horror film ‘ The Catcher’ in 2000 alongside David Heavener and Monique Parent. Four years later, he played Mr. Big Shot’s role in’ Vampire Blvd.’, a story of two Hollywood Private Investigators helping a Hong Kong novice actress to be tracked by vampires. The actor then directed and starred in the 2010 film ‘ Horrorween.’ He appeared as Sterns in the comedy film’ Not Another B Movie’ a year later.
Together with Gregg Turkington and Tim Heidecker, Estevez starred in the comedic film review podcast cum web series’ On Cinema’ from 2013. He has also been playing President Jason Davidson’s role in the’ Decker’ Adult Swim series since 2014. In 2016, he featured as Alonzo Alvarez in the web series ‘ Day 5.’

Joe Estevez Movies


  • Double Deception (Movie)

as Burt Chapman  2001

  • Movie Stars (TV Show)

The Seduction of Reese Hardin — 2000
as  Himself  2000

  • No Code Of Conduct (Movie)

as Pappy  2000

  • I Got The Hook Up (Movie)

as  Lamar Hunt  1998

  • Fatal Pursuit (Movie)

as  Morier  1998

  • Werewolf (Movie)

as Joel  1997

  • Acts Of Betrayal (Movie)

as  Sheriff  1997

  • Quiet Days In Hollywood (Movie)

as  The John  1997

  • Dark Secrets (Movie)

as Larry  1996

  • Red Line (Movie)


  • Breakaway (Movie)

as Grey  1996

  • Dillinger And Capone (Movie)

as  Roy  1995

  • The Mosaic Project (Movie)

as  Fred  1995

  • The Deadly Secret (Movie)

as Randall Parks  1994

  • Double Blast (Movie)

as Nadir  1994

  • Money To Burn (Movie)

Lieutenant Ford  1994

  • In A Moment Of Passion (Movie)


  • Eye Of The Stranger (Movie)


  • Murder-In-Law (Movie)

as Bill Kelly  1993

  • A. Goddess (Movie)


  • Fatal Justice (Movie)

as Ian “Mars” Connor  1993

  • Blood On The Badge (Movie)

as Captain Burton  1992

  • Armed For Action (Movie)

as Detective West  1992

  • Soultaker (Movie)

as Soultaker  1991

  • Dark Rider (Movie)

as  Sandini  1991

Joe Estevez Net Worth

The American actor has an estimated net worth of  $5 million.

Joe Estevez On Cinema

He played as himself On Cinema.

Joe Estevez Apocalypse Now

Estevez provided Willard with the voiceover track (the character was portrayed by his brother Martin Sheen, but since Sheen was unable to narrate the character, Estevez was brought in to complete the narrative track as his voice sounded almost identical to that of his brother) and was used as a stand – in for Sheen after he had suffered a heart attack.

Joe Estevez Facebook


Joe Estevez Twitter

Joe Estevez Instagram

Joe Estevez Interview

Joe Estevez: Leading a Quiet Life in Front of the Scenes

“Movie Stumpers,” a question category on the popular TV game show “Jeopardy,” did not stump this contestant: “When the star wasn’t available, his brother Joe Estevez was brought in to do voiceovers on this 1979 film.”
The correct answer, worth $11,400, was “What is ‘Apocalypse Now’?”
But what about the road not taken in this prompt?
Who is Joe Estevez?
In this day and age, when some personalities in the narcissistic ambiance that Hollywood is known for are just famous for being famous, Joe Estevez has quietly maneuvered under the radar to become one of the most prolific actors under the sun.
Ever since he quit a factory job back in his native Ohio, in 1974, and headed west to join his older brother Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, better known as Martin Sheen, the 71-year-old has steadily but quietly built an out-of-sight portfolio as an actor. Two hundred-and-forty movie and TV credits are to his name on the Internet Movie database.
“I’m the luckiest person in the world to be doing what I love to do,” said Mr. Estevez in a get-together with the Epoch Times at Souplantaion, an eatery he frequents in Los Angeles’ Atwater Village.
“I’ve made a living at something I love to do—am passionate about. I have a loving, beautiful wife Constance, and three daughters. They are what matters to me.”
What matters might not have materialized if not for an unusual twist of fate in 1979. An untimely medical emergency of Mr. Sheen led Francis Ford Coppola, the director of “Apocalypse Now,” to summon Mr. Estevez to the Philippines to be Mr. Sheen’s stand in and to take over the narration for his character Captain Willard.
But Mr. Coppola was to lose his patience with Mr. Estevez, who kept botching the words due to his intoxication, a malady Mr. Estevez chronicles in a memoir “Wiping off the Sheen.”
Mr. Estevez said he felt humiliated “in the presence of the most powerful director in the world.” This was a defining moment for the character of Joe Estevez, not just an eye-opener to the meaning of you’ll-never-work-in-this-town-again. He finally got the words right.
“I never had a drink since,” he said.
This experience may have mystically foreshadowed his professional path. Despite significant accomplishments in his lifetime, the veteran actor, still with a full head of hair, though gray, has achieved little public recognition. Not only was he not credited for his work in this epic film, but also audiences mistakenly assumed the narration was Mr. Sheen’s.

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