John Becker Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Children and Net Worth

John Becker Biography

John Becker (Jon Jeremy Becker) is an American politician and a former Republican member of the Colorado House of Representatives representing District 65.

John Becker Age

John was born on 20th of October 1972, he is 47 years old as of 2019.

John Becker Family

John has not shared any information about his family and how and where he was raised, he has also not shared any information about his siblings.

John Becker Wife | Children

John is a married man though he has kept his personal life away from the limelight. Together with his unknown wife, they have one child of whom to they have kept him away from the media.

John Becker Education

He is an alumnus of Xavier University, there is no much information on how he spends his time in school. He has also not shared any information about his early educational background.

John Becker Career

John began his career having been elected to his first term in November 2012, defeating Democrat Steve Myers with 68.7% of the vote. He later served as a Republican State Central Committee and Clermont County Republican Central Committee member and is a tax accountant and utility consultant He is married with one child.

Becker is said to be the most conservative politician in the Ohio legislature. He later introduced bills in 2013 to allow state employees to carry guns on the job in most state buildings and to prohibit law enforcement agencies from destroying firearms confiscated by the police.

John Becker Photo

In 2003, before his election to the legislature, He wrote a letter to the editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer pointing out that as Massachusetts had recently allowed same-sex marriage, the federal government to amend the Constitution to prohibit such unions, or failing that expel Massachusetts from the Union. The previous year, in another such letter, he proposed allowing Alaska to leave the Union so that it would be free to produce more oil

John Becker Salary

Becker’s salary for the is $275,000, according to UVM records obtained Tuesday by the Free Press through a records request. There is no much information about his estimated net worth.

John Becker Controversies

Thank you for allowing me to respond to my political opponent’s baseless allegations, insults, and abject ignorance. In his attack piece, “Why would Becker ask for N.C.’s Problems?” (May 20), he fabricated a number of assumptions regarding a bill that I am working on but is not yet drafted.

My bill will be nothing like the North Carolina bathroom bill. A result of their bill is that it is impossible for transgender people, with Ohio birth certificates, to legally use the most appropriate public bathroom facilities in that state. My bill will allow for documentation to solve that problem. This provision in my bill is per their request. The trans community also asked for increased penalties for bathroom assaults. This is because trans people and homosexuals are far more likely to be the victims of violence than the general population. However, the heightened penalties will apply to everyone and will not be special rights legislation. Does any of that sound “anti-transgender”?

I’ve been working with members from TransOhio, Equality Ohio, GLAAD, and parents of trans children to better understand the problems and concerns that they face. I’m also consulting with school superintendents, principals, and state level school professionals to understand how they are currently handling any trans situations so that I don’t inadvertently write legislation that might create a problem that doesn’t currently exist.

Like the 1.3 million Target boycotters, I became alarmed when I learned that Target publicized their open-door bathroom and dressing room policy: “…we welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

Target makes no attempt to define what “gender identity” means. Are transvestites and cross-dressers included? Does it refer to people diagnosed with gender dysphoria? Could it refer to people who have switched their gender identifier (marker) on their birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, or some other document? Or does it mean someone with a sincerely held identity and an on-going trans lifestyle? Could it also mean gender fluid? They might identify as a man one moment and a woman the next, regardless of genitalia.

The public safety problem that Target has created is that sexual predators now have ready access to women and children simply by claiming to be female regardless of physical appearance or vocal tone. My bill aims to put guardrails around these “inclusive” policies by creating an objective standard for defining transgender so that they can continue using whatever bathroom that is most appropriate for them.

My legislation would be enforced the same way our voyeurism, trespassing, and public indecency laws are enforced. There are multiple levels and opportunities for common sense to prevail. If police were to be called to respond to a complaint, they would ask questions and then possibly make an arrest. If charges were filed, then the prosecutor would decide if it’s worth pursuing. If so, a judge or jury would then have the “final” say before any appeals would be considered.

In conclusion, I also wish to correct a few media reports that were well intended but inaccurate. My bill will not require construction or renovation of new or existing bathroom facilities. Additionally, it will not require trans people to use a family or unisex bathroom. And to reiterate, it will be nothing like the North Carolina law.

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