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John  Bunnell is a former Sheriff of Multnomah County, Oregon. He is best known for presenting World Wildest Police videos. From 1998 to 2001 this it’s revival briefly in 2012.

Johnn Bunnell Age

John has an age of 74 years.

John Bunnell Career

He obtains a degree in social sciences before joining to Multnomah country sheriff’s Departments. In the 1980s he managed the drugs and vice unit. John was appointed sheriff when the previous sheriff, Robert G.Skipper retired. Then it was in 1994 before the end of the term. He took the oath of office in November. In the spring he ran against Dan Noelle sheriff. In 1989 his office was featured in 15 episodes COPS. And only 13 episodes of American Detective which was hosted. John was despite being active in law enforcement. His COPS Segments involved drug crimes. He has also been a tv presenter for 7 years and 11 months.

John Bunnell Life

John had only one son. His name is marked. Then he is a deputy correction with a Multnomah country sheriff office. He is first seen with his father on an episode of COPS as a teenager.

John Bunnell Media

John appearance on an early episode of cops. During his conduct to a drug, stings led him to host W W PV.He attained a cult following to his over-the-top commentary style. Bunnell hosted a show. Then it runs for 3 years. He described situations featured on the program. As he developed offering personal opinions about the criminals. The police pursued them using cliches. Bunnell hosted world wildest police videos led to a similar show, Train Wrecks. He also appeared on America’s most wanted. He has an acting role in the Ghost world and bad Santa.IN 2009 episode of family guy. he provided the voice of himself during gags. Bunnell in 2010 appeared on commercials for the Adult Swim Block party.

John Bunnell education

He went to Pendleton high school. studied bachelors and social studies.

John Bunnell Twitter

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