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John Stankey Biography

John Stankey whose birth name is John T. Stankey has been Chief Executive Officer of Warner Media, LLC at AT&T Inc. since June 2018. He was born in California, Unites States on 1962 and was raised in Los Angeles. John Stankey is responsible for the company’s media and entertainment business which includes WarnerMedia Entertainment (HBO, Consumer), WarnerMedia News & Sports (CNN, CNN International, CNN en Español, HLN, Great Big Story, Turner Sports, Bleacher Report and the AT&T Regional Sports Networks), and Warner Bros. 

Stankey served as Senior Executive Vice President of AT&T/Time Warner Merger Integration Planning at AT&T Inc. since August 7, 2017.

John Stankey Age

John who was born in California, United States in the year 1962 is currently  56 years old as of 2019.

John Stankey Education

In the 1980s, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Loyola Marymount University. In 1985, he took a entry level position with Pacific Bell. In 1991, he earned a Masters in Business Administration from UCLA.

John Stankey Wife

John is married to Shari Stankey but information about her, the date they got married and there children is unknown. Stankey  has kept the details of his family behind the curtains.

  John Stankey Photo

John Stankey Career

In 1995, after Southwestern Bell Corporation become SBC Communications, Stankey served as the Executive Vice President of Industry Markets beginning in 1998 becoming the Executive President of Industry Markets in 2000.

In 2001 Stankey became the President and CEO for SBC Southwest. John served as Chief Information Officer of the new AT&T after the merger of SBC with AT&T Corporation finalized in 2005, becoming the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for AT&T. From 2008 to 2012 Stankey held various senior executive positions within AT&T and in January 2012, Stankey became the Chief Strategy Officer and Group President of AT&T Inc.

Since June 2018, Stankey has been the CEO of WarnerMedia which owns various media and film corporations previously under Time Warner including Warner Bros., HBO, Turner Broadcasting, and CNN.

John Stankey Salary

Stankey received a base salary increase from $995,000 in 2017 to $1.1 million effective March 1, 2018 and that was boosted to $2.9 million effective June 16, 2018, to reflect the increased scope and complexity of his new role as CEO of Warner Media, according to AT&T. Stephenson’s base salary for 2018 was unchanged, at $1.8 million.

For 2018, Stankey’s compensation package included $2.06 million in salary. A $2 million bonus, stock awards valued at $6.89 million plus $4.37 million under AT&T’s. Non-equity incentive plan $574,835 for change in pension value and non-qualified deferred compensation earnings and $655,696 in other compensation which included company paid life insurance premiums, matching contributions to deferral plans, and state and local income tax reimbursements made in connection with Stankey’s business travel.

John Stankey Net Worth

John who is the CEO of WarnerMedia, and former Chief Strategy Officer of AT&T has an estimated net worth of around $16,552,905 as of 2019.

John Stankey HBO

Stankey has made his goal clear from the beginning volume. And to that end, he doesn’t believe it makes sense to keep WarnerMedia’s TV outlets in separate silos. HBO has always been its own entity, while Turner continued to operate as its own unit ever after Time Warner acquired the company in 1996.

But that’s about to change, as former NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt is expected to take on a large role overseeing both businesses. HBO and Turner had already reported to Stankey, but the AT&T veteran doesn’t have the creative background that Greenblatt has to start operating the two entities in tandem.

But at the same time, Plepler and Bloys had already been increasing HBO’s output in 2019, that means about 50 percent more in terms of hours. Now, with WarnerMedia’s networks (except its 50 percent stake in The CW) all under one creative oversight, expect resources to further shift and that number to jump even more.

John Stankey CNN

The new head of Time Warner, John Stankey, said that he recognizes CNN has a special social responsibility to democracy, and he will lead the company accordingly.

In an interview with CNN his first since taking charge Stankey struck a firm tone when asked for his response to President Trump’s ongoing attacks on CNN and the news media, saying he disagrees with the rhetoric.”I think anyone who attacks a free press and questions whether its motivation is not pure runs the risk of creating a degree of skepticism within people to listen to it, and I get concerned about it,” Stankey said.

Stankey struck a firm tone when asked for his response to President Trump’s ongoing attacks on CNN and the news media, saying he disagrees with the rhetoric.Stankey is taking charge of one of the biggest media businesses in the world, spanning everything from “The Situation Room” to “Game of Thrones.” He said he has been preparing by watching a lot of CNN and other programming.

He indicated that his role will be to plan five and ten years out — not picking actors for productions or participating in the editorial process — but guiding the company’s approach in a rapidly-changing digital world.

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