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John Hagee is born on 12 April 1940. His mother is named Vada  Mildred Swick. She died at the age of 98. Then his father William Bethel.later his father joined her mother. He is an American founder. John is a senior pastor in the Cornerstone church.

John Hagee Age

He is in the Age of 79 years. John is born on 12 April 1940.

John Hagee Education

He graduated from Trinity University. Then he had done a Bachelor of Science in history and education. Therefore his master he pursues a master degree. He received an honorary doctorate. Later he received a doctorate in Netanya academic college.

John Hagee height

His body height not known. He has salt and pepper hair. His hair is brown. John has salt and pepper hair.

John Hagee Net worth

He has a net worth of 5 million.

John Hagee Career

John is an author. He is a senior pastor in the Cornerstone church. He found trinity in church. The church started with 25 members. Then they build a sanctuary of 1600 people. He could appear in the television network. His programs are broadcasted in 50 American Radios. As the channel is programming news. People say that he worked for 80 hours. And he said he deserves every dime he gets. Their God gave him because he has given to god. He has good serving lost souls. And people say they love John to death. Due because he is their pastor.


John Hagee Nationality

He is American. And his ethnicity is Caucasian.

John Hagee family

He married the first wife. She was called Martha. They had two children, Christopher and Tish. When Hagee found trinity the divorced with mother. Then he married his second wife. She is called Diana Castro. They were blessed with 3 children. Christiana the firstborn.Matthew and Sandy.And eight grandchildren. In the family of Matthew, one of his daughters could earn a salary. She was serving as a director of publications. Then john’s family was thanked due to producing great singers. The singers are blessed with the best voices.

John Hagee Sermons.

John aspired to the military. He was a national honor society member. Then god’s plan was successful. At the age of 17, he changed and gave his life to god. He became a generation pastor. In the ministry. God planted in John’s heart one of his best music. In his songs and playing music was a breath. Then he played the saxophone guitar.

He do this when he was in his father assemblies in church. His mother played the piano. Then his older brother bill played standup bass. His father added the music with an acoustic guitar. They harmonize together for favorites song. Then John would recall for his musical link. And he could replicate them in his saxophone.  The songs they sang encouraged spiritually. Its lyrics were frank.

Later Hagee and his family performed as singers. Then the family produced an album song. He could preach and sing. His passion was in gospel songs he sang for god. He takes pleasure in knowing the beautiful strains of God’s music.

John Hagee ministry

He says that all Hurrians are acts of God. These because God controls the heavens. Then he believed that New Orleans had a level of sin. The offensive of god were recipients of the judgment of God. He preaches on political subjects. Then he teaches the prosperity gospel. Then some of his impoverished supporters. They claimed they have pushed deep in poverty through tithing.

John in his ministry earns because God has blessed him. People say that is wonderful to preach the word of god. And because he does to people he is going to receive what he needs and also more. Then they said that they are blessed to have this great man of God in their city. In this his ministry he says that he is not afraid of the government but afraid of God. Then in John’s church, he has aa blessed choir.

John Hagee Quotes.

He says that it’s either you offend the world and please God. Rather than pleasing the world and you offend God. Then behold this god says.he will sen many fishers and after he will send the hunters. The hunters will hunt them. then he described on hunters that. A hunter’s person who cames with a gun and forces you.Anyone who makes the life of Pharaoh. He will be cursed.

The most important thing in the Christian community is not the environment but evangelism. He said if you are not prospering you are not giving. there he told church members to hold their money. And those who will give shall be given back. He said when somebody gives. It qualifies to himself to receive gods abundance. Then if God gives to you before you give to him he will be a liar. Due to this he motivates his members and removes millions.

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