Joshua Malina Biography, Age, Net Worth, Podcast, Twitter

Joshua Malina Biography

Joshua Malina, born Joshua Charles Malina is an American film and stage actor, known for A Few Good Men (1992), In the Line of Fire (1993) and The American President (1995).

Joshua Malina Age

Joshua was born on January 17, 1966 in New York City, New York, USA. He is 53 years old as at 2019.

Joshua Malina Height

The American actor stands at a height of 5’9′′ (1.75 m).

Joshua Malina Photo

Joshua Malina Photo
Joshua Malina Photo

Joshua Malina Family

He was born to parents who were Young Israel of Scarsdale in New Rochelle; Fran and Robert Malina.

Joshua Malina Wife

Malina married Melissa Merwin in 1996, a costume designer he met in 1992 through his friendship with her sister, Jenny, and ex-brother-in-law, actor Timothy Busfield.

Joshua Malina Children

He has two children, Isabel Malina and Avi Malina.

Joshua Malina Career

Malina’s first job in the film business was as a production assistant to the Chevy Chase comedy Fletch Lives, an ill-received sequel to the star’s hit movie Fletch. His first on-screen appearance was a three-line, five-word role in the film version of A Few Good Men, where he said he appreciated the dedication that star Jack Nicholson showed by performing his lines in the scene himself even though his character was off-screen and could easily have been played by a crew member for him. Malina had a somewhat larger role as assistant to the environmental-activist character of Annette Bening in his next film, Sorkin’s The American President.
Malina played two different characters on the talk-show satire The Larry Sanders Show over four episodes. He first appeared in 1993 as Robert Brody, a fictional reporter for the real-life magazine Entertainment Weekly, to whom actor John Ritter gives a scathing interview after his appearance in the show was cancelled to make room for musician Warren Zevon to play a second song (episode: “Off Camera”). Five years later, Malina returned as Kenny Mitchell, a sleazy network executive who pushes Larry Sanders out of the show in favor of Jon Stewart.
Malina starred as a character Jeremy Goodwin on Sorkin’s Sports Night from 1998–2000, a show that attracted him from the moment Sorkin sent him the pilot script. The Goodwin character began as a research analyst, but was promoted by the second season to associate producer, creating a larger role for Malina.
The critically acclaimed show was unable to find a large fan base and was canceled after two seasons, with some critics saying the show’s troubles were exacerbated by having to share Sorkin’s time with his concurrent project on rival NBC network, The West Wing. The actor counts Sports Night among his most popular roles and noted the release of the 10th anniversary DVD of the show,
Following the panned Hank Azaria vehicle Imagine That–where he and Azaria were described as “talent going to waste”–from 2002 to 2006, Malina played Will Bailey on The West Wing. His character was initially perceived by the public as an attempt to replace departing series star Rob Lowe, although Malina said in numerous interviews that the two actors and characters were too dissimilar to be seen as anything but a change.
Malina was known to the rest of the cast as a tireless prankster during his tenure on The West Wing. It is said that he coated telephones to Mandarin Chinese with Vaseline and reset the iPod menus of producer Alex Graves.
He stole some of the letterhead stationery from Bradley Whitford and used it in an elaborate prank. At the suggestion of co-star Janel Moloney, Malina sent season-six newcomer Jimmy Smits a $200 Valentine’s Day bouquet that included a card made on Whitford’s stolen letterhead stating: “Jimmy, you’re a delight.
I enjoyed every moment we had together. Be my Valentine. “Following the end of The West Wing, Malina campaigned for Danny Tripp’s leading role in Sorkin’s next TV project, Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip, but the role went to Whitford instead. When the show was cancelled in its first season, Malina was teased by some in the industry who suggested that it was Sorkin’s good luck charm, but he pointed to Sorkin’s upcoming film Charlie Wilson.
Malina became one of the four stars of the short-lived ABC dramedy Big Shots in 2007. His character, Karl Mixworthy, was an executive pharmaceutical company juggling a wife and a mistress who meet when the jilted lover tries to expose him to his wife but friends with her instead. Malina is a co-creator and producer of the Celebrity Poker Showdown cable TV series by Bravo.
He is an avid poker player in private life, having played with Sorkin while on Broadway, used poker winnings to pay his rent early in his career, and organized a cast-and-crew game that lasted the entire duration of Sports Night and occasionally delayed the start of shooting. The idea for the show came from a weekly high-stake.
Malina has appeared as Pres since 2011. Siebert’s The Big Bang Theory. In 2012, Malina played a recurring role as Assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen on ABC’s Scandal. He was promoted to a regular season 2 series. Malina co-hosts the West Wing Weekly podcast with Hrishikesh Hirway. The series debuted in March 2016.

Joshua Malina Movies And Tv Shows


  • A Few Good Men (1992) – Tom
  • In the Line of Fire (1993) – Secret Service Agent Chavez
  • Separate Lives (1995) – Randall
  • The American President (1995) – David
  • Sliders (1996) – Egghead Announcer
  • From the Earth to the Moon (1998)
  • Bulworth (1998) – Bill Feldman
  • Sports Night (1998–2000) – Jeremy Goodwin
  • Kill the Man (1999) – Bob Stein
  • How to Marry a Billionaire: A Christmas Tale (2000) – Mark Sickler
  • Without Charlie (2001) – Charlie
  • The West Wing (2002–2006) – Will Bailey (71 episodes)
  • See Jane Date (2003) – Kevin Adams
  • View from the Top (2003) – Randy Jones
  • Just Friends (2005) – Bob
  • Big Shots (2007) – Karl Mixworthy (11 episodes)
  • Numb3rs (2007) – Howard Meeks (episodes: “Nine Wives”, “Democracy” and “Waste Not”)
  • Stargate SG-1 (2007) – Cicero
  • Greys Anatomy (2008) – Seth Hammer (episode: “In the Midnight Hour”)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2008) – DA Monroe (episode: “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda”)
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2009) – Agent Auldridge
  • In Plain Sight (2009–2011) – Peter Alpert (17 episodes)
  • iCarly (2009) – Unidentified Dingo Channel Writer
  • Psych (2009) – Stewart Gimbley (episode: “Let’s Get Hairy”)
  • House M.D. (2009) – Tucker (episode: “Wilson”)
  • Bones (2010) – Dr. Adam Copeland (episode: “The Devil in the Details”)
  • The Good Guys (2010)
  • The Big Bang Theory (2011–present) – President Siebert (8 episodes)
  • CSI: Miami (2011) – Neil Marshall (1 episode)[26]
  • Private Practice (2011) – Jason (episode: “To Change The Things We Can”)
  • American Horror Story: Murder House (2011) – The Dentist (episode: Spooky Little Girl)
  • The First Time (2012) – Aubrey Miller’s unnamed father
  • Leap Year (2012) – Sam Berry (3 episodes)
  • Scandal (2012–2018) – David Rosen
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2014) – Simon Wilkes (episode: “Thought Criminal”)
  • The Young Kieslowski (2014) – Robert Kieslowski
  • Knights of Badassdom (2014) – Travis

Joshua Malina Net Worth

Joshua has an estimated net worth of $1.5 m.

Joshua Malina West Wing

He played the role of Will Bailey in the serial political drama television series West wing.

Joshua Malina Podcast

Malina co-hosts the podcast The West Wing Weekly with Hrishikesh Hirway. The series begun in March 2016.

Joshua Malina Facebook

Joshua Malina Twitter

Joshua Malina Instagram

Joshua  Malina Interview

Joshua Malina: No Scandal in Being Smart, Funny, Healthy

Joshua, first question always is: How do you Mind Your Body with what you eat? 
I keep kosher, so I have an element of consumption awareness embedded into my daily life. One of the things the practice does is make one more mindful of—and grateful for—what goes into your body. I’m a zealous carnivore, but since kosher meat is not always at hand, I eat more fruits, veggies, and grains and less meat than I otherwise might. There are those that argue that vegetarianism is implied as the kosher ideal in the Torah. I’ve never quite made that leap.
Is it ever hard for you to ‘eat smart’ on set? I mean, the catering can be tempting.
It’s very easy to divide a long shoot day into 15 or 20 rounds of ‘What do I eat next?’ I try to fight that by bringing in my own food, and by gravitating to the more healthful choices lovingly provided by our great craft service guys Barry and Mark. I particularly dig the veggie juice bar.
You’ve talked in the past about losing weight. It doesn’t ‘look’ like you ever really needed to.
I am a bit more determined to lose weight than I would be if I weren’t an actor, particularly on Scandal, where despite one’s middle age, a topless scene always looms as a possibility. I also feel better when I shed a few pounds.
What’s your physical activity regimen and how do you balance that when the shooting schedule is intense?
As far as exercise, I play a lot of lacrosse and rugby, and I’m an avid distance swimmer. Nope, none of that is true. I do walk a lot, though. You know, old guy exercise. I’ve had a Fitbit activity tracker for quite a while, and using it has made it clear that I am more motivated by competitiveness than any drive to get in shape. I can see how many steps I am taking relative to my mom, dad, sister, and cousins who also wear these things, so I move more to try to outdo them. I’d like to take this opportunity to call out my cousin Stu who is the conductor of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra. Waving your hands around may be good exercise, but it does not equal steps! Look down at the end of a concert; you’re in the same spot. Charlatan!
Do you have a ‘bad’ health habit—one you’d like to break? How are you doing with that?
I sure do enjoy my ice cream. And I consider a pint a good start. I’m doing well with it lately by avoiding it altogether. I’m not great at moderation.
What do you tell the kids about being healthy and living a good life? Do you set good examples? 
I have one kid who is a natural whirlwind of motion, and one who is more sedentarily-inclined. I won’t divulge names; they know who they are. My wife—the lovely Melissa—and I encourage them both to be active, get good sleep, and eat well. Yes, I try to set a good example, but I’m not above the ‘Don’t you worry about me,’ ‘Just do what I say because I’m the parent’ argument.
What do you have in common with David Rosen—that you can tell us? 
We are the exact same weight and height. Maintaining this requires strict attention to diet and commitment to daily exercise. Also, we are both Attorney General of the United States, which is a weird coincidence.
I read what you’ve said about the perils of the acting profession—wondering where the next job will come from. Given the presence of that constant thought in your head, how do you sustain emotional and mental balance—if you do?
I’d be surprised if those who know me would point to me as a paragon of ‘emotional and mental balance,’ but I do have a pretty good defense system against the unpredictable cruelty of a life in acting. First of all, I don’t take it too seriously. I need to make a living, but my self-image isn’t wrapped up in my achievements as an actor. I’m more concerned with trying to be a good dad and husband. Focusing on the important stuff and lowering the stakes on the rest of it is my goal.
So word is you’re ‘pretty’ good at poker. What’s the appeal? It doesn’t burn many calories, but it’s obviously an intellectual workout of some kind—and being a graduate of Yale, I’ll bet you demand one that’s intense.
I do love poker. I’m a pretty honest guy by nature, so I enjoy a pastime where lying is sanctioned. And while it may not be the best aerobic exercise, if you play at the right stakes, it will get your heart pumping.
What’s been your favorite role thus far and do tell us why? And yes, I am asking you to pick one!
This is a cruel and unusual question. I will remove David Rosen from the mix, and choose…Jeremy Goodwin. It was my first regular TV role. It was a brilliantly-written character, created by a good friend, Aaron Sorkin. Jeremy was great fun to play because he was a neurotic mix of smarts, anxiety, a big heart, and obsession.
Do you support a particular cause or charity right now? What does that do for your soul?
I love Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger. It is a beautiful organization that takes its inspiration from the Jewish principles of ‘tzedakah’ and ‘tikkun olam’—that is to say, justice—and the effort to help repair the world. Mazon takes a holistic approach to food insecurity, funding food banks, advocacy groups, and legal services in order to build awareness and address hunger both in the United States and Israel. I reiterate here my pledge to follow on Twitter anyone who sends them 25 bucks. I even pledge to laugh gently at your jokes!

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