Joss Fong Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth

Joss Fong Biography

Joss Fong is an American journalist who works senior editorial producer at Vox. Before graduating, she used to work as energy editor at Media Matters for America.

Joss Fong Age

Fong was born on the 22nd of May 1988 in New York, USA. She is 31 years old as of 2019. She is of American nationality and of white ethnicity. Currently, she resides in Washington, USA.

Joss Fong Measurement

Fong stands at a height of 1.64 m (5 feet 4.5 inches) and she weighs 60 kg (132 pounds). Her body measurement is 33-27-30.

Joss Fong Photo

Joss Fong Family

We have no details regarding her parents. We will update you as soon as we get them.

Joss Fong Husband

joss is single as of now. We still don’t have her previous record of love affair if any. We will update you if she dates soon.

Joss Fong Children

She has no children yet.

Joss Fong Education

She is a journalist, who graduated from the New York University’s Science, Health and environmental reporting program. Upon her graduation, she worked as an energy editor at the Media Matters for America.

Joss Fong Career

Like earlier stated, Fong graduated from the New York University of Science, and health and environmental reporting program. Shortly after a brief internship program, she dedicated herself to work as an energy editor at Media Matters for America. Fong is currently a successful journalist and is working as a Senior Editorial Producer at VOX in Washington D.C Metro area. She assumed the position in June 2014.

Joss Fong Net Worth

As Fong has devoted most of her life as a Journalist, she must have earned a lot for herself. Her estimated net worth as of 2019 is $3 million. As she has been a part of Vox from the start of her career, she has made most of her earnings from it.

Joss Fong Interview

You graduated from New York University from their Science, Health and Environmental Reporting program. What inspired you to become a Science Journalist?

I was interested in that program because I had been blogging for an organization called Media Matters for several years.

Media Matters is kind of a political organization. [The position] was a conservative media watch job. I was watching a lot of Fox News and I was assigned to climate change; watching what they said about climate change and writing about it when they got it wrong.

They always got it ridiculously wrong.

I found myself really enjoying writing those pieces about climate, environmental policy, and interviewing scientists. I thought, “Hey, it would be really cool to be a science journalist or a science writer.”

I was never really a scientist. I didn’t have an undergraduate degree in science and I didn’t have any of the credentials. I didn’t have any journalism experience beyond blogging for this website, so I applied for the [Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting] graduate program.

It was interesting because most of the students in my class had science degrees. They had done their undergraduate degree in some sort of science or engineering, then decided to turn to writing.

My background was the opposite. I was in writing and then I tried to turn to science a little bit.

It worked out well. I really loved the program.

It was also at NYU that I had decided to focus on video instead of writing. I had found writing extremely painful. I still do. It’s the worst.

I would labor over every word and sentence knowing that a lot of people are really good at writing already. It’s just a skill that a lot of people have. Not many people were good at video, so I decided to make the switch.

What are a few areas of science that you are particularly interested in?

If you look at the stories I do, they’re kind of all over the place. I’m interested in all things. I’ll get distracted by sports or economics or whatever and wander off into a different topic.

This year I’m looking to focus in on climate change, artificial intelligence, and genomics. I’ve dabbled a little bit here and there in all three of those topics and would like to focus a little bit more because I think they’re really important.

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