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Jud Birza Biography

Jud Birza is an American model, best known as the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua. At age 21 at the time of the game, he is currently the youngest person to win the show. He is a native of Lake St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated from Wentzville Holt High School in 2007.

Jud Birza Age

Jud Birza was born on June 12, 1989, in Lake St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Jud Birza is 29 years old as of 2018.

Jud Birza Net worth

Jud Birza earns his income from his work as a model. He also earns his from other related organizations like from the Awards industry. He has an estimated net worth of $ 1 million dollars.

Jud Birza Wife

Jud Birza married ‘Survivor’ winner Amber Brkich who competed for two seasons of ‘The Amazing Race’ and starred in a 10-episode Fox reality show, ‘Rob and Amber: Against the Odds,’ which followed his journey to becoming a professional poker player.’ Survivor’ winner.

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Jud Birza Survivor

Jud Birza played as the second youngest player on Survivor: Nicaragua, he placed on the “younger” La Flor tribe. He became the tribe’s resident goofball, sending his tribemates to endless laughter at every opportunity often by accidentally hurting himself, making jokes, or reinforcing his own stereotype as a blonde surfer.  The one exception to his humor was NaOnka Mixon, whom Birza had a conflict with after the former lost her socks and accused him of stealing them.

The Survivor led him to a tirade from Mixon during their first Tribal Council, outright stating that she hated him and his antics. Birza privately admitted that although it was his real personality, he planned to use it as a strategy, both by making himself socially popular among the castaways, while also fooling them into thinking that he was not intelligent enough to be a strategic threat, thus giving them more incentive to keep him around.

Early on, he was an alliance outsider. He initially sided with Shannon Elkins, Alina Wilson, Kelly Bruno, and Ben “Benry” Henry. Elkins wanted Brenda Lowe eliminated because of her perceived deviousness, but due to Elkins’s aggressiveness, they had their first Tribal Council, two of which the allies (Henry and Bruno) voted against Elkins. Afterward, Birza’s remaining alliance partners were in line for elimination, though he remained indispensable because of his strength in challenges. Strategically, he was perceived as somewhat clueless.

They had a negative perception of a reflected voting history, where his votes barely eliminated other players. After a Day 12 tribe swap, Birza, along with Lowe, Bruno, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, and “Purple Kelly” Shinn, remained on the La Flor tribe. There, he became friends with the new members Jane Bright, Marty Piombo, and Jill Behm. At the Day 15 Double Tribal Council twist, Behm (the next intended target) won individual immunity.

Lenahan and Lowe shifted their plan to split the votes between Piombo, and the Hidden Immunity Idol, and Bruno, who was a Jury threat because of her athleticism despite her prosthetic leg. Birza nearly endangered the plan by gaining the trust of Piombo, who fabricated a story of him being a chess grandmaster. However, Birza stuck to the plan and voted out Bruno, although Piombo’s story was his incentive for voting her off. Three days later, Birza and 11 others would comprise the merged Libertad tribe.

He joined several (albeit failed) alliances, or cast his votes against random people, and would continue to act clueless about voting dynamics. After Wilson’s elimination (where Birza won Immunity), there was an all-male rebellion led by Piombo, which was eventually thwarted after Lenahan and Chase Rice sided with the women. Though Birza was deemed socially clueless for the most part, he was kept for a longer time.

However, when the remaining castaways realized that this strategy would work because he did not hurt anybody’s feelings (particularly those of the Jury members), winning Immunity Challenges became Birza’s last resort. He went on to win the last three consecutive Immunity Challenges, keeping himself safe from the vote, while the formed alliances turned on each other. After winning the Day 38 Immunity Challenge, Birza, along with Lenahan and Rice, made it to the Final Tribal Council.

While Rice and Lenahan were lambasted for being indecisive and “spineless” respectively, He was seen as strategically clueless, to habe rebutted that he nevertheless back-stabbed no one and winning several challenges proved him worthy of winning. In the end, it was Birza who won the five votes of Dan Lembo, Henry, Mixon, Shinn, and Piombo.

Rice was the runner-up with four votes, while Lenahan received zero. Thus, Birza became the Sole Survivor and won the $1 million prize by a 5-4-0 margin, which was the closest margin of victory on Survivor since Bob Crowley’s victory in Survivor: Gabon. Birza also eclipsed Survivor: The Amazon’s Jenna Morasca’s record of the youngest person to ever win Survivor.

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