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Julie Browski Biography, Age,Career And Husband

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Julie Borowski Biography

Julie Borowski is a popular Libertarian political commentator and YouTuber whose videos have over 9 million views. On her YouTube channel, Julie discusses current events, politics, and other topics.

Born on October 10, 1988, She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Frostburg State University in May 2010 with a B.S. in Political Science and a minor in International Studies.She is best known for her discussions on current events, politics and other topics, on her YouTube channel. She’s well appraised for her entertaining political commentaries posted to more than 90,000 subscribers. Her videos have over 8 million views and she has around 19.9k followers on Instagram.

She won Conservative Political Action Council (CPAC)’s Blogbash Video of the Year in 2014 for her video debunking Obamacare. At CPAC 2013 she was awarded Tea Party Blogger of the Year. Julie’s written work has appeared in various outlets like the Washington Examiner, Rare, Red State, Daily Caller, and Town Hall.

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Julie Borowski Age

Born On October 10, 1988, She is around 28 years of age as of 2018.

Julie Borowski Height

Her Exact Height and Measurements are still under investigation wee will update when information is available.

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Julie Borowski

Julie Borowski Education

Julie graduated from Frostburg State University in May 2010 with a B.S. in Political Science and a minor in International Studies. She is famous for her discussions on current events, politics and other topics on her YouTube channel “Token Libertarian Girl.” She received appreciation for her entertaining political commentaries and has won several awards.

Frostburg State University (FSU) is a public university in Frostburg, Maryland.[6] The university is the only four-year institution of the University System of Maryland west of the Baltimore-Washington passageway in the state’s Appalachian highlands. Founded in 1898 by Maryland Governor Lloyd Lowndes, Jr., Frostburg was selected because the site offered the best suitable location without a cost to the state. Today, the institution is a largely residential university.

With an enrollment of approximately 5,396 students, the university offers 47 undergraduate majors, 16 graduate programs, and a doctorate in educational leadership. The university is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and places primary emphasis on its role as a teaching and learning institution.

Julie Borowski Career

Her first full-time employment was with Freedom Works as a Staff Writer. She joined Freedom Works in June 2010.
After around a year and a half, she was promoted as a Policy Analyst. She worked with Freedom Works as a Policy Analyst for more than three and a half years till April 2015.

As a spokesperson, she has spoken at a few events: Few of the events are International Students for Liberty Conference, Freedom Fest, Leadership training institute, Liberty Political Action Conference etc.
She has also given talks at various universities such as Rutgers University. Currently, she is based in Washington D. C., Metro Area.She has spoken at conferences and events around the country. Some event conferences she has spoken for include FreedomFest, the International Students for Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC), Liberty Conference, Smart Girl Politics Summit, Liberty Forum, Young Americans for Liberty conferences, Leadership Institute training, VidCon, and more.

She has appeared on the Stossel show with John Stossel and The Independents (TV show) on FOX News Business. Ron Paul has interviewed her about political activism for Voices of Liberty.

Julie Borowski Husband

She tied the knot with her husband, Alexn The St. Nicholas Cathedral, Washington DC in May 2013
Julie has already celebrated her 5th wedding anniversary with husband, Alex, and it is a proof of their blissful married life without a single rumor of divorce, separation or any disputes.There is no information about when and how the couple met each other. It means they are quite secretive about their personal life and prefers to keep it a little low key and out of the limelight. But we hope to see more of him on Julie’s videos.

Whether Julie has given birth to her child, it’s yet to knowHJulie Borowski Wikipedia

There is no Wikipedia Information about Julie.

Julie Borowski Trump

President Donald Trump is under attack from the left and the right for his decision to withdraw troops from Syria, even though most liberals were concerned he’d start World War III if elected.

On the right, “the same people who preach about limited government and reigning in out of control government spending want the same government to police the world in expensive wars paid by U.S. taxpayers,” Julie Borowski explains.

Trump ran on getting other countries, from Europe to the Middle East and back again, to pull their own weight and defend themselves. Blind dependence on the United States, he warned, is over.

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