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Karen Finerman Biography, Age, Cnbc, Husband, Fast Money, Net Worth

Karen Finerman is an American businesswoman and television personality. Finerman is a founding Master Player of the Portfolios…

Karen Finerman Biography

Karen Finerman is an American businesswoman and television personality. Finerman is a founding Master Player of the Portfolios with Purpose contest.

Karen graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1983. She attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated in 1987.

Finerman is a board member of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and trustee of the Montefiore Medical Center. She is also a member of the board of GrafTech International, Ltd.

Karen Finerman Age

She was born Karen Lisa Finerman on February 25, 1965. She is 53 years old as of 2018.

Karen Finerman

Karen Finerman Family

She was born in a Jewish family to Jane and Gerald Finerman. Finerman was born in a family of five, having three sisters, Wendy, Leslie, and Stacey. She has a brother, Mark.

Karen Finerman Husband – Karen Finerman Lawrence E Golub

Finerman is married to Lawrence E. Golub. He is a longtime friend and contributor of Eliot Spitzer.

Karen Finerman Children

Karen has four children (two sets of twins) with her husband, Lucy, Jack, William, and Kate. .

Karen Finerman Cnbc – Karen Finerman Fast Money

She is a panelist on the show Fast Money on CNBC.

Metropolitan Capital Advisors Karen

Karen co- founded Metropolitan Capital Advisors, Inc. with Mr. Jeffrey Evan Schwarz in 1992. It is an employee owned hedge fund sponsor. It primarily provides its services to pooled investment vehicles. The firm launches and manages hedge funds for its clients. It invests in the public equity markets across the globe. Metropolitan Capital Advisors, Inc. is based in New York.

Karen Finerman Book

Her book, Finerman’s Rules: Secrets I’d Only Tell My Daughters About Business and Life was published by Hachette Book Group’s Business Plus on June 4, 2013.

Karen Finerman Net Worth

Finerman has a net worth of US$100 million.

Karen Finerman Photos – Karen Finerman Facelift

Karen Finerman

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Karen Finerman Talks On Her Book

Karen Finerman Interview

Living in YOUR Top 1% – “Take control of your life”

Alissa Finerman: What’s the most important strength you possess that allows you to be successful in your role?
Karen Finerman: 
My most important strength is recognizing that I can always improve and learn more. It applies to every aspect of my life: as an investor, a TV panelist, a wife, mother, friend, etc.

AF: How do you define success?
 For me, success is about continually improving in any endeavor whether it involves investing, parenting, or being a better person. I read a lot and like to have at least one new book on my Kindle about investing, parenting, and self improvement every week. If I can learn one thing from each book and put it into practice, then I’m happy.

Successful moments to me include having a good interaction with my kids and helping them become better people, being in the moment since I always have so much going on, and finding companies that are undervalued. I try to always remember not to compare myself to others because it’s a waste of time and energy. It’s important to be mindful that we each have our own process.

AF: What inspired you to start your own money management firm?
 My mother inspired me to be financially independent, but she never said how. Money management seemed a good way to do it.

AF: You have a lot on your plate, how do you maintain balance in your life?
Balance is really important and really difficult. You have to pick your spots. Every single thing can’t be the most important each day. But you really have to be present in the activity you’re focusing on. If you’re at work but thinking you should be at home with your kids and that makes you ineffective at work, then you not setting yourself up for success. For me, I have to be physically and mentally in the place I need to be, that means never working from home, or not helping my kids with their homework while I’m at work. When I’m on the air, I’m on the air. Also, my husband is extremely involved and incredibly organized. I can’t emphasis enough how important he is to making the whole thing work.

AF: What motivates you on a daily basis to keep going?
The thing that motivates me on a daily basis is knowing that I can improve and reaching my potential.

AF: What role do goals play in your life? Tell us a few words about your
goal setting process?
Goals are incredibly important — if you don’t know where you are going, how can you possibly get there? I try to have long range goals, but I also continually calibrate my short term goals. It’s very productive to break it down and say what can I get done today or this week. The more you clearly articulate, literally by just writing it down, the more you can get done.

AF: How big of a role does mindset play in reaching one’s highest
 We can accomplish so much more than we do if we would just focus our energies in a positive way to constantly move toward where we want to be. The key is to know where you want to be. Sometimes, we think we know want we want only to find out later we were wrong. And that’s part of the process!

AF: What are some of your most meaningful accomplishments?
 My most meaningful accomplishment will hopefully be to bring four healthy, responsible, energized people into adulthood (my children). Any mother thinks that. I also want to inspire women to take control of their lives by being financially independent: to recognize they are in control and not to surrender that control to someone else because it’s easier, less scary, more romantic or to fall prey to some other misconception.

AF: What do the top performers do differently to excel?
 Top performers are different: it’s that single-minded, relentless focus. It’s about perseverance no matter what the challenges, the eyes are always on the prize, and no obstacle pushes that prize out of sight or mind. For the top, top performers, it’s full steam ahead.

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