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Kathy Troccoli Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Albums, Songs, Books

Kathy Troccoli Biography/ Kathy Troccoli Bio

Kathy Troccoli (Kathleen Colleen Troccoli) is a contemporary Christian music singer, author, and speaker born on 24th June 1958 in Brooklyn, New York. During her career she has served on the mission fields of Africa, China, India and Central America. She has also shared the stage for ten years with Women of Faith.

Kathy Troccoli Age/ How Old is Kathy Troccoli

Kathy was born on 24th June 1958 in Brooklyn, New York (60 years as of 2018)

Kathy Troccoli Family

Kathy was born in Brooklyn, New York and was raised in Islip Terrace, Long Island. At the age of 15, her father died of colon cancer and her mother died in 1991 of breast cancer.

Kathy Troccoli Married/ Kathy Troccoli Husband/ Kathy Troccoli Marriage

Kathy keeps her personal life private and they is no information of her husband nor is it known whether she has ever been married.

Kathy Troccoli Photo

Kathy Troccoli Education

Kathy attended East Islip High School and later joined the Berklee College of Music in Boston where she studied jazz and opera for a year. She later returned to Long Island where she joined Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) where she majored in voice.

Kathy Troccoli Career

While studying voice at Suffolk County Community College (SCCC), she joined an SCCC-based jazz band and was also singing in Long Island clubs.

While working at a ‘day job’ in the summer of 1978 she formed a friendship with a born-again Christian co-worker who led to Troccoli herself becoming a devout Christian.

In 1980 Ed Nalle’s group, GLAD performed at the Long Island church and Kathy opened for them which earned her alto voice prominence. Six months later after opening for GLAD, Ed Nalle invited her record a demo tape with band’s backing. The tape was submitted to Michael Blanton and Dan Harrell and as a result of hearing it, they formed the Reunion Records label, in Nashville, specifically to record Troccoli.

In 1982 she released her debut album ‘Stubborn Love’ which became a bestseller debut album by a contemporary Christian music female artist. In 1984 she released her second album ‘Heart and Soul’ which earned her a Grammy nomination in 1986.

Kathy withdrew from her musical career returning to Long Island for a six-year sojourn, giving singing lessons and sang at weddings.

In 1991, after her mother’s death, she returned to the Reunion Records label for her secular album debut, ‘Pure Attraction’. The album peaked at No. 14 on the Hot 100 in Billboard and also charted on the magazine’s Adult Contemporary chart reaching No. 6. “Help Myself To You” became her first No. 1 hit in her ten-year career and earned her a lot of GMA Music Awards nominations, including numerous attempts at Female Vocalist.

Kathy Troccoli Books

  • 1997: My Life Is in Your Hands
  • 1999: Different Roads
  • 2002: Am I Not Still God?
  • 2002: Hope for a Woman’s Heart
  • 2005: A Love That Won’t Walk Away
  • 2005: Seven Celebrations for the Soul
  • 2006: Live Like You Mean It: Engaging in a Life of Passion, Romance, and Adventure
  • 2001: Falling in Love with Jesus (with Dee Brestin)
  • 2003: The Colors of His Love (with Dee Brestin)
  • 2004: Forever in Love with Jesus (with Dee Brestin)
  • 2018: S.P.A.R.K.S To Ignite Your Soul.

Kathy Troccoli Albums

  • 2015: Better Days
  • 2013: Worshipsongs: ‘Tis So Sweet
  • 2012: 30 Years/Songs: The Kathy Troccoli Collection
  • 2011: Christmas Songs
  • 2010: Heartsongs   (covers album)
  • 2008: Hope’s Alive
  • 2006: The Story of Love
  • 2005: Draw Me Close: Songs of Worship
  • 2005: Comfort
  • 2004: K.T.’s Groovin’ Medleys   (kids album)
  • 2003: Greatest Hits
  • 2002: The Heart of Me
  • 2000: Love Has a Name
  • 1999: Together (with Sandi Patty)
  • 1999: Sentimental Christmas
  • 1998: Corner of Eden
  • 1997: Love and Mercy
  • 1995: Sounds of Heaven
  • 1994: Kathy Troccoli
  • 1991: Pure Attraction
  • 1988: Portfolio
  • 1986: Images
  • 1984: Heart and Soul
  • 1982: Stubborn Love

Kathy Troccoli Songs

  • Go Light Your World
  • Everything Changes
  • My Life is in Your Hands
  • I Will Choose Christ
  • I Call Him Love
  • Stubborn Love
  • If I’m Not in Love
  • A Different Road
  • Love Has a Name
  • Goodbye for Now
  • Sounds of Heaven
  • A Baby’s Prayer
  • Help Myself to You
  • Tell Me Where It Hurts
  • If I’m Not in Love With You
  • Love Was Never Meant to Die
  • Psalm Twenty-Three
  • Missing You This Christmas
  • He Will Make a Way
  • You’re the Heart of Me
  • All for the Life of Me
  • Live for the Lord
  • You’re Still God
  • All Glory to God
  • May I Be His Love
  • He’ll Never Leave Me
  • Holy, Holy
  • That’s How Much I Love You
  • Corner of Eden
  • A Love That Won’t Walk Away
  • Love One Another
  • Love Has Found Me Here

Kathy Troccoli Greatest Hits

  1. Holy, Holy
  2. Go Light Your World
  3. Sounds Of Heaven
  4. You’re The Heart Of Me
  5. Stubborn Love
  6. Psalm Twenty-Three
  7. Help Myself To You
  8. Everything Changes
  9. A Different Road
  10. Mission Of Love
  11. I Will Choose Christ
  12. Love Has A Name
  13. I Call Him Love
  14. My Life Is In Your Hands

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Kathy Troccoli Interview

I got a chance to listen to your last CD, Comfort, and it is so on time for people who have lost loved ones. I also saw you on James Robison’s show recently, and you talked about how necessary music is in the grieving process.

Kathy Troccoli: What I have found is a four-minute song can do more than any book or sermon. It’s just powerful. I think God absolutely loves music. I know He must grieve at some of the ways we use it because it can speak death or life. Let me give you some background. I did a record called Draw Me Close, which is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done. It’s just a worship record with piano, cello, guitar and me. The worship record got so much response from women. I thought, They keep on saying comfort, comfort, comfort. The word kept on coming to me. Plus, I meet thousands of women within the course of a month. Who isn’t going through breast cancer, the loss of their husband, or grieving the loss of a child? When I’ve been in that state – I’ve lost two parents to cancer; I’ve gone through my own sorrows in life – music has been able to penetrate the darkness. I know the times I’ve been going through it, I’m listening to a record, and all of a sudden this upbeat rock song comes on. That’s not where my heart is. I wanted to do a record that you could play all the way through and have it be like a healing balm for your soul.

What was your thought process in selecting the songs for Comfort?

Kathy Troccoli: Some of it was songs that I’ve done before in years past that I’ve seen the light come on immediately about God’s love or His hope (a song like “That’s How Much I Love You” where it’s just first person from God: “I died for you / I’d do it all again / If I had to”). “Goodbye for Now” is a song I wrote in having experienced such great loss in my life and yet knowing that my parents are alive in the Lord. I called it “Goodbye For Now” because we don’t have a separation that’s forever. That song… I can’t even tell you! The chorus says, “There’ll be a time / When I’ll see your face / And I’ll hear your voice / And we’ll laugh again.” There was a lady who sent me a picture of her two and half year old son who she found dead in his bed one morning. They never found out what happened. She engraved the chorus on his tombstone because it brought her so much life. You can’t ask for greater gifts than that.

Being such a big Carole King fan myself, one of the songs that caught my attention was “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Kathy Troccoli: I know! Wasn’t that sweet?

I thought your rendition of it was particularly sweet because it blended in so well with the rest of the songs. Was that intentional?

Kathy Troccoli: That was intentional. Between Carole King and Karen Carpenter, they both inspired me to want to sing and really want to sing in my lower key. Those who have listened to me for years will find that I’m singing in my more comfortable, natural range. “You’ve Got a Friend” touched my soul for years and is one of my favorite songs. I’m singing in front of so many women; we all love to laugh and cry together and hug each other. I knew that if I sang that before my audience, it would be such a sweet moment.

You mentioned about singing in your range. If someone had told me that Kathy Troccoli sang a “comfort” album, I’d have been very surprised. Yet I noticed in this new record that your voice is much more subdued.

Kathy Troccoli: Part of it is me coming into my own. When I started in the early ‘80s. I was a torch singer at heart. My register was there. I was a jazz singer, and I sang some of the pop hits in the clubs. Trying to find my voice and my place in Christian music, Michael [W.] Smith and Amy Grant wrote for me – beautiful songs. But in recordings, it would be putting me in a register that would sound more girly and more pop accessible. Even “Go Light Your World,” you’ve got a voice that sings “Carry your candle!” It’s up there. I can sing that but my natural range is more like on my worship record where I’m singing, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus / There is something about that name.” So that’s where my voice really fits. It’s been so sweet for me because the reaction that I’ve gotten in singing more records in the range that God has naturally made me to sing in… I’ve gotten more response about my voice than ever.

Now you have enough control in the studio that you don’t have to change it.

Kathy Troccoli: Even my pop [song] in the early ‘90s, “Everything Changes,” was a big hit, and I was the most miserable. I was in the throws of, “Oh, I’d love to have a pop hit.” And it was a great song. But there I was. I sang backup for Taylor Dayne. That song was written for her, and she didn’t want it. I take it, and I’m singing, “Everything changes,” and I’m miserable. There’s a singer out there called Diana Krall, a jazz singer, or Norah Jones. It would be like asking those girls to sing a Sheryl Crow type song. They could do it but you’d never hear their true voices. It’s just wild that it took me so long to get to this place.

You told me you just finished recording new music. Talk a little bit about that.

Kathy Troccoli: I wrote four new songs. I got pitched some other songs that I’ve fallen in love with. It’s still got a similar beauty to the worship record and the Comfort record. As a matter of fact, I did a Diana Krall tune on it called “Pick Yourself Up.” It’s got a bossa, kinda Latin feel on it about I Corinthians 13. As God is allowing me to find my place in these last several years and really loving what I do, I’m also being daring just to go for it in what I love to sing.

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