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Katie Ussin Biography

Katie Ussin is an American journalist and TV news anchor, presenting for WEWS Channel 5 on its Good Morning Cleveland show, co-anchoring with Terrence Lee. She previously worked at many TV stations, KULR and WDTN.

Katie Ussin Age

Katie was born in 1984 in Billings, a city in southern Montana, USA. She is an American by her nationality and her ethnicity is white. As of 2019, she is about 35 years old. Currently, she resides in Cleveland with her husband and newly born baby.

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Katie Ussin Family

Katie remains close to her family, naming her parents as role models. She enjoys a close relationship with her parents and two sisters.

Katie Ussin Husband | Katie Ussin Children

Katie is a woman who is married. She tied the knot at the Glidden House in Cleveland with Sam on October 4, 2017. The couple shares a daughter named Edgleigh, being born on July 20, 2018. In addition, the couple is living a happy married life and spent more of their time with their daughter. She resides in Cleveland with her husband and newly born baby.

Katie Ussin Career

Katie Ussin started her career as an evening news presenter for the WDTN network where she reported on the Republican National Convention 2016 in Cleveland. Later, she became a senior newscaster with WEWS network.
Before her stint with WDTN, Katie was a TV anchor for KULR-TV in Billings, Montana, her hometown.
Her KULR position was secured in the same year of her graduation from Arizona State University. Katie also continues her journalism work in writing as well as on air. Currently, she is a TV news anchor, presenting for WEWS Channel 5 on its Good Morning Cleveland show, co-anchoring with Terrence Lee.

Katie Ussin Education

Ussin first started studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Later, she decided to attend Arizona State University where she studied journalism and graduated in 2006.

Katie Ussin Net Worth

As of 2019, Katie Ussin has an approximate net worth of $5 million. She also boasts an impressive amount of salary from her profession. She has not yet disclosed her actual salary, however. But we can assume that she earns $39,846 which is an average US newscaster salary. She also earns a beautiful amount of fortune from her other works, including interviews, gathering information, and broadcasting, having a fruitful net worth.

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Katie Ussin Interview

Meet New Good Morning Cleveland Co-Anchor Katie Ussin

She tells us a secret from the set and more.
Even when Katie Ussin anchored the evening news in Dayton, she had her eye on Cleveland.During her five years at WDTN, the Montana native had traveled north to cover the 2016 Republican National Convention and made frequent trips with her husband, Sam, to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and other attractions. So in June, the 33-year-old jumped at the chance to become co-anchor of News 5’s Good Morning Cleveland.

“I loved the spirit,” she says. “I felt like it was the place I wanted to be.”

Lone ranger 
At 18, Ussin had never been to the East Coast when she chose to study fashion merchandising management at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. “I didn’t know anybody,” she recalls. “But I was so excited to go.”

Thanks, Mom 
Her parents supported her choice. But looking back, she realizes it must have been difficult for them to let her go to college 2,000 miles away in a city with eight times the population of their entire state. “They were probably freaked out,” she says.

Wear test 
While Ussin loves fashion and what it says about our culture, she didn’t enjoy the merchandising part of the curriculum and its focus on inventory, stock lists and profit margins. “I liked talking about the clothes,” she says. “I wasn’t really too into numbers.” So after a year, she decided to transfer. “But it was the best year of my life.”

Lil’ Devil
A talent for writing helped her decide on journalism at Arizona State University, where her older sister was studying speech therapy. “I was like, Oh, that’s my jam,” says Ussin. “I think I fell into my right spot.”

Lee Time 
Ussin anchored the evening news for five years at WDTN in Dayton. But her transition to the Good Morning Cleveland desk has been smooth. She credits her co-anchor Terrence Lee for making it easy. “There’s something special about our connection,” she says. “It feels like he is a friend I’ve had for a really long time.”

Sour Gapes
Ussin has even hooked Lee on her favorite guilty pleasure: Sun-Maid Sour Strawberry Golden Raisins. “They’re like Sour Patch Kids but healthy,” she says.

Run Time
An avid runner, Ussin completed the Chicago Marathon in 2016. “I am not a good runner at all,” she says. “I run because it is a challenge and it keeps you in shape.”

Wrap Pack
While work clothes and dresses dominate Ussin’s closet, she likes to play with bright, bold colors that are appealing to the eye but not too distracting. “The silhouette and the color are what I look for in clothes,” she says. “I love a good wrap dress. I’ll take one in every color, please, except black.”

Sketch Pad
During commercial breaks, Ussin occasionally sketches doodles about the weather, her co-host, quotes and more. “I have always been a doodler,” she says. “They’re just simple and fun.” You can find them on her Instagram account. “I share them because they make me smile, and I hope they do that for someone else too.”

Source: magazine.com

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