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Kayla Sessler Biography

Kayla Sessler is an American Reality television star well known for her appearance on the MTV series TeenMom: Young and Pregnant. She has over 260,000 followers on her Instagram where she shares a variety of lifestyle shots raising.

Kayla Sessler was only a common adolescent until one of her activities, in the end, turn the focal point of the country towards her. A personal night with her then-beau pursued Kayla with outcomes and she turned into a well known pregnant youngster.

Despite the fact that it was a snapshot of sheer satisfaction when she turned into a mother, she needed to confront the duty alone as she got attacked and relinquished by her sweetheart. Nonetheless, since she has another accomplice throughout everyday life, does she have any requirement for her old accomplice, the dad of her child? Also, how far has she proceeded onward with her sweetheart?

Kayla Sessler Age

Sessler was born on November 16, 1998, in the United States. She is 20 years old as of 2018

Kayla Sessler Husband

She started dating her boyfriend Stephen Alexander when she was still a teenager. The couple had a baby boy Izaiah Cole on 30 September 2017. The two parted ways after accusing Stephan of physically assaulting her. She is dating her high school colleague Luke Davis III. She announced her pregnancy via an Instagram post on 11 February 2019. She shared a picture of her son dressed up in a shirt with the words “Only Child” crossed out and replaced with “Big Brother.” Her pregnancy is due in August 2019.

Kayla Sessler Height

There are no records of her height

Kayla Sessler Net Worth

She is making her fortune through her appearance on the MTV series Teen Mom. She has more than 260,000 followers on her Instagram. Hr net worth is not yet estimated and is still under review

Kayla Sessler Twitter

Kayla Sessler Interview

Teen Mom Kayla Sessler Says Pregnancy Was Unplanned, Stephan Hasn’t Seen Izaiah Since November

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler participated in an Instagram Q&A session with her followers this week. The pregnant reality star answered a wide array of questions ranging from her ex Stephan, how she got pregnant the second time while on birth control, and her relationship with new boyfriend Luke.

We will start with her son Izaiah’s dad Stephan. One follower asked Kayla how their relationship is right now, and she responded by revealing: “We don’t have one. He hasn’t seen Zay since November.” She then nipped the potential for any more inquiries about Stephan in the bud by stating that she would not be answering any more questions about him.

As far as her current pregnancy, Kayla says that it was “definitely not” planned and that she was on birth control at the time. She then responded to a follow-up question asking how she got pregnant while on birth control:

Ladies! If you are on the pill and you get sick with the stomach flu or any other sickness that causes you to throw up, YOUR PILL IS NO LONGER ACTIVE! If you throw up within 2 HOURS of taking it. It didn’t have enough time to absorb into your body. You;re literally throwing up your birth control.

Someone recommended that Kayla try the Depo-Provera shot, but that was something Kayla had already tried. “Right after I had Zay I got on the depo shot!” she reveals. “Unfortunately I got sick from it so went on the pill. After this baby, I will be trying the IUD implant!”

Kayla Sessler Photo
Kayla Sessler Photo

Speaking of “this baby,” Kayla tackled a few questions about that topic as well. She says that she will be making gender reveal on March 16 before then responding to questions about whether or not she and Luke have any names picked out. “For a girl, I like Bria or Aubree,” Kayla says. “No clue for a boy because Luke is stuck on Luke IV 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️.”

On the topic of Luke, Kayla clarified a little bit on their dating timeline. “I’ve been seeing him since December 2017,” she reveals. “However, we didn’t make it ‘official’ until last August.” She says her mom approves of Luke 100%, although her mom’s approval isn’t as huge a deal as it was before because Kayla moved out of her house back in October.

So, first came love, then came baby in a baby carriage — what about the missing second step? Can we expect a proposal soon? “Eventually, but I’m not in a rush! I’d prefer for us to both finish college before getting married.”

Unfortunately, Kayla finishing college might take a little longer than expected. “Sadly, I had to take a small break from school,” she later reveals. “But once the baby gets here I will be going back! I’ll probably start with online classes before actually attending class. It’s taking me longer than I hoped, but the important thing is I will get my degree.”

Kayla announced she is pregnant again in February, and last week she shared a 15-week baby bump photo. As mentioned above, she plans to do a gender reveal on March 16 — so stay tuned!

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