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Ken Norton Biography

Ken  Norton was born on 9 August 9, 1943. He was an American professional boxer. Who competed from 1967 to 1981. and held the title in 1978. He is best known for his trilogy.  Norton won the first fight by split decision. Then controversially lost the latter two fights by the split. He also fought a slugfest. Later narrowly losing a split decision. Having officially retired from boxing in 1981. He there was inducted into the international boxing hall of fame.


Ken Norton Age

He has an age of 79 years old. Norton was born on 9 August 1943.

Ken Norton life

Ken was an athlete at Jacksonville High School.  Then was selected to the all-state team football team. On defense as a senior in 1960. His track coach entered him in eight events. Norton placed first in seven of them. He limits the participation of an athlete to a maximum of four-track.In the field events, it was instituted in Illinois high school sports. After graduating from high school. Then he went to Northeast Missouri State University. On a football scholarship and studied elementary education. Then he said that he would have become a teacher. Nor a policeman if he had not taken up boxing.

Ken Norton Career

After leaving school he went to marine. He started boxing in the united states. Then he becomes best in boxing. He was awarded the Golden Gloves. And also the pan American Titles. In 1967 he becomes professional. Norton builds the steady string of wins. He was learning and improving. Then he suffered in surprise defeated. He was given notification books of think and grow rich. Norton was a green fighter but he won. These were by reading the book.

Ken net worth

His net worth was estimated at around 10 million. He was known as the fighting marine. Norton has defeated the famous Ali.

Ken vs Ali

Ken the former world boxing council heavyweight champion. He enjoyed fame and fortune. Norton was the second fighter to beat. The greatest his speak with Joe Frazier having beaten  Ali in 1971.In the fight with Ali famously. Norton broke Ali’s jaw in round eleven of the first fight. The time he becomes legendary. He lost in a rematch to Ali later in 1973 and then 1976.

Ali officially won both return bouts narrow. Norton truly deserved to get the decision their third fight. These were at Yankee stadium in new york in 1976. In 1978, Norton won the world boxing council heavyweight champion.

Ken Family

He was married 3 times. Norton has four childr3en. He married Jeannette Henderson in 1966. While still in the marine. The married lasted for in 1968. They produce football players and coach Ken Norton Jr. In 1977 married Jacqueline. She gave birth to sports anchor Keith Norton. And a daughter  Kenisha Eronda. She had a son Kenejon before Jacquie. They divorced in 2000.

In 2012 he married Rose Marie Conant. Who was his constant companion until his death. To quote Norton from Biography. Ken has a privilege to have the title dad. He has always been the best. His first son Ken jr played football. He has a long successful career. In his father tribute in boxing. Jr would strike a boxing stance in the zone.  Then he scored a defensive touchdown.

Norton vs Ali 111

Norton fought his third and final against Ali. Many observed have felt the fight marked. Then he begins of Ali’s decline as a boxer. They had a tough bruising battle, Ali. The fight was also judging scorecards. Then Ali won on both the referee. The judges’ scored about 8-7for Ali. The referee scores 8-6 for Ali. Then Norton said the third fight with Ali was the boxing match for which he was fully motivated. He owing disappointment at the lost fight he believed he had clearly won.

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