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Kirit Radia Biography

Kirit Radia is ABC News’ digital correspondent in Moscow. There he reports on events in Russia and its neighbors from the former Soviet Union. In 2012, he covered the country’s contentious presidential elections.

Kirit Radia Age

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Kirit Radia Education

Originally from New Jersey, Radia is a graduate of Tufts University’s International Relations program.

Kirit Radia Abc News

Prior to his posting in Moscow, Radia covered the State Department for ABC News from 2006-2012. In that role, he reported daily on the wide spectrum of issues related to United States foreign policy and international diplomacy. He has reported on the travels of the Secretaries of State and Defense from nearly two dozen countries.

Kirit Radia Photo

In 2007 he was the first to report the National Intelligence Estimate’s assessment that Iran had abandoned its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Prior to covering the State Department, Radia was a member of the production staff in ABC News’ Washington bureau.

Radia has been a recipient of the National Press Foundation’s “Paul Miller Fellowship” in 2006-2007 and its “What to Expect Next from China” fellowship in Beijing in 2007. In 2009 he was a member of ABC News’ Emmy Award-winning team covering President Obama’s inauguration.

Kirit Radia Net Worth

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Kirit Radia Dating

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Kirit Radia Awards

News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News StoryKirit. Radia.

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Kirit Radia Interview

A lightly edited transcript of Maduro’s interview ABC News Anchor and Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas, which aired on “World News Tonight,” follows here:

Tom Llamas: Thank you for granting us this interview, Mr. President. We do appreciate it. I do want to get to the news of the day, Vice President Mike Pence from the United States met with Juan Guaido. Will, you let Mr. Guaido back to Venezuela?

Nicolas Maduro: Everything that the United States government has done has been doomed to failure. They are trying to fabricate a crisis to justify political escalation and military intervention in Venezuela to bring a war to South America. Us using diplomacy have been anticipating all these attacks.

This meeting in Bogota is a part of that policy to attempt to establish a parallel government in Venezuela outside of the constitution. When have we seen, in 200 years of relations between the United States and Venezuela, that the United States would decide without going through an election without a popular vote that in Venezuela there would be another president? When have we seen that? Never. I think this is extreme politics doomed to fail that nothing good comes out for the U.S. or Venezuela.

Llamas: But I posed you the question, Will you allow Mr. Guaido back into Venezuela?

Maduro: He can come and go. He will have to face justice, and justice prohibited him from leaving the country. I will respect the laws. I’ll ask you, does any U.S. citizen — anyone, from Donald Trump to Barack Obama, are they above the law? If a court of law tells Donald Trump or Barack Obama they can’t leave the country during a judicial investigation, would they leave? And if they were to violate the order and came back, what would the U.S. justice system do? Nothing more. Let everyone come to their own conclusions.

Llamas: I’d like to ask you directly. Do you think Juan Guaido is a criminal? Will you arrest him?

Maduro: It is not Nicolas Maduro who is in the position to arrest anybody in this country. I follow the rules of the law. The courts have their processes and they give orders to the executive branch — that through the scientific police and the national police — they take action every day in the face of different crimes against different criminals. No one can be above the law. In this case, Mr. Guaido has to answer before the Justice, not before Nicolas Maduro.

Llamas: Juan Guaido is starting to use phrases that President Trump has used. He says all options are open when it comes to Venezuela. What does that mean to you?

Maduro: That’s a military threat. That’s a threat for war.

Llamas: You’re talking about a military invasion. Do you think the U.S. wants to invade Venezuela?

Maduro: The United States wants oil from Venezuela and is willing to go on a war for oil. The United States will not — let me correct that — and I apologize to the American people. The extremist government of the Ku Klux Klan that directs Donald Trump wants a war for oil.

This is a war for oil — and more than oil. Tom, you should know, because of the riches of our country. Look at what was just revealed in the book of Andrew McCabe. He just revealed that since 2017 Donald Trump in private meetings where he, McCabe, was witness, he would say that Venezuela has the oil and that Venezuela would be a good country for war. It’s a crazy plan. It’s an extremist plan. Because Venezuela is a pacifist, humble nation.

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