Korinne Griffith

A native of the suburbs of Chicago, Korinne Griffith is thrilled to be continuing her work in the Midwest as the Kansas Capitol Bureau Reporter.

Korinne attended Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where winter reigns eight months out of the year. Post-graduation, she continued to brave the 150+ inch average snowfall, to work as a Multi-Media Journalist for WJMN Local 3 News. After nearly 2 years, Korinne decided it was time to move on to her next adventure in the Kansas capital.

Korinne’s passion for politics comes from her dad who, after 35 years as an industrial education teacher, is slightly hard of hearing and would unknowingly blare the news each morning. Always the teacher, he encouraged Korinne to research politics and educate herself. Now, as she continues to learn, Korinne hopes to help keep the public informed on important state issues.

Feel free to reach out to Korinne with story ideas, Kansas travel suggestions, or just to say ‘hi’ at kogriffith@nexstar.tv. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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