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Kris Laudien Biography

Kris Laudien is an American journalist who works for KARE  for Sunrise program. The new anchor comes to us from Canada, loves hockey and is a big music fan.

Kris Laudien Married

Laudien married Hyley.

Kris Laudien Net Worth

A News Anchor at Kare 11 earns an average of $94,474, ranging from $54,787 at the 25th percentile to $117,938 at the 75th percentile, with top earners (the top 10%) earning more than $166,532.So that basically means Laudien has earned a lot for himself.

Kris Laudien Height

His height is still underreview.

Kris Laudien Photo

Kris Laudien Twitter

Kris Laudien Interview

There’s a new face helping you start your day on KARE 11 Sunrise.

To help you get acquainted with new anchor Kris Laudien, we asked him a series of questions while he got officially introduced to Minnesota — on an ice rink, of course!

Without further ado, here’s Kris!

Hey Kris! Thanks for coming to Maple Grove. We’re going to ask a series of questions and the first one is … Do you like to skate?

Kris: Of course I skate! I was born in Canada. We’re practically born with skates on.”

Great! Let’s go! What’s your skate size?

Size 11, please.

Do you own skates?

Of course I own skates, unfortunately, they’re still in storage. But I can’t wait to get my own blades back. Nothing feels better on your feet than your own skates.

We’re excited for you to be here in Minnesota. What do you think of it so far?

It’s been fantastic so far. People have been so warm and welcoming. It’s like I never left home.

They call that “Minnesota Nice” here. What’s a Canadian saying that Minnesotans should know about?

Well one everyone should know about is “giver” or I’ll say it a little more Canadian “giver eh!” It means give it your best. Give it your best shot and leave the rest on the table.

If you had to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

Live. Love. Relax.

What is your preferred social media?

Twitter. Love Twitter.

How can people follow you?

Well, that’s a little easier said than done. It’s just my first and last name but you have to know how to spell it. @KrisLaudien.

Now for some very serious questions …

Cats or dogs?

I’ll go with dogs.

Cake or pie?

Cake, especially cheesecake. Love it.

Running or walking?

I’ll go right in the middle. I’ll go hiking.

If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

The superpower of elasticity. Because I’d love to sit on the couch during the big game, and just have my arm extend to the fridge, open that door, grab an ice cold brewski and return it right to me on the couch without removing my rear end.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring?

Number one would have to be a toothbrush because I hate grimy teeth. Also, I’d need some music so there would have to be some kind of music on there. And I’d probably grab one of my best friends. I don’t know if they’d like it so much but it would definitely keep me entertained on a desert island.

You are coming here to anchor the KARE 11 Morning show. But you used to anchor mornings in Canada. When did you get your start in the mornings?

That actually started about a dozen years ago at a talk radio show in Canada.

After a dozen years waking up early to inform people, the obvious question is, what’s your favorite caffeinated beverage?

Actually, I’m not big on caffeine. Don’t drink a lot of it. I actually don’t even drink coffee.

Then how do you stay upbeat in the early mornings?

A lot of it has to do staying active during the day and drinking a lot of water. You gotta stay hydrated.

Well, you’ve come to the right state then. Minnesotans have a lot of love of sports – in any season. What’s your favorite winter sport?

It would have to be hockey. Doesn’t mean I’m good at playing it but I love watching it.

And we have to ask, what is your favorite NHL Team?

You had to go there, I figured that. The team of my youth, the Vancouver Canucks.

We’ll have to work on that. What is your favorite season?


And what is your favorite summer outdoor activity?

Hiking, biking and just sitting on the patio and chilling out.

Besides getting out in the great outdoors. What else do you enjoy in your free time?

History. I have a great love of the Second World War. Also, love music.

And so from play to work, what do you like best about anchoring a morning show?

The fact that you get to inform people about what happened when they were sleeping. And just, have a good time.

What drew you to KARE 11?

Their commitment to journalism and their presence in the community. That’s what local TV is all about and they have a huge commitment to the community.

In one sentence, what are you looking forward to in your new job?

Oh that’s simple. To inform, to entertain, to surprise and have a lot of fun.

Who taught you to skate?

That would be my dad. Old man Laudien!

What is the strangest thing you’ve done in your career so far?

Believe it or not, I was actually in a fish taco eating contest with Joey Chestnut. The same Joey Chestnut that won the Coney Island hot dog eating contest numerous times. We went mano-a-mano (and) I lost badly. That man can eat, let me tell you. It wasn’t even close!

What story are you most proud of?

When I was at the Olympics in 2010, learning about what those athletes went through to get to the top of their sport. The perseverance, the dedication, and the commitment absolutely amazed me.

What is most important to you when you wake up in the morning?

Music. Gotta have my beats.

What was the first album you ever bought?

(Laughs) That was a long time ago. That was Billy Idol, Rebel Yell.

Was it on vinyl, cassette, CD or 8-track?

I said it was a long time ago but 8-track? Come on, no. It was Vinyl.

What technology or app is “saving your life right now?”

Right now. It’s WhatsApp because it’s allowing me to stay in contact with all my family and friends.

Do you have any mentors or people who inspire you?

I’d have to say, my parents. They taught me everything I know and really set me on my journey that I’m on now.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Be yourself.

What are you most looking forward to about living in the Twin Cities?

Baseball! I love Twins games. I love baseball.Only have one team in Canada and now there is one in my hometown.

What will you miss about Canada?

Well my friends, but hopefully I’ll be able to make a few here.

Did you actually move here for better weather?

Of course! Doesn’t everyone move south for better weather?

Do you know what hotdish is yet?

No. Sven and Alicia have kind of given me a few hints, and said we’re gonna make one soon so I’ll have to find out all about that.

Is it Duck Duck Goose? Or Duck Duck Grey Duck?

Well, I’ve never heard about Duck Duck Grey Duck so I’d have to say Duck Duck Goose.

Don’t worry. We’ll bring you up to speed. By the way, it’s Duck Duck Grey Duck …

Do you cook?

I love to eat so cooking is mandatory but that’s still a work in process. (I’m a) very simple cook.

If you were on an adventure reality show, who would be you choose as your partner?

That has to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s got the strength to build everything we need and get that kind of stuff done. Also seems like he’d be a great conversationalist so we could pass the time.

What did Belinda Jensen hand you on your first day at KARE 11?

Handwarmers! Which of course I forgot today. But it was a lovely welcoming gift.

Well, that is all the questions we have. Thanks for your time Kris and welcome to Minnesota!

Thank you very much. Glad to be here.

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