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Kristen Keogh

Kristen Keogh is an American News Anchor  Currently, who works as a weather anchor and reporter in Phoenix with 12 News. As a meteorologist, she explores various facets of the weather at KGTV network in San Diego, California.

Keogh is a native of Phoenix & grew up in Surprise, Arizona. Jake Elmore, a baseball player who has played or major league teams like the Houston Astros and Cincinnati Reds was engaged to Keogh but eventually, the duo broke up and ended the relationship.

She has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University. She has studied at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in the field of Broadcast Journalism during the period of 2005 to 2009. Later she enrolled in a Graduation course in Meteorology from Mississippi State University from 2015 to 2017.

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Kristen Keogh Age

Born in 1989. As of 2019, she is around 30 years old. Keogh enjoys many forms of sports, however few of her favorites are archery and hiking. She looks up to famous news presenter Megyn Kelly on account of how well she manages her personal & professional life.

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Kristen Keogh
Kristen Keogh

Kristen Keogh Married

Keogh isn’t married but is contentedly in a relationship with her boyfriend Neil Johnson. Kristen and Neil are equally committed to each other and share a publicly envious relationship. We can see the couple posting their adorable date night pictures on their Instagram account.

Neil Johnson is a professional Golfer and has won Phil Segner Memorial Tourney as his first tournament victory. The pair seems to put their professional priorities in the forefront and equally support each other. According to a former post on her Twitter account, the gorgeous anchor was seen tweeting hilariously about how she met her boyfriend on

Kristen Keogh Height

She stands at an average height and has a well-proportioned body weight.

The blue-eyed luminary is a natural blonde and is a well-recognized face in the field of forecasting. She has an impeccable fashion sense and looks stunning in whatever outfits she carries herself into.

Kristen Keogh Wikipedia

Wikipedia is yet To write Anything about The Metrologist.

Kristen Keogh Salary

Kristen Keogh net worth and salary are still under the wraps. The on-screen weather forecaster, however, has gathered hefty amount through her work as an anchor.The 30-year-old temptress has served for many companies including the very popular FOX and the 12 News. She is equally popular on the Youtube and has her on-screen deliverances featured in it.

Considering her prodigious list of achievements, we can claim that she is fully accrued with much net worth which shall serve her well in the coming years.Keogh began her career working as a sports journalist. Before that, she had helped out as a receptionist in her family business.

She was also offered the role of a host and web reporter while she was a part of the cheerleading team for the Arizona Coyotes (NHL team). She has covered Arizona State athletics for FOX Sports Arizona, wherein she even produced a magazine show.

Later she headed to the Midwest to work for WKEF/WRGT as a morning anchor and sports reporter.
Following this, she worked with KSAZ as weekend news and weather anchor and reporter.In Phoenix, she was employed as a reporter and spokesperson for Attorney General Mark Brnovich. She left the same in 2015.

From June 2015 to May 2017, Kristen was at weather/news anchor and reporter at KGTV Channel 10.
In May 2017, Keogh bid goodbye to the KGTV team in San Diego, California and moved to the Phoenix to work as a freelancer. From June 2017 onwards, she is associated with 12news as a Weather Anchor cum host.
Since March 2018, she has been a host for The Social Television Network .In 2017, Keogh was a part of the NGO 1Mission that works for the social cause of the society and build houses for the people in need. This helps her building network with businesses and professionals in the housing industry and helps them sensitize towards the weaker section.

Kristen Keogh Channel 12 News

Kristen holds a degree from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Her passion for sports guided her into a journalism career as she joined the entertainment teams for both the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Arizona Coyotes becoming a cheerleader and in-game host.

After college, she took a trip to Dayton, Ohio to report on sports and anchor a morning newscast. Kristen returned to Phoenix to join the Fox 10 team in 2011. She began forecasting weather, fueling her love for nature. Kristen got a chance to get into politics in 2014 and spent some time as the press secretary for Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

She quickly missed her role as a weather forecaster and moved to San Diego to predict the weather for ABC 10 News in Southern California in 2015. Now back home in the Valley, Kristen is the weekend weather anchor and co-host of the show Cardinals Locker Room on NBC 12.

Her career puts her in the midst of the action, but Kristen’s favorite times are the calm moments captured in nature. Here with Her takes you on her journey to finding beauty and serenity. When she’s not working, Kristen can constantly be found on the mountain. So far, Kristen’s favorite destinations include Fossil Creek Wilderness, Zion National Park, Beavercreek in Colorado and, of course, the red rocks of Sedona.

Why Did Kristen Keogh Leave Fox 10

Kristen Keogh, former Fox 10 News reporter and Arizona Coyotes cheerleader, was one of new state Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s more, um, interesting, hires.

Brnovich, a Republican with a quirky history and personality, (as covered by fellow New Times writer Stephen Lemons in a February feature article), chose Keogh as his spokesperson in late December, just before taking office.

On Monday, Keogh began her first day in her new job as “weather anchor and reporter” for ABC 10 (KGTV-TV) in San Diego. Perhaps her departure had something to do with her performance for Brnovich, or perhaps not — the new job is an enviable one for any Phoenician, this time of year.

Keogh never seemed to take her post as press secretary very seriously. In a December 28 Facebook post, she told her many online friends about her new job — and made sure to let them know she planned on continuing her YouTube channel, The Craftcaster Girls.
“We are The Craftcaster Girls. Hailey Frances and Kristen Keogh are newscaster (sic) with a passion for crafts,” the channel’s “about” section reads.

Over the last few months, she and Frances posted more than two dozen videos about crafting, most of them drawing between 100 and 200 views.

She’d show up every now and then in a TV newscast on behalf of the AG’s office, including at least once in front of a wall full of law books. Her Facebook posts during her time with Brnovich’s office, meanwhile, were full of product endorsements and pin-up shots. For assignments like talking to reporters about heavier subject matters, Brnovich would utilize his other spokesperson, Ryan Anderson.

Not to say Keogh doesn’t have many fine qualities, however, besides her most-obvious assets.

Keogh emailed us after we requested a comment from her on Monday:

“I had a wonderful opportunity come up in a place I’ve always dreamed of calling home- San Diego. I am now a weather anchor and reporter at KGTV (ABC 10).

“I had a great experience at the AG’s Office and am so grateful for that opportunity. I look forward to applying what I learned on the other side of politics to my journalism work.

“Once General Brnovich said while we were chatting in his office ‘life is like surfing, when your wave comes along you have to ride it.’ This is my wave.

“Arizona will always be home, but I’m already loving being a

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