Lauren Magiera Biography, Age, Family, Married, WGN-TV, Net Worth | Lauren Magiera Biography, Age, Family, Married, WGN-TV, Net Worth

Lauren Magiera Biography, Age, Family, Married, WGN-TV, Net Worth

Lauren Magiera is an American sportscaster well known as the first female sports Anchor for the WGN-TV. She is also known for having for various channels such as WGN-TV, NBC Alaska KTUU, WAOW-TV and many more.

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Lauren Magiera Biography

Lauren Magiera is an American sportscaster well known as the first female sports Anchor for the WGN-TV. She is also known for having for various channels such as WGN-TV, NBC Alaska KTUU, WAOW-TV and many more.

Lauren Magiera Age

Magiera was born on 22 February 1985 in the United States. She is 34 years old as of 2019.

Lauren Magiera Family | Young

Lauren was bborn to her father Hank Magiera and mother Nancy Magiera who were the founding directors of The HUB, a religious missionary group established in Chicago. Lauren was brougght up along with her three siblings; two sisters Stacey Magiera and Cassie Magiera and a brother Nick Magiera in Northwest suburbs.

Lauren Magiera Married | Husband

Magiera is a married woman. She wedded with her boyfriend Stephen Canada, a model at Ford Models Chicago, in Morton Arboretum in 2017. The pair met at their college and dated for a long time before they got married. Their engagement was a secret but their grand wedding was held at Hyatt Lodge at McDonalds Campus where incredible moments were captured of Lauren and her husband.

Lauren Magiera Education

Lauren was enrolled at the Barrington High School. She later joined and graduated with Journalism and Public Communications degree from the University of Alaska.

Lauren Magiera Career

Lauren began her career in gymnastics in her early childhood, however, she later decided to pursue her professional career in journalism. She began her career as a sportscaster. In 2008 in  ABC Alaska KIMO/FOZ as the station’s sports director. She later  left ABC and joined NBC Alaska KTUU as a reporter in 2012.

Lauren Magiera

She then made her comeback as a sportscaster in the Midwest signing with ABC Wausau WAOW-TV in Wisconsin. She co-hosted the weekly 30-minutes pre-game show with Packers Hall of Farmer, Larry McCarren in her working days in WNG-TV. She then joined the news team of WGN as the first female sports anchor in 2016.

She then got  interested in gun firing and when she got a chance she stood out to be number one in an M1 Garand Military Style Accuracy Competition.As for hersports was always her first love since her childhood and now she has made a profession on it.

Lauren Magiera Net Worth

Magiera has earned her net worth through her professional career as a sportscaster. The salary of a general salary of the TV anchor is about $47,092 per hour and with all her gathered experience, it is sure that she gets more than that. She has accumulated a good amount of net worth which is estimated to be in hundreds of thousand dollars as of 2018.

She as well earns an impressive amount of money from promoting various fashion brands and liquors on her social media. She is also an animal lover and has some pets of her own. She has an Alaskan Malamute breed dog which costs around $1200 -$1700.

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Lauren Magiera Interview

July 2018 Extraordinary Woman | Lauren Magiera

This year LINEA Paolo is celebrating our customers – women just like you by recognizing an Extraordinary Woman each month through our blog and social media channels.

We are thrilled to introduce our July 2018 Extraordinary Woman – Lauren Magiera! As a WGN Chicago sports anchor, Lauren inspires us with both her achievements in the professional arena, as well as her indomitable spirit, and infectiously upbeat attitude.

LINEA Paolo:
Lauren, we are so honored to feature you here and learn more about your life, loves and personal style!

Tell us about where you’re from…

Lauren Magiera:
My home town is Barrington, IL. Such a cute and beautiful town to grow up in.

I had the honor of going to elementary, middle and high school in Barrington. My parents still live there. Most of my closest friends I have today, I grew up with in Barrington. And I even have maintained some friendships today that I made the first day of kindergarten.

And your current homebase?

Chicago, IL. I live downtown in the Cabrini Green neighborhood. I love seeing the look on people’s faces when I say I live in Cabrini, or watch a cab driver whip around in shock when I tell them my address. It used to be one of the most dangerous places in Chicago (where the movie Candyman takes place), but it’s been cleaned up, rebuilt and is a beautiful place to live now. I love it.

Speaking of “Love,” what are your 5 absolute favorite things?


  • I make traveling internationally a priority. You’re never going to have “enough” money or time, so I find it’s so important to just do it. It’s so incredible to take in other cultures, languages and cuisine. Traveling is inspiring, and I honestly find it therapeutic. I often return home feeling like I’ve grown as a person.
  • FOOD! A thousand times food! I LOVE eating out and trying new foods. Or even staying in and challenging myself to cook new and interesting dishes. I think it’s so fun to encourage myself to try new foods I think I won’t like, but also enjoying the comfort and indulging in the foods I already know I love. Favorite foods include: oysters, soup, sushi. Favorite drinks include: Bloody Mary, champagne, and wine! All wine, I don’t discriminate.
  • People always ask me, “as a sports reporter, does that mean you like really love sports?” Insert me face-palming – OF COURSE I LOVE SPORTS! I love surrounding myself with motivated athletes who goal set, have tremendous work ethic and determination. In sports, someone always wins, and there are also incredible stories of heartbreaking losses that define character. I have always loved sports, and I’m so honored to get to be a part of this industry, in such a legendary sports city.
  • The Outdoors. I love to spend as much time outside as I can. And I don’t just mean when it’s a perfectly sunny, 75 degrees with a light breeze. I love being outside no matter the weather elements. I lived in Alaska for 8 years, and Wisconsin for 4 years hosting a hunting and fishing show as part of my job. That means I was reporting on dog sled races in 40-below zero, or fishing in 100 degree heat. Being outside in general brings me so much joy.
  • I have a saying, “never underestimate the power of laughter.” It can truly be healing, physically, emotionally and mentally. I love to keep laughter as part of my daily routine. Whether it be a professional “lightness” in the office, belly aching laughter with my girlfriends or just a passing funny occurrence with a stranger. Anyone who knows me, can attest to hearing my laughter from a mile away. It’s a running joke with my family and friends that if you’re ever lost, all you have to do is roll down the car window and you’ll be able to find the party by following the sound of my laughter.

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