Lee Benson Biography, Age, Education, Career, SAC Tournament | instantbios.com Lee Benson Biography, Age, Education, Career, SAC Tournament

Lee Benson Biography, Age, Education, Career, SAC Tournament

Lee Benson is an American journalist who joined News 9 in November 2016 as a sports mobile journalist. Prior to that, he was the Sports Director at KAGS-TV in College Station, Texas.

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Lee Benson Biography

Lee Benson is an American journalist who joined News 9 in November 2016 as a sports mobile journalist. Prior to that, he was the Sports Director at KAGS-TV in College Station, Texas.

Lee Benson Age

Information about his age is not available but will be updated soon.

Lee Benson Education

Lee earned a degree in journalism from Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma. Before attending OU, he played baseball at Dodge City Community College in Dodge City, Kan.

Lee Benson Wife

Bensons marital status is not available. However, we will update the information soon.

Lee Benson Career

His career began at QCTV in Champlin, Minn., where he worked as a sports anchor/producer. He created QC Sports, a weekly 30-minute show that featured local sports in the Northwest Suburbs of the Twin Cities.

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Lee spent the next two years as the sports director at KAWE-TV in Bemidji, Minn. He covered Bemidji State University athletics and high school sports from all around northern and central Minnesota. While at KAWE-TV, he was honored to receive a Minnesota AP Sports Reporting award in 2014.

Following his stint in Minnesota, Lee spent the majority of the next two years covering Texas A&M athletics.

Lee Benson USAO Softball On Record-Breaking Winning Streak Heading Into SAC Tournament

Article by Lee Benson;

The team with the longest winning streak in NAIA or NCAA history expects to have a playable field for Thursday’s Sooner Athletic Conference Tournament opener. The Drovers also expect something else.

“The way they play, they expect to win and they make everyone around them expect it as well,” said Drovers Head Coach Jadyn Wallis.

“If we get one run scored on us, the next inning we’re going to score 4 or 5 because it makes us angry,” USAO sophomore Emily Cerny. “We know we shouldn’t be in that situation.”

“It feels pretty amazing,” said junior Kristen Prieto. “But it almost feels normal to have this win streak and be undefeated this season. Because we’re so talented.”

Forty miles northeast of Chickasha, another long winning streak is ongoing. Oklahoma is working on a program-best 35-game win streak. Wallis played for Patty Gasso and the Sooners from 2005 to 2008. Wallis would like to see the Sooners win enough games to match the Drovers’ incredible streak.

“I hope it does,” said Wallis. “I’m an alumnus of OU and Coach Gasso has done a great job, she’s done a great job with me. I use everything she had in my program because that’s what I know. It’s been so successful for me and I can’t thank her enough for that.”

Like Gasso’s Sooners, Wallis has created a juggernaut in Chickasha. A dominant program with an endearing culture.

“It’s the game of softball,” said Wallis. “But it’s about the relationships. I love my girls, and they know that. That is what means the most to me.”

Lee Benson Uber’s Plan To Take Ridesharing To The Skies

Article by Lee Benson;

With Uber’s second annual Elevate Summit came big promises. The ridesharing giant’s plan for a network of electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) aircraft to ease frustrating ground traffic in urban areas was unheard of just two years ago.

Uber and its various industry partners have unveiled concepts for what that aircraft, its vertiports, its batteries and other aspects of the plan might look like at its May summit in Los Angeles. It said it wants to begin urban air taxi operations in Dallas and Los Angeles by 2023, with testing to begin in 2020.

Uber aims to perform at least 400 and up to 1,000 takeoffs and landings per hour to and from its vertiports once operational. That’s one takeoff or landing at least every 10 seconds.

For that frequency of operation to be successful, several assumptions in the business plan related to scaling production and utilization of the aircraft are required.

“This will require a new pathway to regulation and acceptance by the public,” said Michael Thacker, Bell’s EVP of technology and innovation. Bell has partnered with Uber to develop an air taxi. The helicopter manufacturer unveiled its concept air taxi cabin at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Most of the vertiport designs shown by Uber’s partners have little in common with current heliports. Several of the designs incorporated tall buildings, with layers of landing pads on both sides of the heliport. After landing, the electric air taxis would be moved by conveyor belts to loading areas while simultaneously being recharged and from there to a departure pad.

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