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Linden Ashby Biography

Linden Ashby (Clarence Linden Garnett Ashby III) is an American actor and martial artist. He is famously known for his roles as Johnny Cage in the film adaptation of Mortal Kombat. He is also known as Dr. Brett Cooper on Melrose Place. He rose to fame when he played the role as Sheriff Noah Stilinski in the MTV series Teen Wolf (2011-2017). The series has greatly made him known.

Ashby portrayed Beacon Hills’ Sheriff and father to Stiles Stilinski (played by Dylan O’Brien) on MTV’s Teen Wolf series. His appearance on television film was in 1985. He appeared on the ABC soap opera Loving, where he was the second actor to play the role of Curtis Alden. Later, he was cast as Lance Reventlow, in the Golden Globe-winning miniseries Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story.

Lance was the only son of Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton (played by Farrah Fawcett). He starred in the short-lived ABC drama Spy Game in the spring of 1997. The same year, he joined the main cast of Melrose Place as Dr. Brett Cooper. He played the role until the start of the seventh season. The seasion ended in late 1998.

He made his first film appearance in the year 1993. He appeared in the first season as Jo Reynolds’s estranged husband Charles, in the episodes “Peanut Butter and Jealousy” and “Single White Sister”. He was in the movie Wyatt Earp where he played Morgan Earp, Wyatt Earp’s (Kevin Costner) younger brother.

On The Young and the Restless from 2003 to 2004, he played Cameron Kirsten. He also began playing the role of Paul Hollingsworth on Days of Our Lives in March 2008. Ashby graduated from The Bolles School, a private school located in Jacksonville, Florida. He attended Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, but dropped out his junior year to pursue an acting career. Ashby studied acting at Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City.

Linden Ashby Photo
Linden Ashby Photo

Linden Ashby Age

Linded was born in Atlantic Beach, Florida, United States of America. He was born on 23rd May, 1960. He is 59 years old as of 2019.

Linden Ashby Height

Linden is of relative height. He is of great height. One every girl could feel comfortable around. He is 1.82 meters tall.

Linden Ashby Net Worth

The 59 year old Linden has been in the acting business for a very long tome. With the variety and quantity of his acting credits, he is sure to be worth a lot. He begun his acting career in 1985. His career has spanned for a period of more than three decades. He has not been a very promising actor but he has a lot to show off for his talent. He has an approximated net worth of more than $500000.

Linden Ashby Family

Born in Atlantic Beach, Florida, Linden is the son of Eleanor (Johnson), and Clarence Linden Garnett Ashby Jr. His father, is a civic organizer. His mother is a pharmaceuticals manufacturer. Details about his siblings still remain in the dark. We will update you as soon as we get the information.

Linden Ashby Wife

Ashby is married to Susan Walters. Susan is also an actress. The couple met on the set of Loving in 1983, where she was a regular and he was filming a guest appearance. Linden would later become a regular cast member in 1985. They have two daughters, Frances Grace (born 1991) and Savannah Elizabeth (born 1992).

Linden Ashby Movies And TV Shows


  • 2016- Beta Test as Kincaid
  • 2013- Iron Man 3 as Commander
  • 2013- Grape Grayson
  • 2009- Against the Dark as Cross
  • 2009- National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: Freshman Year as Vance Wilder Sr.
  • 2009- Hunger as Grant
  • 2009- The Joneses as Golfer 3


  • 2008- Prom Night as Uncle Jack Turner
  • 2008- Impact Point as Det. Adams
  • 2007- Plot 7 as Richard McCarthy
  • 2007- Resident Evil: Extinction as Chase
  • 2005- Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough as Detective Michael Morrison
  • 2005- Sub Zero as Soloman Davis
  • 2004- Wild Things 2 as Detective Michael Morrison


  • 2003- Sniper 2 as Col. David McKenna
  • 2003- The Company You Keep
  • 2003- A Woman Hunted
  • 2003- Shrink Rap
  • 2002- Fits and Starts
  • 2002- Whacked!
  • 2001- Facing the Enemy

2000 to 1990

  • 2000- Dangerous Attraction
  • 2000- Tick Tock
  • 1999- Time of Her Time
  • 1999- Judgment Day
  • 1998- Shelter
  • 1997- Blast


  • 1996- Cadillac Ranch
  • 1995- Mortal Kombat
  • 1994- 8 Seconds
  • 1992- Into the Sun
  • 1992- Inside Out III
  • 1990- Night Angel
  • 1990- Mr. and Mrs. Bridge

Television Shows

  • 2005, 2007 Eyes
  • 2018- A Daughter’s Revenge
  • 2013- The Perfect Boss
  • 2012- Gabe the Cupid Dog
  • 2011- Mean Girls 2
  • 2011–2017 Teen Wolf
  • 2011- Franklin & Bash
  • 2000- The War Next Door

1983 to 1999

  • 1999- Where the Truth Lies
  • 1998- The Lake
  • 1997- Spy Game
  • 1996- Dark Angel
  • 1989- China Beach
  • 1989–1991 Adam-12
  • 1987- 1st & Ten
  • 1987- Werewolf Victim
  • 1987- Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story
  • 1983- Loving

Linden Ashby Interview

Q: Hi, Linden! You must be so excited about your new film that comes out this weekend!

Linden Ashby: I am! I’ve done quite a few Lifetime movies, or rather LMN movies because it’s not just Lifetime anymore, and I’ve worked with [executive producer] Pierre David a number of times throughout my career; he’s an old friend, so it’s just a pleasure to work with him, and he asked me about this part, and I said, “Yeah, but here’s the deal: I’ll do this one, and then I want to direct one this year.” And he said okay. So that was our deal, and I’m excited about this film, and I’m excited about directing the next one, and it’s all good. Life is good.

Q: It sounds like it! I’m going to ask you about the directing angle, but before I do, outside of getting to direct an upcoming Lifetime movie, what attracted you to A Daughter’s Revenge and made you want to take on the role of David?

Linden Ashby: The plot is really fun, and the people that I work with — Jess and Sierra [Wooldridge] — are great. They’re such talented young actors. The script is so fun; Andrea Canning wrote a really great script. She always cracks me up, because it’s like, “Okay, so you’re not busy enough on Nightline that you just gotta write movies in your spare time?” [Laughs] And you know, I’ve done so many of these Lifetime films, and I love the format.

Q: You did mention that usually the good guys and bad guys are pretty clearly defined, but from the film’s teasers, it’s not entirely clear where David lies. He does seem to be the victim, as his stepdaughter is doing everything she can to take him down. But he also seems like the bad guy, potentially responsible for his wife’s suicide. So, is he good? Or is he bad?

Linden Ashby: My wife has issues that I knew about, and her daughter has issues that I don’t know about. [Laughs] But, yeah, I am actually a pretty good husband, a pretty good dad, and there’s a lot going on that I don’t know about.

Q: Part of revenge, seemingly, is sort of framing David for things he didn’t really do. Can you think of a time in your own life when you were blamed for something that you didn’t do?

Linden Ashby: Yeah, actually. I remember getting blamed for something that I didn’t do, and I was like, “I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” And it was really interesting. I was doing summer theater, and there was a young lady who was an intern, and she created this whole fantasy world and put it in her diary. And her father found this diary and was like, “What the hell is going on?” And I was like, “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.”

Q: Whoa. This sounds like the plot of your next Lifetime movie.

Linden Ashby: Yeah! It was a mess. So, yes, that has happened. And other times in your life, you know, people think you’ve done something you haven’t done, and I find the best way to confront that or deal with it is just to really have the people talk about what’s going on, and everyone needs to be on the same page.

Q: If you’re in a Lifetime film, that’s probably what’s going to happen! When you first started acting, did you ever imagine that you’d be playing the roles you’ve landed in your career? Something like this to someone like The Young and the Restless’ abusive Cameron Kirsten, which was a doozy.

Linden Ashby: I know! Even to this day, I never know what the next part is going to be. Some of them fit you better than others, and there are some [that don’t]. I spent six years on Teen Wolf, playing a really good guy, a great father and sheriff and good man. And that’s a character that you love bringing home.

Q: Everyone loves a bad guy!Linden Ashby:

Linden Ashby: Oh, yeah! And he was bad. But it was really fun. And you know, [my wife] Susan [Walters] was on the show [as Diane Jenkins], so they kind of came to me and said, “Hey, will you do these thirteen episodes of this little character arc?” And I said yeah, and then they were like, “Will you do more?” And, “Will you do more?” And, “Will you do more?” And I was like, “Okaaaayyyy.” I remember I was doing a movie at the same time, and it was running back and forth between the two. But it’s fun. Doing a soap opera is soooo nerve-racking but great for you as an actor at the same time.

Q: I have a lot of respect for actors who work on soap operas, because it takes a lot of talent and discipline to work under those conditions. And so many people who criticize soap acting don’t understand the mechanics of what you guys do.

Linden Ashby: Well, I was having a conversation the other day with someone who was asking about why all these Australian actors are working so much, and I said, “Because they all started on that soap opera in Australia.” Liam Hemsworth and everybody started on [these soaps like Neighbors and Home and Away]. You look at their résumés, and they’ve all been on them. But we never see the shows, so there’s no stigma attached to it. But they learned how to work.

Q: Your soap roles were all relatively short. Could you see yourself doing a long-term soap role?

Linden Ashby: I doubt it. But you never know. You get in that situation, and you’re there, and you get really comfortable, and you probably get really used to the money, and you get used to the routine, and you’re like, “Why would I leave?” Which is a trap in and of itself. It’s a good trap; it’s a gilded cage. So, I don’t know.

Q: Really? How did you do that?

Linden Ashby: Oh, I probably didn’t have a good attitude. I was twenty-something, and you know, I learned all kinds of lessons on that show.

Q: And if you’re going to learn them…

Linden Ashby: Might as well learn ’em when you’re young!

Q: You mentioned earlier that you’re interested in directing. Is this something you have experience in?

Linden Ashby: Well, I directed on Teen Wolf, and I’m directing a short film right now that I’m excited about, and this opportunity came. I love acting, and I don’t ever see not working as an actor. But I find a lot of joy in directing, as well. It suits my brain, and I probably should have started when I was much younger. But that’s life, right?

Q: I’ve heard that directing is super stressful but super addictive. Would you characterize it that way?

Linden Ashby: Yeah! I would totally agree with that. The buck stops at you. Everyone says, “Hey, what do you want for this? What do you want for that?” And you’d better have an answer. But it’s like anything else: great directors surround themselves with great people. The best thing you can do is you hire great people and you hire a great cast and you do your homework, and you can kind of sit back and go, “Oh, look how good I am! I am brilliant!” [Laughs]

Q: Have you guys talked about the film you’ll be directing over at Lifetime? Do you have an idea of the project yet?

Linden Ashby: I don’t know yet. We haven’t gotten to that point yet. I haven’t seen a script, I haven’t seen anything. But I will be excited no matter what it is.

Q: A Daughter’s Revenge is out this weekend. Do you get nervous, excited, or any of those emotions before a premiere? What’s your typical reaction before a premiere?

Linden Ashby: You know, my part is done, where I can effect any kind of change or difference in the project, so I just hope that people like it. I know the work was good, I know we made a fun little movie, and I think it’s all there. So, I hope people enjoy it and have a good ride.