Lisa Fletcher, Bio, Awards, Career, Husband, David Dao, and Education - | Lisa Fletcher, Bio, Awards, Career, Husband, David Dao, and Education -

Lisa Fletcher, Bio, Awards, Career, Husband, David Dao, and Education

Lisa Fletcher is an American investigative reporter known for her stories that have helped in the solving and exposing of a number of crimes in the US as well as the world

Lisa Fletcher Biography

Lisa Fletcher is an American TV journalist. She currently works as an investigative reporter and news anchor covering several stories all around the globe for ABC as well as other major-market television stations. She worked as a host for the Al Jazeera America show “The Stream” for some time. Later, she moved to Washington and started working for WJLA.

Lisa Fletcher Husband

Lisa Fletcher is married to Wayne Pacelle, a previous president, and chief executive officer of the Humane Society of the United States. The couple formalized their relationship in May of 2013.

Lisa Fletcher Education

Lisa attended the University of Oregon.  She graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Here, she majored in journalism and minored in English

Lisa Fletcher Career

Early Career

Her career in journalism began while she was still in College in 1990. She first worked for KEZI-TV in Eugene, Oregon. After her graduation, she got a job as an anchor for daily newscasts for KTVZ-Tv in Bend, Oregon. Sometime later, in 1993, she went back to KEZI-TV and worked as the main anchor and investigative reporter. During this time, she covered topics ranging from Natural Disasters including forest fires and Floods to crimes in the city including the May 1998 tragedy at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon. This tragedy’s coverage garnered an Edward R. Murrow Award for broadcast excellence.

TV Career

In 2002, Lisa Fletcher got a job as the lead investigative reporter and news anchor for KNXV-TV in Phoenix, Arizona. This was after she won an Edward R. Murrow Award for conducting an investigative report that exposed corrupt practices among Portland immigration officials. She also co-hosted a Sunday morning political talk show with Cary Pfeffer. She has conducted other undercover investigations that have: closed down corrupt multimillion-dollar businesses; put child predators behind bars; forced state agencies to account for millions of dollars of taxpayer money; as well as exposing serious security breaches at one of the nation’s largest airports.

Her uncovering of security breaches in the airports led to the immediate suspension of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). The TSA later replaced its Federal Security Director and took over all security checkpoints and launched a national inquiry into every airport’s security procedures. In addition to this, she also exposed lead in poker chips that are used in the world’s most popular casinos. This led to the government’s intervention and international attention.

Lisa Fletcher began working for ABC news in 2007 as a correspondent based in Los Angeles. With ABC, she, many at times, was featured on Good Morning America, ABC World News, and Nightline. During the 2008 US Presidential Campaign, she covered such stories as the examination of Sarah Palin’s record and standing; the Governor Mark Sanford political scandal in Argentina; the Craigslist Killer in Boston and many others. She also was the first reporter to interview the Scientology defector Jenna Miscavige Hill for the investigation of Nightline.

Lisa Fletcher with her Husband, Wayne Pacelle.

Lisa Fletcher Awards and Distinctions

Over the course of her career, Lisa has garnered a number of awards for her work. Some of these are:

  • A George Foster Peabody Award
  • Multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards
  • A number of Emmy Awards for Investigative Journalism

In addition to her awards, she has also been featured in various notable magazines, newspapers. She has also appeared in a PBS documentary on her work as an investigative journalist.

Lisa Fletcher David Dao

On the 11th of April 2017, she was assigned a story on the past legal issues of Dr. David Dao, a pulmonologist. David was injured while being forcibly removed from a sold-out United Airlines Flight two days before. A post on her twitter feed, sometime later, showed many legal documents on her desk at WJLA. Her interest in the case led to editors all around the country to assign stories to Dr. David Dao. However, sometime later, the tweet was deleted and replaced with:

Hey Twitter, I know my tweet didn’t sit well. I can understand how it looks one-sided. I can assure you, it’s not. By covering this side of the story, we’re [Fletcher and WJLA] not defending United in any way. We’ll continue to address their role in this situation. Having said that, violent threats against me – simply for giving all angles of the story – are not okay

Lisa Fletcher was supposed to have a report on WJLA’s news program but the channel refused to run the story. The WJLA news director, Mitch Jacobs noted that there were unanswered questions in the story. These contributed to the decision to kill the story, not to mention Dao’s behavior before videos of the incident started and the apology of the United CEO.