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Lisa Robertson Bio, Net Worth, Married and Awards

Lisa Robertson is a designer, fashion authority and TV personality. She created and designed the G.I.L.I. Line starting in 2012. The line included fashion, handbags, shoes, jewelry, gifts and Christmas Decor.

Lisa Robertson Bio

Lisa Robertson is a designer, fashion authority and TV personality. She created and designed the G.I.L.I. Line starting in 2012. The line included fashion, handbags, shoes, jewelry, gifts and Christmas Decor.

She was a hands-on manager and designer, creating every detail of the product and how it would be presented. After a strong first year the line grew over 2,000% under her direction by the end of the 3rd year. She created and designed the line, while working as a host on QVC. In her 20 years with the company she became an authority in fashion, accessories, jewelry, beauty and style. She pioneered new programs for working with social media and the Internet, creating a community that was linked to e-commerce.

In 2015 she was interviewed by Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” and has appeared as an expert on “The Anderson Cooper” show, “The Bethenny Frankel Show”, “The Wendy Williams Show”, “The Big Idea, with Donny Deutsch”, and more. She was cited as one of New Beauty’s “Beauty Authorities” in 2014, was featured on the cover of Main Line Today as one of “21 Power Women”, received the 2014 Philadelphia Woman of Distinction Award, and has appeared in other publications, such as Vogue, People, USAToday, etc.

Lisa began her electronic retailing career in Knoxville, TN at Shop At Home in 1991 and from there joined a small team to build a shopping channel from the ground up, VIA–TV Home Shopping. Prior to her experience in electronic retailing, Lisa served as the spokesperson for the Cultured Pearl Association of America and Japan, under the auspices of the annual beauty pageant to select “The U.S. Pearl Princess.” Lisa was “The U.S. Pearl Princess” in 1990.

In June 1989, Lisa was crowned Miss Tennessee in the Miss America pageant. During her reign, Lisa served as the spokesperson for the “Drug Free Tennessee” program. She did extensive public speaking for this program for schools, businesses and community groups. She received an Outstanding Service Award from Tennessee Governor Ned McWherter for her contributions to this program. During her reign, Lisa also sang at a New Jersey Nets Game and with the Pride of the South Marching Band at the University of Tennessee’s 98,000–seat stadium. During that time, Lisa, who is a trained classical violinist, also spent considerable time entertaining by playing the fiddle (Tennessee’s chosen instrument), singing, and public speaking.

Lisa has a passion for travel, having traveled to 22 countries to learn about their culture. Her travel started as a violinist in of one of the country’s top Youth Symphonies where, besides performing at Carnegie Hall, they traveled to the Far East, Russia and Romania before the fall of the Iron Curtain, and “Down Under”.

Lisa received her B.S. in Long–Term Health Care Administration from Southern College, Collegedale, TN.

Lisa Robertson Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Lisa Robertson Married – Lisa Robertson qvc Married

She is in relationship with Eric McGee, fitness trainer.

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Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson Awards

  • Recognized as one of Philadelphia’s “21 Power Women.”
  • Recipient of the 2014 Philadelphia Woman of Distinction Award
  • Miss Tennessee 1989
  • US Pearl Princess 1990

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Lisa Robertson Qvc Death

She is not dead.

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Lisa Robertson Measurements

She is 5″6m tall

Lisa Robertson Poet

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What Is Lisa Robertson Doing Now

Lisa Robertson, Designer & Former QVC Host — Glambition Radio Episode 128 with Ali Brown


If you ever watched the shopping channel QVC over the years, you likely caught a glimpse of this gorgeous, well-spoken woman introducing you to a new clothing staple or beauty product you couldn’t live without. Lisa Robertson was arguably the network’s most popular and best performing host of all time, generating a huge fan base and generating billions of dollars in revenue. In 2012 she launched her own Lisa Robertson Collection to create and feature her own designs as well as more of her favorite things, and she moved on from QVC in 2014.

But why did she really leave, and how has the transition been for her?

During this episode of Glambition Radio I was happily surprised at how open and forthright Lisa was in talking about the transition. You’ll also hear about her entire journey of her 20-year career in hosting and sales. (Did you know she first got started doing night shifts at another shopping channel, talking to herself (and the occasional inebriated caller) for hours a night? She tells the story during our interview.)

She gives us a sneak peek into her life now, and her new online business, after leaving her cable career. Her stunning Pennsylvania home is now the ultimate décor showroom, and she live-streams frequently to show off her wares and give decorating tips.

(I found myself entranced in the middle of a workday… watching a full 10-minute demonstration on how to make the perfect Christmas bow. And I suddenly felt I had to up my holiday decorating game. That’s her magic. I was sold.)

You’ll hear how she runs her business, works with a team she loves, and uses social media to serve her fans — it’s all on this episode of Glambition Radio.

On the show, we also cover:

* how she found the blessing in being overworked (at one point 20 hour workdays when she was on TV)

* how she keeps out the haters and negative people from her Facebook page

* the biggest change in Lisa’s life since leaving QVC

* how she came to the realization that she was a control freak and how it changed her leadership style

* the importance of looking at the big picture and not getting hung up on the little things when owning a business

* why Lisa thinks everyone should own their own business for at least a year

* why thinking like an entrepreneur will often NOT serve you well when working for a corporation (love this insight!)

On the show Lisa and I also discuss the importance of trusting your gut, why you need to remember why you started your own business in the first place, and what we love about Christmas decor.

You’re not going to want to miss this. So head over to iTunes and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).

Love and Success,



Lisa Robertson Duck Dynasty

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Al & Lisa Robertson Tell What Saved Their Marriage

Updated:Jan 7, 2015 

Before the media frenzy, there were problems in the Robertson household. His father Phil was always partying with his buddies, leaving mother Kay alone at home with the three boys (Jep had not been born yet). The brothers were very close. Being the oldest boy, many of the responsibilities fell on him during this hardship. He wasn’t able to enjoy his childhood and had to grow up fast. When his father became a Christian, Phil taught his family the principles of God but when Al went to high school, he fell in with the wrong crowd. By the time he was a senior, Al lost interest in all spiritual things and started enjoying worldly experiences.

Lisa grew up in West Monroe. When she was 7, a male relative molested her until she was 14. Though the abuse did not involved sexual intercourse, Lisa carried the shame and secret for decades. In 6th grade, Lisa caught a glimpse of Al who was new to the school as an 8th grader. Al says he was vaguely aware of Lisa but did not pay attention to her. Al finally asked Lisa out when she was a sophomore. Once considered a good girl, Lisa started drinking and smoking with him.

Lisa dreamed of marrying Al after graduation, but after high school, Al’s parents threw him out of the house, and he moved in with his aunt in New Orleans for a year and a half. Al and Lisa talked about having a long-distance relationship but Al had other plans. Devastated, Lisa eventually found a new boyfriend and eventually got pregnant. Sadly Lisa chose to have an abortion. “What a mess I was after Al broke up with me,” says Lisa. “I had no idea that I could have used that time in my life to step back, look for God and discover my own sense of identity. She has learned to forgive herself. “No matter what you’ve done, God is big enough to heal it.”

Al moved back to Monroe after a major wake up call. His girlfriend at the time had an ex-boyfriend who came after Al with a crowbar. Al felt like the Lord told him to go home. He recommitted his life to Christ and his dad baptized him in the Ouachita River. Al and Lisa started dating in a God-honoring fashion and were married in 1984, but Al was still not aware that Lisa was molested as a young girl. (Eventually she told him part of the story.) “I did not realize for quite some time how much I had hurt Lisa,” says Al. “Not picking her up when we went out in high school but asking her to meet me, never having any money to even buy her a hamburger, introducing her to alcohol and…basically abandoning her.”


Lisa Robertson Qantas

Hostie tells of ‘amazing’ sex during Qantas flight

Updated:FLIGHT attendant Lisa Robertson has reportedly admitted having unprotected sex with Ralph Fiennes in the toilet of a Qantas flight to India, despite previously claiming she rejected the actor’s advances.
Ms Robertson made the admission in Britain’s The Mail on Sunday newspaper after the actor broke his silence on the scandal, saying through a spokeswoman that Ms Robertson, 38, was the “sexual aggressor”.

Ms Robertson gave a tell-all account of her encounter with Fiennes on board the Darwin to Mumbai flight and what happened when they met at his hotel room after the nine-hour flight.

Woman’s Day magazine, which announced on Friday that it had secured the Australian print rights, will run its interview with Ms Robertson today. Qantas declined to comment on how Ms Robertson’s admissions would affect her job, which has been suspended pending an investigation.

Ms Robertson told The Mail on Sunday that she felt like a teenager after gushing at the 44-year-old actor – she had seen The English Patient 20 times – but Fiennes soon put her at ease, coming to sit with her in the crew rest area during her break.

She “melted” as they began to kiss and she motioned him towards the adjacent toilet because she was worried about getting caught. “I just stood up, reached down for his hand and told him to follow me,” she said. “We went into the toilet and locked the door and off came much of our clothes.”

She told the Sunday Mirror that after some foreplay, Fiennes moved her against the wall for 10 minutes of “amazing” sex. Later, in Mumbai, Fiennes had greeted her at the door of his hotel room dressed in just a towel, which he dropped as soon as the door was closed.

The couple had dinner, followed by some “boring” chit-chat about the Samuel Beckett play Fiennes had been performing in Sydney, before having protected sex twice more that night and once in the morning. Fiennes had then told her: “I’m going to have to kick you out now.”

Fiennes was in Mumbai to raise AIDS awareness for UNICEF.

“I was a bit shocked that he didn’t wear a condom. Looking back, I think of it as dangerous behaviour and hypocritical given that he was going to India to talk about AIDS,” she said.

The actor, who is currently in Belgium filming In Bruges with Hollywood bad boy Colin Farrell, reacted angrily to Ms Robertson’s statement to the airline that he followed her into the toilet on the flight and virtually forced himself on her.

“This woman seduced him on a plane. She was the sexual aggressor,” Fiennes’s spokeswoman Sara Keene said.

Ms Robertson has been stood down pending an investigation by the airline, but in the meantime has engaged celebrity agent Harry M.Miller to sell the story.

Ms Robertson said she had contacted the actor shortly after their encounter on the advice of her lawyer, to help her save her job, but he had refused to help her corroborate a story that she was helping him with a lost contact lens.

“He made me feel like a low-life, like I was asking him for money or something,” she said.



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