Who Is Luke S. From The Bachelorette? Bio, Age, Family, Instagram

Luke S. Biography

Luke S. is a 28 year old contestant on Season 15 of The Bachelorette. He is among the 30 bachelors who will be competing to win the heart of Hannah B (Hannah Brown) on Season 15 of The Bachelorette which premieres on Monday May 13 on ABC.

He works as a political fundraiser on Capitol Hill and is also a tequila expert and entrepreneur.

Luke S. Age

Luke S. born Luke Stone is a 28 year old Washington, D.C, native. He is a very private person hence it is not known which month he was born or when he celebrates his birthday.

Luke S. Family

As Luke is a private person, details about his parents or siblings are not available. His grandma and grandpa were married for 70 years and got engaged after three weeks of knowing each other.

Luke S. Photo
Luke S. Photo

Luke S. Bachelorette

Luke is one of the 30 bachelors in the Bachelorette cast who are willing to jump the fence and bring out their inner beast, all in the name of love. He was among the five men Hannah met at the end of Colton’s Bachelor season, when she was announced as the next Bachelorette.

Luke says he is looking for someone to enjoy the beauties of life with, someone to challenge him, and a partner that has the same thirst for knowledge that he has.

Luke S. Instagram

Luke has an Instagram account but it is currently private, so there’s probably not much more fans will be able to learn about him before the show premieres.

The Bachelorette Contestants

Previously, the number of contestants who were varying for Hannah B’s heart was 33 bachelors. Three contestants were eliminated even before the show premiered. These are Ben G., Matt D., and Joe R.

The first five contestants of The Bachelorette were introduced by host Chris Harrison during the finale evening of Colton Underwood‘s season of the Bachelor. Luke was among the first five contestants who included Cameron A., Dustin, Connor, and Luke P.

The 30 contestants who are still competing to win Brown’s heart on the ABC TV show, Bachelorette, season 15 are listed below. Will Hannah find the man of her dreams?

  1. Luke S.
  2. Luke P.
  3. Connor S.
  4. Jed W.
  5. Matt S.
  6. Dustin K.
  7. Brian B.
  8. Cameron A.
  9. Chasen C.
  10. Connor J.
  11. Daron B.
  12. Devin H.
  13. Dylan B.
  14. Garret P.
  15. Grant E.
  16. Hunter J.
  17. Joe B.
  18. Joey J.
  19. John Paul J.
  20. Kevin F.
  21. Jonathan S.
  22. Matteo V.
  23. Matt Donald
  24. Mike J.
  25. Peter W.
  26. Ryan S.
  27. Thomas S.
  28. Scott A’
  29. Tyler G.
  30. Tyler C.

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