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Lynn Martinez Biography

Lynn Martinez is an Emmy Award-winning American journalist and currently serves as a news anchor for WSVN. She was born on September 7, 1984, in the United States of America. Lynn is also the co-host of the gossip and entertainment program Deco Drive.

Besides journalism, she is also involved in therapy and launched her own life-coaching company ‘Advice For Life With Lynn”. She also releases weekly podcasts for the company. Lynn grew up with her parents and two sisters. She graduated from Webster University with a bachelor’s and then master’s degree in journalism.

Lynn Martinez began her career in the broadcast industry as an anchor and producer for the Michigan CBS affiliate in 1989. After two years, she entered to WSVN where she is currently serving as a news anchor.

She holds an American nationality and belongs to the White ethnic group. Her birth sign is Virgo. Lynn was very well prepared for her venture into journalism world from early years.

She has also appeared on the TV Show Today in Florida as a co-host. Lynn later became the weekend anchor for WVSN and worked as a weekend anchor for two years. This was due to her dedication and excellent performance.

Lynn Martinez  Age

Lynn will celebrate her 35th birthday on 7 September this year 2019. The award-winning news anchor is currently 34 years old.

Lynn Martinez Height

Information about Lynn’s height has not been let out. We will update as soon we get her height status. Nevertheless, Lynn stands at a casual height.

Lynn Martinez Husband

Since 2014 Lynn hasn’t posted any picture with her husband with whom she shares two children, a girl, and a boy, named Elle and Nick Martinez. This has raised speculations about a possible divorce adding to it that she hardly mentions any detail about her husband.

Lynn Martinez kids and ex-husband

Even though Lynn has used husband tags in her Tweets back in past dating there is no detail about the man she married. Furthermore, there isn’t any information about the wedding she had either.

Digging deep about her relationship status, she is currently in a relationship. The divorce speculations might as well be true considering an Instagram post that Jackie made in 2017. The post insinuated that she is definitely seeing someone other than her husband.

She has posted several cozy photos with a man named Mike on the occasion of National Kissing Day, at Miami photo booth event.

Recently, the pair even went on an event all dressed up. She began dating Mike in 2017. Lynn made her relationship with the mysterious guy official on Instagram in October 2017. Since then, the pair has been posting lovey-dovey pictures together.

Journalism Journey

Lynn Martinez started her career in 1989 with CBS Affiliate as an anchor and a producer. Two years later, she entered WVSN and also appeared on the TV Show “Today in Florida” as a co-host. With her dedication and her excellent performance, she became the weekend anchor and maintained the position for two years.

In 1993, she got promoted to work as an anchor in the Weeknight News. Her popularity grew, five years later, when she started co-hosting the WSVN’s celebrity and entertainment news show Deco Drive.

Lynn drew many fans from the public as people got to see her mischievous side. As a co-host, she has interviewed celebrities like Tom Hanks, Cameron Diaz, Keanu Reeves, and many more.

She also got a chance to report on massive events like atrocities in Bosnia, inauguration ceremony of president Bill Clinton and so on. Furthermore, she also got to interview former president Barrack Obama. Additionally, Lynn won the Emmy Award for a series called Dying for an Organ. Currently, she is serving as the host for Anchor 7News and Deco Drive.

Lynn Martinez Family

In her family, Lynn Martinez has two sisters whose pictures are often shared by her on social media. Lynn enjoys spending time with her family and describes that laughing with parents brings her joy. She is a mother to Nick, her son and Elle, her daughter. Elle was born a year later after her brother who was born in 1999.

Lynn frequently posts pictures with her parents on Instagram and Twitter.

Lynn Martinez Son

Dwayne Ross, Nick Martinez, and Lynn Martinez attend The Boys and Girls Club of Miami Wild About Kids 2012 Gala at The Four Seasons, Miami, Florida on October 20, 2012. Nick Martinez was born in 1999.

Lynn Martinez kids
Lynn Martinez kids

Lynn Martinez WSVN   

Lynn Martinez came to WSVN in 1991 as a co-anchor of TODAY IN FLORIDA, WSVN’s # 1 rated morning news program and general assignment reporter. One of a trio of anchors in the morning, Lynn quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to weekend anchor.

She moved to her current assignment on the weeknight news, two years later. In 1998, she began co-hosting Deco Drive, the half-hour news magazine show known for celebrity news and the latest on the South Florida entertainment circuit. During her 25 years at WSVN, Lynn has covered the inauguration of President Bill Clinton and was one of the first U.S. reporters to cover the atrocities in Bosnia.

She traveled to Holland after the murder of a German tourist in Miami and went to Rome to cover the Pope. She was also involved on the Fox program “America’s Most Wanted” on a story about how to survive a carjacking. Lynn has covered numerous hurricanes including Andrew in 1992 and Wilma in 2005. Besides all that, she has had the privilege of interviewing President Barack Obama in 2011.

Lynn Martinez Deco Drive

Deco Drive is an entertainment show on WSVN 7News. If you view the show regularly, there is no way you can forget the charming voice of Lynn Martinez. Since 1998, Lynn has fascinated her audiences by providing celebrity news. She is a student of self-growth and is an avid member of group therapy.

The TV anchor provides the empowerment to women teaching the keys of a better relationship with themselves and their surroundings. This is possible since she is the owner of a life coaching company and weekly podcast.

For Deco Drive, Lynn has interviewed numerous celebrities, among them Tom Hanks, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Julio Iglesias, Cameron Diaz, Andy Garcia, and Keanu Reeves. She co-hosted the popular entertainment show at 7:30 PM.

Lynn Martinez Instagram

Lynn Martinez Before

According to Lynn Martinez, her first day on the job as a television reporter was nothing short of terrifying. She was young, insecure and horribly dressed. She was ready to take on the world and my very first television story.

When she showed up to work, her assignment editor barked out her marching orders and handed her a couple of press releases. Just as she turned to walk out the door, he called after Lynn and asked about her dressing. Everyone in the newsroom simultaneously burst into laughter. She adds that she was as broke as a spandex maker when grunge hit.

So to make due, Lynn Martinez would piece together outfits from free clothing she got from her old pageant and modeling days. The second day in her job, her News Director forwarded her first official complaint. The director claimed that during Lynn’s very first live-shot, she wasn’t wearing enough lipstick, her hair was too flat and her gauchos were hideous. Fortunately, the director thought Lynn had done a good job on the story.

The next few years, Lynn beat the streets of Amarillo, Texas, in search of her reporting style and fashion sense. The biggest lesson she learned at the beginning of her career was grace under fire. She had to be dressed to impress, but ready for almost anything.

As a result, Lynn Martinez started keeping a change of clothing in her car, along with a pair of all-purpose weather boots. She needed to be ready to walk, run, climb and endure any possible weather element. Lynn did her hair and make-up and it was utterly impossible to keep herself looking decent in all those mentioned situations.

Her hair was a safe-one-length-beyond-boring-brown-bob and she sprayed the bejesus out of it to keep it looking halfway presentable in the High Plains heat.

Her make up was thick base, bright red cheeks, frosty eyes, gobs of mascara and pink lips. As Lynn grew more seasoned, she graduated to a few anchor/reporting jobs, which granted her a two-day reprieve from being an alley cat. Lynn points out that no one ever helped or styled her.

She watched, learned and listened to the world around her. As the focus of my career changed, so did her wardrobe. Instead of chasing tornados or covering murder trials, she was hanging out at cool restaurants, nice boutiques, fabulous museums and local theaters, which eventually led to interviewing television stars and the occasional movie star in Hollywood.

As her paycheck grew, her buying power did too. She negotiated a clothing stipend/allowance, as time went by. Channel 7/WSVN polished her complete appearance. They secured a clothing sponsor to dress Lynn daily for television appearances, celebrity interviews, and red carpet events and provided a make-up artist who was a genius, as she puts it when it came to High-Definition television.

Fresh out of college and utterly thrilled to have a job after 6 months of rejections, Lynn desperately wanted to look like a “grown-up journalist” so she always wore a suit. Her style was classic. Serious. A grown-up journalist, with a splash of edge.

Lynn’s biggest mistake was wearing pantyhose in 95-degree heat while reporting in her early days on the streets of Miami. She wore them with everything, even underpants. She then realized that was a bad idea when she was interviewing someone and had to stop the interview after she felt something going down her leg which made her jump. It was sweat. She was dripping sweat under her black pants and control top pantyhose.

Now, a fitted dress with a pop of color is Lynn’s go-to television outfit.


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