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Maeve Quinlan Biography

Maeve Quinlan was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. as Maeve Anne Quinlan. She is an American actress, Producer, and former professional tennis player. Quinlan is famous for Not Easily Broken (2009), 90210 (2008) and South of Nowhere (2005).

Maeve Quinlan Age

Maeve Anne Quinlan was born on November 16, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. She is 54 years old as of 2018.

Maeve Quinlan Family

Maeve Quinlan 2was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. to and holds dual US/Irish citizenship, she is an Irish immigrant, and holds dual US/Irish citizenship.

Maeve Quinlan Engaged |Maeve Quinlan Tom Sizemore

  • Tom Sizemore (1 September 1996 – 19 November 1999) ( divorced)

Maeve Quinlan Height

Maeve Quinlan is an American actress and former professional tennis player. She stands at 5′ 8″ tall.

Maeve Quinlan Image

Maeve Quinlan
Maeve Quinlan Image

Maeve Quinlan Career

Quinlan began playing tennis at age 16, appearing in several major tournaments and eventually reaching seed position #95 in world rankings, which earned her full scholarship to both USC and Northwestern universities, where she studied theater. After an injury, she quit tennis and pursued an acting career, starting with parts in commercials for Nike and Gatorade.

She appeared on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, where from 1995–2005 she played Megan Conley. She returned for a three-week guest-starring role on the show in March 2006, while on hiatus from South of Nowhere. One of her more notable roles was that of “Rhonda” in the 2002 movie Ken Park, a controversial film in which she received oral sex from the boyfriend of her character’s daughter. She also starred in the unsuccessful comedy Totally Blonde in 2001, and in 2007, the popular web series Girltrash! She starred in the 2009 movie Not Easily Broken with Morris Chestnut and Taraji P. Henson. She both co-created, co-produced and starred in 3 Way, a web series about roommates which featured lesbian characters, with Jill Bennett, Maile Flanagan, and Cathy Shim.

Maeve Quinlan Net Worth

Maeve Quinlan has an estimated Net Worth of 6 MILLION.

Maeve Quinlan Movie List

  • 2016: Liquorice
  • 2013: Another Dirty Movie
  • 2012: Divorce Invitation
  • 2011: Sound of My Voice
  • 2011: Cougars Inc.
  • 2010: Dirty Girl
  • 2009: Not Easily Broken
  • 2006: High Hopes
  • 2005: Tennis, Anyone…?
  • 2005: The Nickel Children
  • 2004: Nobody’s Perfect Crazy Girl
  • 2004: Criminal
  • 2004: The Drone Virus
  • 2003: Net Games
  • 2002: Ken Park
  • 2002: Heart of America
  • 2001: Instinct to Kill
  • 2001: Totally Blonde
  • 1999: The Florentine
  • 1999: Play It to the Bone

Maeve Quinlan Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful is an American television soap opera where Maeve Quinlan played the role of Megan Conley.

Maeve Quinlan Tennis

Maeve Quinlan is a former tennis professional player. She was a world-class tennis player. She began tennis circuit at age 16, appearing in several major tournaments and eventually reaching seed position #95 in world rankings.

Maeve Quinlan Not Easily Broken

Maeve Quinlan starred in Not Easily Broken a 2009 romantic comedy-drama film playing the role of Julie Sawyer.

Maeve Quinlan Colin Farrell

Maeve Quinlan is rumored to have hooked up with Colin Farrell in Feb 2002. Colin Farrell is a 42-year-old Irish Actor. The two have been in relationships since 2002.

Maeve Quinlan Instagram

                       Maeve Quinlan Interview

Published:  5 May 2013


PP: Is Cowgirl Up season two just a very good excuse for a South of Nowherereunion?

MQ: One of the greatest things about doing Cowgirl Up Season 2 was the opportunity to be able to work again with my family….meaning our South family. There is nothing like our bond, we truly are family and doing Cowgirl Up and playing these completely different characters to the ones we played together before, but yet still act together was purely magical. To work alongside again Mandy, Matt, Aasha, Valerie and be directed by Nancylee Myatt and Paige Bernhardt was truly a gift.

PP: How did you like playing the villain?

MQ: Without question, villains are the most fun to play and luckily in the last decade or so of my career I’ve gotten the opportunity to play them. It is so fun to escape into playing someone so far from yourself and I absolutely have a blast doing it. Kinda gets annoying when people then assume you ARE your character instead of realizing you’re just acting, but playing the villain is always the most fun and you get all the best lines.

PP: What draws you to a character when looking at a potential role?

MQ: Layers. I love playing complicated characters that when you read it on the page you start to imagine even more you can bring to it once you put it onstage. Great writing is what inspires me and I adore the whole process of discovering a character once I’ve booked it. I take out a journal and build a whole life for this character that many times has nothing to do with what’s on the page but it gives me so much grounding of knowing this character, that you can see (hopefully) it in my eyes. I become when they say action, that character. And luckily after they say cut, I do go back to being goofy Maeve. Wouldn’t be much fun for my friends if I remained Buck Shot, Betty or Paula. ha!

PP: Cowgirl Up has a large cast for a web series; were there any advantages or disadvantages to working with such a large group, especially considering the time constraints that most web series have to contend with?

MQ: This cast was amazing. Because it was so large we really sort of had to divide into our different camps to collaborate which seemed like old school theatre companies. I had such fun collaborating with Brandy Howard, Linda Miller, and Melissa Denton I can’t even tell you. So that was really rewarding for me. It was very special. And then when we would have all the big scenes where we were all together was just magical. So fun.

PP: Are you a natural cowgirl?

MQ: Awful! Thank God I was surrounded by real cowgirls, amazing wranglers, ever talented camera shooters, crew and a very special thank you to the talented actress and amazing stunt coordinator Shannan Leigh Reeves who I owe everything to if any of those stunts look real. I felt really safe and taken care of in all things “Cowgirling” even though I was a novice. But to answer your question, First off I’m petrified of horses. Absolutely love their beauty but moreover appreciate their power and have the respect of the old getting flipped off a horse risk factor. Secondly, I hate anything with the word Chaps in it, and lastly, I’m not a fan of manure. Farting’s cool, manure is not.

PP: 3Way and now Cowgirl Up, what is it about creating a web series that appeals to you?

MQ: Creating 3Way with Nancylee and Paige was fantastic. Those 4 characters will live in my heart forever and the reason is we had 3 amazing, funny and talented actresses, Maile Flanagan, Jill Bennett, and Cathy Shim whose coattails I basically held onto as tight as I could because as an actress who does not do comedy this was not my thing. I just followed their lead and they helped me feel safe to be funny. The writing on 3Way was absolutely outstanding, we had Emmy award-winning director Mary Lou Belli and Ben Garant and Courtney Rowe directing us, we had incredible editors John Higgins and Erin Benzenhoefer who worked tirelessly and all through the nights, makeup artist Donna Moss who made us look beautiful when we were certifiably exhausted, we were blessed by amazing friends who guest starred just because we asked and above all we had the best crew I’ve ever worked with. That crew showed up because they cared and believed in our little project that could and because we asked, for no other reason.

PP: There is a video floating around the internet hinting at a possible return of South of Nowhere. Any chance it’ll happen?

MQ: God I would LOVE that to happen. South of Nowhere was such a magical time of my career. I LOVED driving to work and to be able to do it all again would be a dream. Will, it ever be a reality, I don’t know. We really got behind that movement as a cast to make that happen, but not truly certain it ever will. I would love to work again with our South cast in any capacity! Same actors, different series is fine with me…just want to work all together again. It was a dream job.

PP: Social media is becoming a major promotional tool in the entertainment world. How tech/media savvy are you? What do you see as the benefits of social media in promoting Cowgirl Up 2?

MQ: I’m kind of dope when it comes to tech/media stuff but I know enough to get buy and do really love the one on one interaction twitter, facebook, Instagram, vine provides us with our fans. I think social media is everything in today’s market for promotion…whether it is your film, your career, your charity, your thoughts. It’s amazing and thanks to God for it.

PP: Who, either in front or behind the camera, would you love to work within the future?

MQ: I’ve never really been that person that has a wish list of who to work with. I mean, we all have the obvious, to be directed by Spielberg or Scorsese or Mann, of course, rolls off anyone’s tongue but is that really a reality? So, I don’t really think in those terms, I respond to good writing and good people. However, on that note of great directors, I would have a wish list to be directed by Oliver Stone. He gave me my first break, it was baptism by fire, never been on a movie set before and I was Juliet Lewis’ stand-in on Natural Born Killers, and learned more on that set than any amount of classes could have taught me. He did put me in a scene but it got cut, that would be a hoot to be able to be directed by him now even for just one line, now that I know what I’m effing done. Ha!