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Marcus Lamb Biography

Marcus Lamb was an American Televangelist, minister, and Christian broadcaster and was born on October 7th, 1957. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Daystar Television Network which is the second-largest Christian television network in the world.

The estimated value of the network is $230 million. Lamb was born in Macon, Georgia. He was attending the East Macon Church of God while he was a young man. He became a Christian at a very young age, age 5, and continued from there.

He graduated from high school at age 16 at Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee based Christian university. After 3 years, he graduated, and after 4 years into graduation, he married Joni Trammell of Greenville, South Carolina. Lamb was later ordained as a bishop with the Church of God after years of traveling and spreading the Gospel.

In November 2010, Lamb admitted on Daystar Network that he had extramarital affair that had ended several years before. He took all responsibility for his actions. From his marriage councilors, he was able to keep his marriage intact. Marcus and his wife reside in Dallas, Texas with their three children.

Marcus Lamb
Marcus Lamb

The Lambs have shown up on standard system projects, for example, Good Morning America and Dr. Phil to state that Marcus’ treachery was quite a while prior, that their marriage is currently entire, and that they need to do everything they can to enable other wedded couples to remain together.

Marcus Lamb Career

In 1980, that year that Marcus met his significant other Joni, he established The Word of God Fellowship, the organization that would, in the end, begin the Daystar Television Network. In 1984 Lamb moved to Montgomery, Alabama to start WMCF-TV.

This was the main full control Christian station in the state. The Lambs offered the station to Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) in 1990 and moved to Dallas, Texas. Sheep propelled the Daystar organize toward the part of the bargain.

Sheep is a customary speaker and instructor on his system and as a guest to different houses of worship. His most normal open gathering is on Marcus and Joni, the Daystar lead program. Each weekday, he has the show with Joni and talks about the Bible and its system.

In the nineties, the dutch comedian Rob Muntz went to his channel and he claimed to be a TV minister. At the point when Lamb requested to favor the individuals in the dutch language (which he didn’t comprehend) in a live communication while he remained beside him, Muntz said (in Dutch): Godverdomme mensen.

Laten we nu ons geld storten en haal je zakken leeg. Stort het operation het onderstaande banknummer, need Jezus is er ook voor u en ook voor mij en vooral voor fix. Hij word heel rijk over uw mat en dat willen we toch allemaal? Interpreted as: Goddamned individuals, how about we send our cash immediately. Void your pocket and give at the number underneath.

Cause Jesus is here for you, for me, however above all for him. He’s creation huge cash over your distress, ain’t that what we as a whole need? Later when he again remained beside Lamb he said (again in Dutch): Zou je ook zijn wijf kunnen neuken in de naam van Jezus? Which implies: Could you hit the sack with his better half also in Jesus’ name?

Marcus Lamb Affair

In 2010, November Lamb admitted he had an extramarital affair that had ended several years ago. He took all responsibility for his actions. After the interventions of their marriage counselors, he was able to reconcile with his wife. They decided to keep this matter private so that they could heal adequately.

Three women asked for $7.5 million so that to keep this matter private but instead, Lamb went publicly and disclosed all the information. They shared their story on TV and refused to pay anything.

There were no criminal charges were filed through Daystar and the three former employees had civil suits and countersuits were already in play. By December 2011, Daystar dropped all the countersuits against all three women.

Marcus Lamb Death

Marcus Lamb, a noticeable Christian telecaster known for his blunt resistance to COVID-19 antibodies, has passed on subsequent to getting the infection. He was 64. “Today at 4 a.m. the president and organizer of Daystar and my first love went to be with Jesus,” said his significant other, Joni, on a Tuesday (Nov. 30) morning broadcast.

“I needed you to hear from me that he’s with the Lord.” as of late, companions and allies had been petitioning God for his recuperation from the infection, considering it to be a profound assault in light of his backing against immunizations and push for substitute medicines.

“There’s no doubt as far as I can say that this is an otherworldly assault from the foe,” Lamb’s child, Jonathan, said about his dad’s COVID-19 disease on a Nov. 23 transmission of the Ministry Now program.

“However much my folks have happened here to sort of illuminating everybody about everything happening to the pandemic and a portion of the ways of treating COVID — there’s no question that the adversary is upset with regards to that. Furthermore, he’s doing all that he can to bring down my Dad.”

Marcus Lamb Age

He was born on October 7th, 1957 in Macon, Georgia, and died on November 30th, 2021, at the age of 64.

Marcus Lamb Wife | Children

He was married to Joni Lamb till the time of his death. Marcus proposed to Joni Lamb by writing “Joni Lynn, will you marry me?” in a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant. Both have three children; Jonathon Lamb, Rebecca Lamb, and Rachel Lamb.

Marcus Lamb Height

He is 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Marcus Lamb Net Worth

He has a net worth of about $ 10 million.

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