Mario Selman Biography, Age, Height, Dating, Social Media, Career, Net Worth

Mario Selman Biography

Mario Selman is an American Musical star. He is best known for his short videos on this app and also YouNow and YouTube, where he started off in 2014 but had not much success at first. Mario is a brother of two other social media celebrities and he actively participates in collaborations and tours to become even more popular.

He was a child prodigy who started displaying exemplary talent at an early age. After getting trained in music and migrating to the USA from Chile where he was born, he started exploring social media for improving his popularity.

He started a YouTube channel which is titled after himself in the year 2014. However, the channel was not a big success as he did not update it regularly.

Mario Selman Age And Height

Mario Selman was born on December 21, 1999, in Chile and his birth sign is Sagittarius. He is 19 years old as of 2018.

Mario was born to well-educated parents and a loving family. He has two sisters; Catalina and Nacha and both are well known Tik-Tok star. He once said that he is very close to his two sisters.

At a young age, his family migrated to Florida so that they all have a bright future. One of his sisters has grown and now she is an even bigger star than Mario Selman. The information about his parents is not known and we only say that they are from Chilean descent.

Mario Selman Dating

Who is Mario Selmon’s girlfriend?

The young internet celeb, Mario Selman is unmarried but his relationship status is single or not we will talk below.

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Mario Selman

There has been a lot of rumors that the star was involved with several beautiful ladies. As a matter of facts, he was rumored to date the internet sensation Baby Ariel with whom he collaborated for his channel ‘Our Journey.’ However, the two YouTuber never confirm their relationship but once they stated that they had crushed on each other.

Also, some of his fans have speculated that he might be dating the YouTuber, Tana Mongeau. He even collaborated a number of videos and posts pictures of them on his Instagram but none of them confirm that they are dating each other.

Thus, the social media personality, we can say that Mario Selman is currently not dating anyone and is making love with his professional as well at the present time.

Mario Selman Early Career

The Chile native was born in 1999 in a supportive family with loving parents. He blows his birthday candles every 21 December. Wow, he must be getting his birthday gifts mixed with Christmas gifts.

Mario, age 18, proved to be a musical prodigy who showed significant talent at a young age and went to get some training in music in the US.

He started his self-titled YouTube channel in 2014, but that didn’t turn out to be a big treat as Mario didn’t update on a regular basis.

So, he opted for a broader platform, by spreading his name on two other popular social media channels, and YouNow. His sister, Catalina Selman, age 17, who is a star herself, helped him to create the content for the new channels.

And it wasn’t long before Mario started getting recognized by people which resulted in his collaboration with other artists of his age. The 5 feet 7 inch (1.73 meters) tall media star began a YouTube Channel entitled Our Journey with Brennen Taylor, Weston Koury, Nick Bean, Baby Ariel, Zach Clayton, and Loren Beech.

And boy was the channel a hit among the youngsters. It has gained over 815k subscribers with more than 88 million views.

Career on Social Media

Mario Selman loves music very much since an early age but he gained popularity after his parents moved to Florida. He discovered his musical talent as well as building up his own social media profile. He joined the YouTube Channel titled “Mario Selman” in 2014.

Later, he moved on to Tik Tok where he began posting lip sync videos. His two sisters who already become popular Tik Tok star and also help him in creating the content for his new channels.

Soon, both channels started to increase whereas, on Tik Tok, he has more than 3 million fans followers with 136.6 million hearts.

Later he got back to on YouTube and continuously started videos in which has over 480k subscribers and 12 million views. Outsides Tik Tok and YouTube, you can also follow his on YouNow where he has over 471k fans following.

After gaining success, Selman began collaborating other YouTube stars like Zach Clayton, Baby Ariel, Nick Bean, Loren Beech and more.

Then, he launched his second channel called “Our Journey” which was famous among teenagers. His sister also features in his videos as well.

Mario Selman Net Worth

Mario Selman is a social media personality popularly known for his videos. He has acquired over 3.2 million followers on and also has accounts on other social media platforms.

On YouTube, he is also a part of the collaborative channel named Our Journey. Early this year (2018), he began a Facebook series where different celebrities are interviewed. He named it The Early Show.

As a kid, he showed a high level of artistic tendencies and went on to be trained in music. He relocated along with his family to the United States just after his training.

His rise to stardom began in July 2014 with his first YouTube channel. It was named after him but garnered very little following due to his inconsistent publishing of videos.

Net Worth (Cars)

Mario’s net worth has been placed at an estimate of $350,000. This is said to be realized from his social media presence as well as his appearances in public events.

He also owns and drives his own car. Meanwhile, it is important to note that the figure quoted as the value of his wealth is just an estimation of his riches and may not represent his actual net worth.