Matt Breland Age, Early Life, Career, Salary and Social Media | Matt Breland Age, Early Life, Career, Salary and Social Media

Matt Breland Age, Early Life, Career, Salary and Social Media

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Matt Breland

Matt Breland is an American news anchor at the Alabama News Network in Montgomery. Breland holds American nationality.

Matt Breland Age

There is no information regarding his age but it will be updated.

Matt Breland Early Life

Matt grew up in the small town of Sumrall, MS which is just a few miles outside of Hattiesburg. The weather held his interest ever since kindergarten. He recalls a kid bringing a book about tornadoes to class, which sparked the interest. Then on his 9th birthday, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the MS coast. After this event, Matt decided that it was meant to be for him to pursue a career in meteorology.

Matt Breland Education

Preceding his high school graduation in 2014, Matt attended Jones County Junior College in Ellisville, MS so that he could complete the calculus and physics prerequisites required for meteorology. In 2016, Matt called Starkville, MS home for the next 2 years to finish his bachelor’s degree at Mississippi State University.

Matt Breland Career

2018 was a big year for Matt, as he started a part-time weekend weather specialist job at WVUA in Tuscaloosa, AL. Once May rolled around, Matt graduated from MSU with a degree in geoscience with a concentration in professional meteorology with an emphasis on broadcasting. Soon after that Matt accepted a full-time job at Alabama News Network in Montgomery, AL!

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Matt Breland Hobbies

In his spare time, Matt enjoys traveling to see friends and family, exercising, spending time outdoors, and listening to music (a lot of Shania Twain). You can watch his weather shows on the weekends!

Matt Breland Salary/Net worth

There is no information regarding his salary. His net worth is under review.

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Matt Breland Interview with LSU fanatic Matt Breland

A friend of mine once told me that it is always best to know thine enemy as well as one’s self. That same friend must have thought that anyone who was as into sports as me must have grown up watching too many Troy Aikman games while never opening any book with mention of Sun Tzu.

However, in his honor, I will do my best to learn how the synapses fire within even the most loyal LSU college football crazy as the game against our beloved Razorbacks draws near.

Since Ed Orgeron’s secretary told me the coach was too busy working on his enunciation skills, I decided I would have to settle for the next best thing.

Enter decades-long Tiger Superfan Matt Breland who auto-bios himself with the following:

“I am a huge fan of the LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints. I have lived my entire life in the lovely and quaint town of Bogalusa, Louisiana. There I work as an administrative assistant at the Our Lady of Angels Hospital.”

Peter: Arkansas seems to have a knack for knocking off LSU when the Tigers are on a season-high.

Granted, this season they are coming off a loss to Alabama, yet LSU is ranked in the Top 10 in both major polls while still possessing an extremely minuscule outside shot of making the playoffs (with a current ranking of No. 7).

Does this historical precedent weigh heavy in the back of your mind?

Matt: Well, LSU possessed a chance to be in the top four-team playoff, but the loss to the Florida Gators ruined it.

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However, if Alabama and Georgia play in the SEC Championship Game, and if Georgia can find a way to beat Alabama, there is a very good chance that LSU will play in the Sugar Bowl.

Like you mentioned before this interview, Peter, Arkansas generally tends to pull the upset on years that they have been somewhat more competitive than what they are this season.

Peter: Interesting. Aside from that, Arkansas and LSU had a tradition of playing one another on the Friday following the Thanksgiving holiday.

That season-ending game for your Tigers has been replaced with Texas A&M on the subsequent Saturday.

With Missouri now being Arkansas’s permanent Friday opponent, I am familiar with the opinions of Hogs fans upon conference rivalries, however, what is the consensus from those that cheer for the Bengal Tigers? Is Arkansas viewed as a rival?

Matt: I am not happy about LSU playing Texas A&M on the last game of the season. I’d rather see LSU play Arkansas on the Friday after Thanksgiving while winning the Golden Boot trophy to close out the regular season. Yes, Arkansas and LSU are a good rivalry.

Peter: Confident about your team, aren’t you, Matt? Next, please tell me about Ed Orgeron and how the fanbase of LSU truly feels about him and his performance as he begins to wind down his third year in Baton Rouge.

Matt: I must say coach Ed Orgeron has done a great job and is no longer in the hot seat. Before this season started I did not think LSU would have good season until they won a couple of tough early games.

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I personally am really impressed with the coach and his performance.

Peter: Arkansas fans have long been criticized for believing that their football program can be one of national importance even if only upon somewhat of a consistent basis.

As a member of the SEC West, what are your thoughts about the Razorbacks’ long-term potential in the SEC as well under Chad Morris?

Matt: It is great to have the Arkansas Razorbacks in the SEC. Since Arkansas hired Chad Morris I really thought they would have a good season under his leadership.

I was shocked to see that the Razorbacks at one point had lost six games in a row.

Peter: The future will hopefully have a better story to tell under first-year coach Chad Morris. Finally, who carries the Golden Boot back to their campus this Saturday? Why and by how much?

Matt: LSU will carry the Golden Boot back to Death Valley this Saturday. The reasons are simple. Arkansas has a record of 2–7. LSU has beaten Miami, Auburn, Georgia, and Mississippi State. Those facts could stand on their own.

Also, LSU is favored to win by 13½-points, and I say LSU will win by 17 points.

Peter: I respect the confidence you possess in your team. Bonus question, Matt, was that pic of you taken in Gulf Shores, Alabama?

Matt: Yes, in Fort Morgan, Alabama, just last week.

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Peter: So you vacation in blasphemy. Seriously, thank you so much for your time, Matt, my good friend.

As it turns out, my enemy is not too bad of a guy. He may be very accurate in his prediction. And I may have to concur. LSU 38–24.

However, as Martine Bercher once told me, “Root Hog or Die.”

And around the remaining world comprised of SEC stadiums Saturday, these mysteries will unfold as follows:

  • South Carolina at (15) Florida – Gators wins early … no pun intended.
  • Vanderbilt at Missouri – Can the Commodores win another one on the road? Yes, and this time by 18.
  • Ole Miss at Texas A&M – This one is the hardest pick of the week, yet Ole Miss may leave College Station with a ‘W’. Rebels by 3.
  • (16) Mississippi State at (1) Alabama – I started to make a snarky remark here, however, this reminds me of the incidents that happened at Ponchatoula this past weekend. Hey, people, it is just a game, and if you are that insecure about your woman being at a bar, stay home! Prayers go out to the Family, Friends, and loved ones of Robert Bowers. Tide by 30.
  • (11) Kentucky at Tennessee – The Wildcats keep us mesmerized. Kentucky by 22.
  • (24) Auburn at (5) Georgia – You know what, I am picking Georgia by 35 solely because Auburn does not even deserve to be ranked. Sorry Plains fans.

Go HOGS!!!