Maureen Dean Biography, Age, Husband, Children, and Books

Maureen Dean Biography

Maureen Dean born Maureen Elizabeth Kane on October 10th, 1945, in Los Angeles, California, USA . She is a writer known for Blind Ambition published 1979 and The Mike Douglas Show in 1961. She is also famous for being the wife of John Dean a former Richard Nixon White House counselor who was involved in the Watergate affair, since October 13, 1972.

Maureen Dean Age

She was born on 10th October 1945 in Los Angeles, California.

Maureen Dean Husband – John Dean

She dropped out of college after her dad passed away and worked as a secretary and a flight attendant according to People. Before she was introduced to John by a friend, she had been married twice. (In one of her marriages, her high school sweetheart died in a car accident two years after they were married. The other was never official because she found out after the brief marriage that the football scout hadn’t divorced his first wife.)

John was called in to help with the Watergate scandal two days after they were married, People shared. They moved to Beverly Hills after he served four-and-a-half months in prison. She managed the family finances and realized she really enjoyed that work. So she entered a training program in finances, where she eventually started her own stockbrokerage business and had hundreds of clients.

Maureen Dean
Maureen Dean

After serving his prison term, John worked as an investment banker. In 1988, while speaking to the South Florida Sun Sentinel Maureen said: “I just retired from a stockbrokerage so we have plenty of time to take long walks together, go on bike rides, watch videos…”

Maureen Dean Watergate Hearings

Dean is known for sitting stoically just behind her husband during the Watergate hearings. John Dean was later disbarred, but she stayed calm during the hearings. Her presence got national attention at the time.

Maureen Dean Screenplays and Books

Maureen Dean Has Written Screenplays & a 1987 Novel Called ‘Washington Wives’. She didn’t come up with the plot. Lawrence Gordon, a movie producer, came up with the idea as a possible miniseries and Arbor House suggested Maureen Dean. The book took her two-and-a-half years to finish.

The novel was dedicated in memory of her parents.

She has also according to IMDB, written screenplays called Blind Ambition (1979) and The Mike Douglas Show (1961). In 1975 she released a book called: “Mo: A Woman’s View of Watergate.”

That book sold more than 30,000 hardcover copies and helped her and John pay off some of their debts with the $80,000 advance she split with Hays Gorey, People wrote in 1976. John Dean wrote his own book for which he received a $300,000 advance.

Maureen Dean and John Dean Children

John, her husband has only one child, a son by the name John Wesley Dean IV. His He was born to him and his first wife, Karla Ann Hennings. Karla later got married to Larry E. Phillips, a senior partner with Buchanon Ingersoll at the time of her son’s engagement announcement in 1990. Their son graduated from Denison University, where he was with Phi Beta Kappa, and later received an MBA, according to his engagement announcement.

According to The New York Times, In 1990, John Wesley married Dorothy Rooms Fox, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Fox of Connecticut. Dorothy’s father was senior vice president for JP Morgan & Company when she was married, and her mother was a manager of Kropotkin INc.