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Maurielle Lue is an American Emmy Award, Winning Television Host. She is currently working at FOX 2 Network in the USA. She is also one among many morning news anchors. Lue hosts The Nine and Let it Rip Weekend. Lue was born in San Antonio, Texas but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lue’s journey in journalism at an early age of 15 where she covered local events and issues among other youths in Atlanta. They used to host the program named Brookwood Upclose. After all that, Lue earned herself an international journalism award for a documentary she did. Her main focus was on troubled youths in a local shelter.

Lue is also a graduate from Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communication at Hampton University. She then started her profession with WVVA TV Station soon after her graduation. The station was affiliated with NBC based in West Virginia. Her schedule at that time was working at WVVA on weekdays and then work as an anchor and producer at her own newscast.

She then left WVVA & subsequently joined WEWS-TV Station. At WEWS, she was made the lead reporter for the Cleveland Strangler story.

Maurielle Lue Age

Lue was born on March 25, 1985, in San Antonio, Texas in the USA. As of 2019, she is 34 years old. However, she grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with her parents and her younger brother.

Maurielle Lue Mother | Family

Lue is also the eldest daughter of Marcel her father and Heidi Lue her mother. Lue also has a younger brother named Myles.

Maurielle Lue Married

So far, Lue has not shared any details about her relationship status. However, according to the photos, she unloads on her social media clearly indicates that she is happily leading a normal and single life. As soon as her relationship details are out this post will be updated.

WVVA’s Maurielle Lue Photo

Maurielle Lue Fox 2 Pregnant

This information is currently under review it will be updated soon. Sources have revealed that she is expectant and almost giving birth but it still unclear whether it’s true or false. Since she has not given any statement about the pregnancy issue.

Maurielle Lue Salary

Lue’s net salary is still under review. She has managed to keep her personal details away from the public about her salary and lifestyle. However, her first job was at the WWV tv station where she was earning a salary that could maintain her early beginnings.

Maurielle Lue Detroit

As one of the best anchors on Fox 2 Detroit, she has managed to report and present news that has made people love her all over Detroit. However, there are no current updates

Maurielle Lue On Steve Harvey Show

Maurielle Lue Net Worth

Lue’s estimated net worth is still under review. However, She has managed to gather enough worth after she got her job at WVVA Tv. From there, she proceeded to work for  WEWS-TV while still working on her won Broadcast station. This clearly indicates that she is earning a pleasing salary and maintaining a reasonable worth. This information will be updated soon.

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