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Megan Nicole Biography,Age, Net Worth, Songs And Instagram.

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Megan Nicole Biography

Megan Nicole Green is an American singer-songwriter and actress who debuted on YouTube in 2009.
Megan Nicole was born in Houston, Texas to parents Tammy and Frankie Flores, she has a sister named Maddie Taylor. Her mother is of German and Native American descent and her father is Mexican American.

Megan Nicole Age

Megan Nicole Green was born on September 1, 1993, and she is 26 years of age.

Megan Nicole Height

Megan has a height of 5 ft 0¼ inches.

Megan Nicole Net Worth

Megan has an estimated net worth of $4 million

Megan Nicole Husband

In March 2017, Nicole became engaged to Cooper Green who is an actor and they got married on July 1, 2017.

Megan Nicole Family/ Parents

Father – Frankie Flores
Mother – Tammy Flores
Siblings – Maddie Taylor (Younger Sister)

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Megan Nicole Songs

. B-e-a-utiful
. Just Give Me a Reason
. Love Yourself
. Summer Forever
. Payphone
. Safe With Me
. Escape
. The Lazy Song
. Who Says
. 7 Years
. Shake it Off
. Cheerleader
. Starships
. Love Song Mash-Up
. Flashlights
. We Are Ever getting back Together
. Checklist
. Can’t Stop The Feeling
. Electrified
. Never Wanna Let You Go
. We Don’t Talk Anymore
. Glad You Came
. Favorite One
. No
. Safe & Sound
. Take Me Back
. Fun
. Drags Me Down
. Courageous
. Nothing
. LaLaLa
. Rockabye

Megan Nicole Youtube

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Megan Nicole Beautiful Lyric

Megan Nicole Summer Forever

Summer Forever is a 2015 musical film directed by Roman White and starring Megan Nicole, Alyson Stoner, Anna Grace Barlow, and Ryan McCartan. The film was released on September 4, 2015, by Relativity Digital Studios through video on demand.

Three best friends named Sydney, Liv and Chloe make the most of their last summer weekend together before going their separate ways to college. After performing her final song at the coffee shop run by Liv’s mother, Sophie, Sydney receives an offer from the head of Starmageddon Records, Austin Nicholas, who thinks she has potential to be a star and wants her to check out a video shoot for one of his recording acts.

Chloe and Liv encourage her to go, and they make it one of Sydney’s goals on their bucket list of things to do before the weekend is over. Sydney sets another goal to hook up with someone, while Liv’s goal is to apply to Juilliard, and Chloe’s is to throw a wild party at her house with her parents out of town.

While at Liv’s house finding an outfit to wear for the video shoot, Sydney discovers a letter in Liv’s bedroom indicating that she has already been accepted to Juilliard. At the shoot, Sydney meets with Austin but tells him she needs time to weigh his offer and her college plans.

Chloe meets an interesting guy on the set named Broom, whom she invites to her party. Sydney’s next-door neighbor and boyfriend, Liam, who plans to be a traveling filmmaker, also attends the shoot but is troubled by what he sees following her meeting with Austin.

As Liv is about to spring the news about Juilliard to her mother, she finds out the coffee shop could be closing due to financial difficulties and decides to throw her dream away as a dancer to help her mother.

The girls’ friendship is threatened by Liv’s sudden change in plans, as Liv takes out her anger over her future on Sydney, who is hurt by the comments hurled at her about how well her life is going by comparison, when she is just as afraid as Liv about her future. Sydney is also disgusted over Liam’s insinuation that her meeting with Austin was anything more than professional, for which Liam later apologizes.

When Sophie finds the acceptance letter from Juilliard in the trash, she makes Liv realize this opportunity is way too important to pass up. Meanwhile, Sydney reflects on her late mother, particularly when she was learning music from her, and is reminded to listen to her heart in deciding what comes next.

Her father also advises her to follow her heart and says her mother would have been proud of her record deal opportunity, though her parents value her education first and foremost. Sydney ultimately turns down Austin’s offer, after which she runs into Liv and Chloe, who were intending to stop her from accepting the deal as well. The three make up after Liv apologizes to Sydney for what she said to her.

At Chloe’s party, following Broom’s spectacular rooftop display, things go fine until Liv’s ex-boyfriend RJ shows up and becomes disruptive. Liv takes a stand against him, pushing him out of her life for good, but when she literally pushes him inside the house, it causes damage to some valuables belonging to Chloe’s parents, forcing Chloe to end the party.

One item survives the damage, a doll belonging to her mother, but feeling betrayed by her parents’ treatment of her throughout her life, Chloe takes her own stand and breaks the doll.

Hours before the girls leave, Liam surprises Sydney in the treehouse by their homes, with many pictures he has taken of her over the years and a song expressing how much he loves her. The two share a kiss, and Liam tells Sydney he will miss her.

The girls meet on the beach one more time, with Sydney giving Liv a plane ticket to New York, as she and Chloe surprise her with news that she will be starting at Juilliard this semester. Liv and Chloe will live together in New York, while Sydney heads to Boston.

Megan Nicole Escape Lyrics

Megan Nicole Escape Lyric

Megan Nicole Love Yourself

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