Mel Tillis Biography, Age, Daughter, Net Worth, Health and Songs

Mel Tillis Biography

Mel Tillis was born Lonnie Melvin Tillis is an American country music singer and songwriter. He was born on 8 August 1932 in Tampa, Florida, USA.
He contracted malaria when aged only three, and was left with a permanent stutter. During his school days, various treatments failed to cure this speech problem and though originally embarrassed by it, he managed in later years to turn it into a trademark. He learned to play guitar (and later the fiddle) during his early teens and at high school was a football player and also played drums in a band. In the early 50s, devoid of any real career ideas, he enlisted in the Air Force. He was discharged in 1955 when for a short time he attended the University of Florida.

Mel Tillis Age

He was born on 8 August 1932.

Mel Tillis Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Mel Tillis Daughters – Mel Tillis Family

Mel Tillis’ Daughters include; Pam Tillis, Hannah Tillis, Carrie April Tillis, and Cindy Tillis. Pam Tillis is a successful country music singer.

Mel Tillis Health

His daughter Pam, a country music superstar in her own right, released a statement on her official Facebook page updating her father’s fans about the health of her dad.
“To All The People That Are As Big of a Fan of Dad As I Am:
My family and I are so touched and grateful for your concern and for all the prayers, cards, and letters for our father.
As I tour the country, I am asked about his prognosis almost every day.  We wanted to give you a long overdue update on his condition. The information hasn’t flowed easily and we’ve been fiercely private about many of the details of his illness. Offstage, we are not particularly suited to the social media era. There were some very tough months with Dad’s illness. Our total focus was paying attention to him and his recovery; press announcements were not a priority. Thanks for your patience and understanding if you have felt in the dark on his well being.
So, that being said here is the latest:
As many of you already know, Dad had a serious diverticulitis attack last January after a busy fall 2015 performance schedule. On the way to the hospital, he became septic and was in the I.C.U. for the better part of a month. Everything he is dealing with now, almost a year later, is a direct result of that crisis. Due to the nature of his illness, his care was best served in several facilities in Nashville up until November.
Mel Tillis Photo
Currently, he is at home in Ocala, Florida receiving full-time in-house care. His transition, initially, involved a few more weeks in the hospital there. Now, he’s back at home and on track. His vital signs are good and his sense of humor is fully intact! There are no foreseeable personal appearances, as of now. He misses his fans as much as they miss him.
I miss performing with him very much, particularly at Christmas as I reminisce about all the family Christmas shows we did over the years. I play his music as people walk into my own concerts.
That is the long and short of it for now. We will try to do better on updates. Keep him in your prayers. They have worked. God Bless, Pam and Family”

Mel Tillis Songs

  • Coca-Cola Cowboy
  • Good Woman Blues
  • Send Me Down to Tucson
  • I Ain’t Never
  • Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town
  • I Got the Hoss
  • New Patches
  • Who’s Julie
  • Southern Rain
  • Detroit City
  • Heart Over Mind
  • Heaven Everyday
  • Ain’t No California
  • Stomp Them Grapes
  • Heart Healer
  • Lying Time Again
  • I Believe in You
  • What Did I Promise Her Last Night
  • Commercial Affection
  • Woman in the Back of My Mind
  • Midnight, Me and the Blues
  • The Arms of a Fool
  • Burning Memories
  • These Lonely Hands of Mine
  • Memory Maker
  • Honky Tonk Song
  • Your Body Is an Outlaw
  • No Love Have I
  • A Million Old Goodbyes
  • Goodbye Wheeling
  • I’m Tired
  • Stateside

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