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Melissa Heholt Bio

Melissa Heholt is America’s event planner. She is the wife of Jermaine Lamarr Cole, an American-German hip-hop artist, better known by her stage name J. Cole. After completing her M.S. degree. She graduated from primary education and worked briefly as a teacher. She realized later, however, that event planning excites like nothing else and she finally decided to switch careers. 

Heholt is also the executive director of the charity initiative of her husband’s   Dreamville Foundation. It was founded in October 2011. The organization based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, helps youth through positive experiences to realize their full potential.

J.Cole's wife Melissa Heholt
J.Cole’s wife Melissa Heholt

Melissa Heholt Age

Melissa Heholt was born on 10th October 1987 in New York, USA. She is 32 years old as of 2019. Information about her family is not known to us yet. We shall keep you updated once we have their full details. Besides, Heholt completed two bachelor degrees and a Master degree in Childhood education from st. John University Queens in New York.

Melissa Heholt Career

Melissa Heholt, throughout her life, had a passion for event planning. However, being the eldest of her three siblings, her natural instinct was of a caretaker and nurse. Therefore, after finishing high school, she decided to become a teacher. Nevertheless, she chose to graduate in business after she was told that people do not make that much money in teaching.

She then held several jobs she found “unfulfilled” and returned to school for an M.S. Elementary education degree. Teaching came to her almost naturally, and as a teacher, she enjoyed her short tenure. Though she loved children in time, however, she came to resent the current state of the US education system. In an interview, she even admitted she was unhappy.

Heholt later realized her true calling for event planning is all she wanted. It really excited her like nothing else. In the past, she had apparently been hailed by her family, friends, and college organizations as the go-to girl for planning special events.

She set up Statice Events in 2014, which promises to have an intimate event planning experience whereby the client is encouraged to participate actively throughout the planning process. Since then, the business has been quite successful.

Melissa Heholt  and J Cole

While attending St John’s University, the two celebrity love birds met. While there is no confirmation that the two were studying in the same year, there is a confirmation that the two were not major in the course for which they were studying at the university, however. Like his wife, who dropped out of teaching for event planning, Lamar also made a career turn in which he decided to go for music.

Melissa pursued her career in event planning after college life, as well as J. Cole,  entered the industry of music. Although they had to follow various paths, they never gave up on each other and in their relationship, they continued to fight the distance.

After six years of engagement, the couple got married on 18 January 2016. On 8th December they were blessed with a baby although neither his name or photo has been shared. J Cole and Melissa Heholt are both very private individuals. Unlike other celebrities, it’s hard to see the two fill their admirers ‘ timelines. After all, not many people were even aware of the marriage of the two. They made it crystal clear that they will keep their details from the public.

Melissa Heholt son

Heholt got married to J.Cole on January 18, 2016, after six years of engagement. Not much is known about the wedding ceremony since it has not been discussed by either the groom or the bride. However, the duo welcomed their first child after their marriage on December 8, 2016. Again, the couple had nothing to confirm.

Long after gossips J.Cole finally confirmed that he and his wife Mellisa Heholt had a baby. He didn’t reveal the name or gender of the baby, though. Cole rapped on “She’s Mine, Pt 1,” about having a daughter. and “Mine, Pt. 2 “Off 4 Only Your Eyez.  People assumed that the child was a daughter. But was she?

In an interview in 2018, J.Cole disclosed that his first child was a son rather than a daughter! Melissa and her husband are so private they haven’t even tried to blow the facts off the rumors. The truth has now been spilled, however, so it can be assumed that with her husband and son, Melissa is enjoying her secret married life.

Melissa Heholt J Cole  2019

Could it be true that J. Cole been cheating on his wife Heholt with a reality TV star? He is the latest hip-hop star caught up in a cheating scandal, according to a report from Ace Showbiz, and one blogger claims receipts to back up the allegations. Click here for more information.

It has been alleged by blogger Tasha  K  that Heholt’s husband, J Cole had an affair with the Love & Hip Hop Miami star Chinese Kitty still married to  Melissa Heholt. Tasha K. broke the news on her website and on her YouTube platform, asserting that she received tips and pictures that supported the allegations.

She retained on to the juicy information until recently she decided to publish it after hearing that Cole’s camp had the tea and hit her with a letter of termination and refrain. However, both J. Cole and Chinese Kitty have reportedly denied the rumors since they surfaced.

Melissa Heholt Pictures

J.cole's Wife Melissa Heholt
J.cole’s Wife Melissa Heholt         

Melissa Heholt Net Worth

Since Melissa Heholt is already making a name for herself with her Statice Events Company in Fayetteville North Carolina with The Dreamville Foundation, fans can only wait for what she holds for the future.

Having a husband like the iconic rapper and songwriter makes most fans believe that the net worth of one is not only high but also unbeatable. Furthermore, since Melissa has a successful company, Statice Events and is also an executive director of The Dreamville Foundation. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find that her fans come to the conclusion that she has a massive net worth.

The thing is that it’s a very secret event manager. For this, pointing out where her net worth lies as of 2019 is very challenging. Her much-loved husband by fans, however, as of 2019, has a net worth of $ 35 million.