Naomi Pomeroy Bio, Age, Top Chef, Beast, Recipes, Cookbook, Shop | Naomi Pomeroy Bio, Age, Top Chef, Beast, Recipes, Cookbook, Shop

Naomi Pomeroy Bio, Age, Top Chef, Beast, Recipes, Cookbook, Flower Shop

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Naomi Pomeroy Bio

Naomi Pomeroy is an American professional chef and restaurateur. Pomeroy began cooking at the age of three and created her first recipe at the age of four. She graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 1997 with a degree in history Pomeroy has no formal culinary or business training. 

Pomeroy developed her skills by watching other food-industry professionals. In 2007, she opened the restaurant Beast in Portland, Oregon.

Previously, she started Gotham Tavern, Gotham Coffee shop, and ClarkLewis restaurant with Michael Hebb. In 2013, Working Mother magazine featured an article which details Pomeroy’s experiences as a working single parent.

Naomi Pomeroy Age

Naomi Pomeroy was born in 1974 in Corvallis, Oregon in the United States. She is 45 years old as of 2019.

Naomi Pomeroy Top Chef Masters

Q: Portland knows you’re a top chef and the master of pulling off the unexpected. But how did Bravo get the word? Did you audition for the show, or is it by invitation only?
A: It’s kind of a mysterious process. I was contacted by e-mail from Bravo in November. I had never seen the show and wanted to make sure I could pull it off, so they sent me old tapes. It meant being gone for the month of February.

I’m a small-business owner and a single mom. After watching hours and hours, I talked to my staff and realized we could swing it. I didn’t know if it would be life-changing or what I was getting into. Of course, I was anxious. But I’m an “opportunity knocks” person.

Q: Top Chef stirs the pot between contestants. What’s the recipe for Top Chef Masters?
A: Masters has more established chefs, with national recognition and their own restaurants. Top Chefs live together and there’s more drama, more how the day went.

Masters are not so cutthroat. We stayed in the same hotel, but we weren’t filmed after hours. The competitive spirit is more about individual pride, and fighting for a charity.

Naomi Pomeroy

Q: If you win, who gets your $100,000 top prize?
A: Seed Savers Exchange, an heirloom seed bank in Iowa. Animals and hunger have plenty of advocates—I wanted a cause that needed air time. Protecting seeds from extinction is a good message to send to people.

Q: What was day one like?
A: We set up for the first elimination challenge. You don’t know what to expect or who the judges will be. I didn’t know who I’d compete against until everybody walked into the green room.

You don’t know how fast the time will go by. You’re not even thinking; it’s like going through a dark tunnel. It’s just high anxiety. Everyone is quiet, internal and focused.

Q: How fierce a competitor is Naomi Pomeroy?
A: I’ve been through a lot in the last five years or so. Today is the anniversary of the opening of the Gotham Tavern. I’ve succeeded, failed, succeeded again.

I’m scrappy. I’m very competitive with myself, but not with others. Proving I can do a good job in a really scary situation is not about winning; it’s a battle with myself.

A: Now that you’re an Iron Chef veteran, which battles are more intense?
Q: They’re totally different; apples and oranges. Iron Chef is a team against another team, the keyword being team. In Masters, when it’s time for, say, desserts, and you’re not a pastry chef, there’s a big fear factor. That’s what people fear most: pastry time. Most chefs have pastry chefs.

Naomi Pomeroy Beast

Naomi Pomeroy and her sous chef Mika Paredes first welcomed customers to Beast on September 27, 2007. Since then, the restaurant has received features in Gourmet and Elle magazine.

Additionally, Bon Appètit named Naomi Pomeroy as one of the top 6 of a new generation of female chefs in September 2008.

And Food & Wine magazine recognized her as one of the 10 Best New Chefs in America in 2009. Locally, Pomeroy was voted Chef of the Year for 2008 by Portland Monthly.

Naomi Pomeroy’s restaurant Beast was named Restaurant of the Year by the Oregonian in 2008 in addition to, chosen as Best Brunch by the Willamette Weekly.

In March of 2010, Pomeroy was selected as a finalist for the prestigious James Beard Awards for Best Chef in the Pacific Northwest. Most recently, Marie Claire named Naomi Pomeroy one of the 18 most powerful women in business in October 2010.

Before opening Beast, Naomi Pomeroy, and Michael Hebb started up Ripe Catering in 1999 and soon after launched an underground supper club in their northeast Portland bungalow called Family Supper.

After a couple of years of dodging authorities, using salvaged doors rigged as tabletops and defrosting shrimp in the bathtub, they decided to go legit.

In rapid succession, they opened the Gotham Coffee Shop, ClarkLewis Restaurant, and the Gotham Tavern. The intimacy of these suppers is preserved at Beast, a 24-seat restaurant where people chat freely with each other at communal tables. Beast serves a six-course Prix-fixed menu at two seatings 4 nights a week and a four-course brunch on Sundays.

Naomi Pomeroy Recipes

Porcini Braised Chicken Thighs

Prosciutto-Stuffed Chicken

Crispy Garlic Ginger Chicken

Pink-Grapefruit And Avocado Salad

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

Roast Chicken Wings With Roast Potatoes, Parsley And Garlic

Beef Tenderloin Roast

Mediterranean Shrimp And Couscous

Buttermilk Roast Chicken

Shrimp Scampi

Naomi Pomeroy Cookbook| Taste And Technique

James Beard Award-winning and self-made chef Naomi Pomeroy’s debut cookbook, featuring nearly 140 lesson-driven recipes designed to improve the home cook’s understanding of professional techniques and flavor combinations in order to produce simple, but show-stopping meals.

Naomi Pomeroy knows that the best recipes are the ones that make you a better cook. A twenty-year veteran chef with four restaurants to her name, she learned her trade not in fancy culinary schools but by reading cookbooks.

From Madeleine Kamman and Charlie Trotter to Alice Waters and Gray Kunz, Naomi Pomeroy cooked her way through the classics thus studying French technique afterward learning how to shop for produce, and lastly, mastering balance, acidity, and seasoning.

In Taste & Technique, Naomi Pomeroy shares her hard-won knowledge,  passion, and of course experience along with nearly 140 recipes that outline the fundamentals of cooking. By paring back complex dishes to the building-block techniques used to create them.

Naomi takes you through each recipe step by step above all distilling detailed culinary information to reveal the simple methods chefs use to get professional results.

Recipes for sauces, starters, salads, vegetables, and desserts can be mixed and matched with poultry, beef, lamb, seafood, and egg dishes to create show-stopping meals all year round.

Practice braising and searing with a Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder, then pair it with Orange-Caraway Glazed Carrots in the springtime or Caramelized Delicata Squash in the winter. Prepare an impressive Herbed Leg of Lamb for a holiday gathering, and accompany it with Spring Pea Risotto or Blistered Cauliflower with Anchovy, Garlic, and Chile Flakes.

With detailed sections on ingredients, equipment, and techniques, this inspiring, beautifully photographed guide demystifies the hows and whys of cooking thus gives you the confidence and know-how to become a masterful cook.

Naomi Pomeroy Flower Shop

Beast’s Naomi Pomeroy has officially thrown open the doors to Colibri, in addition, to a floral studio and meeting space at 1454 NE Prescott St., across the street from Pok Pok Noi.“Color and texture are two of my favorite parts of working with food,” Naomi Pomeroy tells Eater.

“Looking at the finished raw beauty of a plate — thoughtfully orchestrated, with restraint, it’s the intersection of that with flowers that I’m interested in.” Colibri means hummingbird (Naomi Pomeroy ‘s “spirit animal”) in Latin, and also signed onto the project are Expatriate bartender and Naomi Pomeroy’s husband and business partner Kyle Webster and visual artist Morgan Rosskopf, who comes with a decade of experience in floral design.

Colibri is currently furnishing floral arrangements to individual clients and businesses, hence including Portland restaurants. And she’s not kidding: She’s starting her mornings at 4:30 a.m., as a result, to get the new business up and running.

Naomi Pomeroy Iron Chef

“Those white truffles are better than 97% of the sex you will have during your lifetime,” said host Alton Brown during Battle Truffle on Iron Chef America. Presumably, Mr. Brown’s sex life is rather unfulfilling for he prefers a fungal fruiting body that develops underground!

Last night, Naomi Pomeroy challenged Iron Chef Jose Garces in the kitchen stadium using white truffles, canned Perigord black truffles, and truffle oils. Naomi Pomeroy tried to bring her philosophy specifically of “seasonal, fresh ingredients at their peak”.

Meanwhile, Garces wanted to bring the judges “a vast array of truffle magic,” employing his Latin American style on the secret ingredient.

Both Pomeroy and Garces took mainly untraditional approaches and exercised much too subtle hands with the truffles. The judge’s Spanish chef José Andrés, restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow, and restaurant consultant Karine Bakhoum were left underwhelmed thus wanting for more punchy truffle flavor in almost every single dish.

And while Pomeroy won in the Taste category, Garces pulled out the win by besting her in Plating and Originality for a total score of 40 to Pomeroy’s 37.