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Napom  Biography

Neil Meadows, AKA, NaPoM is a Pennsylvania native and a member of the Brooklyn based collective, The Beatbox House. He discovered beatbox on YouTube in 2011. … To his memory, the first lip roll he learned was by imitating a fellow beatboxer, Alem.

Napom  Age

He was born on August 9, 1996, in Pennsylvania. His birth sign is Leo. Currently, he is 22 years as of 2018.

Napom  Family

His family’s result is under review.

Napom  Education

His education result is under review.


Napom  Relationship

There is no information about his dating life.

Napom  Children

This information is under review.

Napom  Career

In 2014, he won his first fights at the Midwest Beatbox Battles, trailed by the 2014 American Beatbox Championships where he accepting the title as the fifth American champ. He raged through the American scene the next year, bringing home a similar title in 2015. He at that point put second in both the fourth Beatbox Battle World Championship and the 2016 Grand Beatbox Battle.

In the 2015 Beatbox Battle World Championships, with a noteworthy accomplishment, NaPoM positioned first in the ends utilizing his mark lip roll bass. This was a staggering accomplishment for a first-time contender to a global occasion like the World Champs, yet for a beatboxer who began in beatboxing just four years earlier. From that point forward, numerous in the network have duplicated his style, referring to his impact in their beatbox.

NaPoM then took a short break from engaging and picked not contend in 2016 at the American Beatbox Championships, since he was making a decision in global fights in Asia. In 2017, NaPoM grabbed right the last known point of interest and went again to the Grand Beatbox Battles in 2017 to turn into the third individual from the Beatbox House to bring home the title; Gene Shinozaki won in 2015 and Kenny Urban the year after.

Soon thereafter, NaPoM won the Beatbox Shootout in Graz, Austria. Neil passes by the stage name, Dr. Nape when performing on a loop station. The Dr. Nape persona showed in the 2015 American Loopstation Beatbox Battle (ABC) where he lost to the year’s victor, Kaila Mullady. The initial couple of exhibitions as Dr. Nape, Neil wore a wig, shades and a hoodie to “conceal his actual personality”, essentially as a muffle.

He has improved monstrously as a looper in a range of two years, having won the Great North Beatbox Battle twice and the principal Loopstation fight at the 2017 Midwest Beatbox Battle. NaPoM likewise is in a label group (pair) with individual Beatbox House-mate, Kenny Urban, under the name, K-PoM. The two made progress when they were welcomed to the 2015 Beatbox Battle World Championships. Kenny’s melodic beats were joined by NaPoM’s sub-woofer style lip rolls.

Napom  Nationality

His nationality is American.

Napom  Net Worth

His net worth result is under review.

Napom  Measurement

His measurement result is under review.

Napom  Accomplishments

-LOOPSTATION CHAMPION – Great North Beatbox Battle (2016, 2017)
-LOOPSTATION CHAMPION – Midwest Beatbox Battles (2017)
-TAG TEAM CHAMPION – Unity Beatbox Battle (2014, 2015)
-TAG TEAM CHAMPION – Great North Beatbox Battle (2016, 2017)
-CHAMPION – Midwest Beatbox Battle (2014)
-CHAMPION – American Beatbox Championships (2014, 2015)
-VICE-WORLD CHAMPION – Beatbox Battles World Championships (2015)
-VICE CHAMPION – Grand Beatbox Battles (2016)
-CHAMPION – Grand Beatbox Battles (2017)
-CHAMPION – Beatbox Shootout (2017)

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LIFE!!!!! Little update, haven’t posted about my life in a while. I’ve been working a lot lately on music and performance stuff, and also how to spread what I do to the rest of the world. It’s easy for me to get caught up in little problems and forget why I started this in the first place. MONEY is important, TIME is important, but the whole reason I’m here in the first place is just because of the love for beatboxing!! It’s my life, it’s who I am, fuck it. Last weekend I traveled to Atlanta and decided to compete in the @legendsbeatbox championship, and I won 🙂 I had mixed feeling about competing, but I’m really glad I did it. I see how hard so many people are practicing to win these competitions, and I wanted [email protected] not only to push the newer battlers on the scene, but also to push myself, to see if I could still be fresh and clean enough to completely win a battle. S/o to all my opponents @matchbbx_ @_balistix_ @audicalmusic and @villainbbx for fun battles. ALSO I ACCIDENTALLY BROKE MY TOOTH AGAIN AND IM GOING TO THE SHOOTOUT BATTLE ON MONDAY TO JUDGE!!! FUCK I hope I can get it fixed before my flight… Life is crazy guys, you can let it haunt you, or let it drive you, your choice. Shoutout to @choice_beats

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