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Nicole Garcia Biography, Age, Husband, FOX 10 News, and Net Worth

Nicole Garcia Biography

Nicole Garcia is an American journalist working as a reporter for FOX 10 News. She attended UCLA and majored in Communication Studies, and graduated Cum Laude.

Nicole and her child love voyaging and playing with their canines. She’ll generally be a born in California young lady, however, throughout the years, she has adjusted to the desert heat and is pleased to call Arizona home.

Nicole Garcia FOX 10 News

As a general task journalist, Nicole has been at the front line of a few breaking and national stories – from riddle murder examinations, outrageous preliminaries, and peculiar violations.

But at the same time, she’s secured stunning accounts of endurance, extraordinary recuperations, networks meeting up, and demonstrations of human generosity here in Arizona too.

Nicole Garcia

Nicole filled in as the News Director for their understudy run news program, Bruin News, and furthermore worked in Washington, D.C. as an assistant White House journalist. She additionally worked in the background at KABC in Los Angeles for quite a while.

At that point, it was set for the Lone Star State where she functioned as an anchor/columnist at KAMR, in Amarillo, Texas.

Her most significant story in Amarillo was the point at which she elected to get tasered by police for an exhibit – ouch. Fortunately, she made due to tell about it.

Nicole worked for almost 10 years at KMPH in Fresno, California, where she was an anchor and columnist.

She secured everything from prominent wrongdoing and legal disputes to citrus freezes, fierce blazes, and the beginning of the cascade season at Yosemite National Park.

She additionally by and by saw an execution at San Quentin. She was selected for an AP Award for her live blog during the homicide preliminary of a lady blamed for slaughtering her better half by stuffing him in a tank of corrosive.

Nicole Garcia Age

Information about her age will be updated as soon as possible.

Nicole Garcia Husband

She has a son but information about her husband will be updated as soon as possible.

Nicole Garcia Height

Information about her height will be updated as soon as possible.

Nicole Garcia Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.


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