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Nicolle Wallace Biography, Age, Husband, NBC News, MSNBC, and Net Worth

Nicolle Wallace Biography

Nicolle Wallace is an American political commentator, author, anchor, and chief political analyst at MSNBC and NBC News. She was born on February 4th, 1972 in Orange County, California, USA.

She grew up in Orinda in Northern California. Nicolle is of Greek descent. She graduated from Miramonte High School in 1990 and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1994 with a B.A in mass communication.

She earned her master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 1996. She resides in New York City and Connecticut with her husband, Mark Wallace. The couple has a son together that was born in 2012.

Nicolle Wallace
Nicolle Wallace

Nicolle Wallace Education

She attended Miramonte High School and graduated in 1990. She then went to the University of California, Berkeley where she graduated in 1994 with a B.A in mass communication. She earned her master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 1996.

Nicolle Wallace MSNBC | Nicolle Wallace NBC News

Nicolle Wallace is an NBC News political expert and host of MSNBC’s “Due date: White House,” which pretense weekdays at 4 p.m. ET. Wallace every now and again shows up on NBC News’ “TODAY” and “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” to break down the most recent improvements from the White House and over the political scene, while filling in as a fill-in host for MSNBC’s “The Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams.”

In her continuous arrangement for NBC News, “In Trump We Trust,” Wallace converses with Americans all through the nation regarding why they decided in favor of President Donald Trump and how they feel about the president.

Wallace contributed normally to unique reports and significant occasions for both NBC News and MSNBC during the 2016 presidential decision, including the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, President Donald Trump’s location to a joint session of Congress, and other real national stories. She additionally directed restrictive one-on-one discussions with previous Florida Governor Jeb Bush and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at the tallness of the 2016 crusade.

Before joining NBC News as an investigator, Wallace filled in as a co-host of ABC’s “The View.” Previously, she was White House Communications Director to President George W. Bramble. She additionally filled in as a senior guide to the McCain-Palin battle in 2008.

Nicolle Wallace The View

Nicolle joined The View as a co-host to work with Rosie Perez. The premiere episode was on air on September 15th, 2015. She, however, left the show in July 2015. Created in 1997 by veteran journalist Barbara Walters, “The View” is a daytime talk show hosted by women — including Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Paula Faris, and Sara Haines — and each offers her take on the day’s news during the opening “Hot Topics” segment.

Later, the ladies welcome various celebrities, who join them in a chat or perform for the audience. The program also offers tips on beauty, fashion, diet, and relationships. Known for their freewheeling style, the hosts are often lampooned in late-night sketches.

First episode date: 11 August 1997
Network: American Broadcasting Company
Directed by: Sarah de la O
Theme song: The View Theme Song

Nicolle Wallace Books

She has written the following books;

Eighteen Acres: A Novel

From the former Communications Director for the White House and current political media strategist comes a suspenseful and smart commercial novel about the first female president and all dramas and deceptions she faces both in politics and in love.

Eighteen Acres, a description used by political insiders when referring to the White House complex, follows the first female President of the United States, Charlotte Kramer, and her staff as they take on dangerous threats from abroad and within her very own cabinet.

Charlotte Kramer, the 45th US President, Melanie Kingston, the White House chief of staff, and Dale Smith, a White House correspondent for one of the networks are all working tirelessly on Charlotte’s campaign for re-election.

At the very moment when they should have been securing success, though, Kramer’s White House implodes under rumors of her husband’s infidelity and grave errors of judgment on the part of her closest national security advisor. In an upheaval that threatens not only the presidency but the safety of the American people, Charlotte must fight to regain her footing and protect the country she has given her life to serving.

Eighteen Acres combines political and family drama into one un-put-downable novel. It is a smart, juicy and fast-paced read that we’re sure fans of commercial women’s fiction will fall in total love with.

Title Eighteen Acres: A Novel
Author Nicolle Wallace
Publisher Simon and Schuster, 2010
ISBN 1439194963, 9781439194966
Length of 336 pages

Madam President: A Novel

Take “a breezy romp through the corridors of power town” (USA TODAY) with co-host of The View and former White House Communications Director Nicolle Wallace in her electrifying insider novel of three powerful women on a day that will change the country forever.

Charlotte Kramer, the 45th President of the United States, has done the unprecedented in allowing a network news team to document a day in her life—and that of her most senior staff. But while twenty news cameras are embedded with the president, the unthinkable happens: five major attacks are leveled on US soil.

Her secretary of defense, Melanie, and her press secretary, Dale, must instantly jump into action in supporting the president and reassuring the country that the safety they treasure is in capable hands.

But secrets have always thrived in President Kramer’s White House. With all eyes on them and America’s stability on the line, all three women are hiding personal and professional secrets that could rock the West Wing to its very foundations…and change the lives of the people they love most.

With an insider’s sharp eye and her trademark winning prose, Nicolle Wallace delivers a timely novel of domestic and political intrigue that is impossible to put down.

Title Madam President: A Novel
Author Nicolle Wallace
Publisher Atria/Emily Bestler Books, 2015
ISBN 1476756910, 9781476756912
Length of 352 pages

It’s Classified: A Novel

From the bestselling author of Eighteen Acres comes a novel that reveals the intrigue and drama that go on behind the closed doors of the White House and opens up a world few have access to, the world of Washington’s political elite.

Charlotte Kramer, America’s first female president, is beginning her second term and is determined to make her mark on history although events do seem to be conspiring against her. Melanie Kingston, her best friend, just signed on as secretary of defense.

Will their relationship survive? Dale Smith is the senior communications advisor to the vice president and knows a secret that could not only ruin her own career but put the credibility of the White House on the line. Tara Meyers is the most popular vice president in recent history, but does her public image match her private life?

When a classified terror threat is made public, all the weaknesses of this presidency are laid bare—and with the country’s safety at stake, someone in the White House isn’t taking any chances.

From the bestselling author of Eighteen Acres comes a novel with a true insider’s look at the lives of Washington’s political elite. It’s Classified reveals the intrigue and drama that go on behind the closed doors of the White House and opens up a world few have access to.

Title It’s Classified: A Novel
Book 2 of Eighteen Acres trilogy, Nicolle Wallace
Author Nicolle Wallace
Edition Reprint
Publisher Simon and Schuster, 2012
ISBN 1451610971, 9781451610970
Length of 336 pages

Mrs. President

Originally published: 19 February 2011
Author: Nicolle Wallace
Genre: Political fiction

Top secret

Originally published: 11 May 2012
Author: Nicolle Wallace
Genre: Literary fiction

Nicolle Wallace says Pete Buttigieg is ‘chicken soup for my soul’

MSNBC stay Nicolle Wallace said that South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and since quite a while ago shot Democratic presidential competitor was “chicken soup for my spirit,” in a progression of positive remarks about Democrats.

Wallace said of Buttigieg, “That person makes me feel good,” as first revealed by the Washington Free Beacon. She besides said that his remarks regarding strict confidence, which have been generally reprimanded by moderate Christians, seemed like “the language of the confidence network in a lovely and expressive manner.”

Wallace, who once recognized as moderate and filled in as correspondences executive in the George W. Shrub White House, has announced that she is eager to decide in favor of whichever 2020 Democratic competitor wins the assignment. Wallace has additionally been one of the frankest pundits of President Trump on the MSNBC organizes.

Wallace, 47, additionally alluded to Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris as “splendid,” “lovely,” and “a boss,” and has credited Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as being “more brilliant snoozing on Ambien” than Trump would be “lifted” on espresso.

Wallace was additionally self-reproachful to previous Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke in his apparent treatment by the media and asked him how the system could cover him all the more decently. The MSNBC grapple additionally worked in 2008 for previous Republican Sen. John McCain’s offer for the White House and now sees herself as a “non-rehearsing Republican.”

Nicolle Wallace Age

She was born on February 4th, 1972 in Orange County, California.

Nicolle Wallace Father

The name of her dad is not available but the information available is that he was an antique dealer.

Nicolle Wallace Husband | Nicolle Wallace Divorced

She had been married to Mark Wallace since 2005. Mark Wallace was a Bush-appointed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and in 2014 was CEO of both the Tigris Financial Group and the nonpartisan United Against Nuclear Iran. It is now reported that she is dating writer Michael S. Schmidt after divorcing Mark.

Nicolle Wallace Height

She is 1.68 M tall.

Nicolle Wallace Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Nicolle Wallace Twitter


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