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Nomiki Konst Biography,Age, Career And Networth

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Nomiki Konst Biography

Nomiki Konst Born Daphne Konst is a political analyst and communications strategist regularly appearing on national media outlets discussing politics. She’s Founder & Executive Director of The Accountability Project (TAP), an investigative news start-up centered on political corruption. She is the host of The Accountability Podcast, the only podcast that solely focuses on political corruption and also contributes political commentary on cable news. She is also a contributor to The Hill.

She regularly appears on national media outlets discussing politics. She is also active on social media where she comments on current events.he worked for The Young Turks and Our Revolution, a progressive political action organization developed from the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. Konst was a candidate for the 2019 New York City Public Advocate special election.

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Nomiki Konst Age

Born January 27, 1984, she is 35 years of age as of 2019.

Nomiki Konst Height

She stands at a fair height and has a fair body Weight to match her height.

Nomiki Konst Education

Konst attended Nichols School, a private, prep school in the area, and the University of Arizona, though Politico could not confirm her graduation. She was an actor, an organizer for Barack Obama, and in the late 2000s, she founded an organization related to Capitol Hill entertainment, Alliance Hollywood, about which there is little documentation.

Nomiki Konst Career

Konst is an advocate for women, campaign reform, millennials, and civil discourse. From her start on Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign at 16 years old to national co-chairing Pres. Barack Obama’s Re-Election campaign, she’s worked for three different presidential campaigns as well as dozens of campaigns across the country – in all areas of the campaign world, including field organizing, communications, fundraising, and media. Konst has also worked in nonprofit and advocacy, from national publicity campaigns on hydraulic fracturing to organ donation reform.

Nomiki Konst

Before running for office, Konst was an at-large member of the DNC Council and a National Co-Chair for Generation Forty Four, the young professional fundraising arm of President Obama’s 2012 Re-Election campaign. She’s a Truman National Security Project Partner, sits on the Board of Advisors for Running Start and LaunchProgress and was a 2010 Changemaker of the Year. She also sat on the LA Board of the New Leaders Council and the Just Media Council.
Konst appears regularly on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, as well as CNN, MSNBC, NY 1, HuffPost Live and CSPAN. She has contributed to and appeared in the NY Daily News, The Huffington Post, Politico, The AZ Republic, City & State, the NY Observer, The Gotham Gazette, The Wall Street Journal, PolicyMic and many other publications. In 2009, Konst produced “Campaign Country,” a reality show pilot highlighting her mother’s NYS Senate Campaign. In 2011, she hosted a television news show pilot called “Millennials at the Table.

Her name is derived from the ancient Greek word, “law” and she comes from a family of lawyers. Her name is prominent on one island in Greece (Kalymnos) where her father’s family is from. It is Greek tradition that the first born is named after the paternal grandmother or grandfather. In this case, she is named after her grandmother, Nomiki.

Nomiki Konst Net Worth

Her eaxct Networth is still Under Investigation we will update when Information is Available.

Nomiki Konst Public Advocate

Nomiki Konst has spent her career shining a spotlight on corruption and holding officials accountable in New York City and across the country.

As Public Advocate of New York City, Nomiki will be an independent watchdog for the city, unbeholden to special interests or political machines that have tied the hands of lawmakers and corrupted our government.

Unlike every other elected official running for Public Advocate, Nomiki is not accepting contributions from real estate developers, corporations, or lobbyists.

Fighting Corruption

An award-winning investigative journalist, Nomiki has exposed political and financial corruption and covered progressive movements locally and globally. Her reporting has focused on New York government, covering the Independent Democratic Conference, the DNC, and Wall Street’s “disaster capitalism” in Puerto Rico.

She has investigated the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, charter schools, and the pollution caused by the fracking industry. She regularly contributes reporting and analysis to CBS,  MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and many other media platforms.

Progressive Activism

Nomiki is also a seasoned political activist and organizer. She recently served as a Sanders appointee to the DNC Reform Commission, tasked to transform, open up, and change the Democratic Party. In 2016 she was a National Surrogate for Bernie Sanders for President and a DNC Platform Committee Member and Delegate.

She was an advisor to LaunchProgress, which encourages youth leaders—women, people of color, people from lower-income families, people with disabilities—who our political parties may not traditionally recruit or support.

The granddaughter of Greek refugee immigrants, Nomiki proudly calls Astoria, Queens, her home. From her grandparents – who risked their lives defying political threats and escaping authoritarian communist rule – she learned to stand up to powerful interests and for what is right.

Nomiki Konst Debate

Nomiki Konst, the 35-year-old TV pundit casting herself as the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the New York public advocate’s race, readily acknowledges that her background is politically unconventional.

She’s wandered from Tucson to Buffalo to Florida to Los Angeles to New York City, from one cause to the next. It’s all, her aides say, part of a bildungsroman that naturally culminates in a run for an office that’s second in line to the mayor of the biggest city in America.Like Ocasio-Cortez, Konst has not risen through traditional Democratic channels. She identifies as a Democratic Socialist. Her campaign depicts her as one in a movement of millennial women finding their voices. But for someone campaigning for a job to keep fellow city leaders honest, her own personal history is hard to pin down.

“The last decade and a half have been very tumultuous for millennials,” Konst told POLITICO.

Konst came to POLITICO’s office on Tuesday to discuss her background and her aspirations for the office of public advocate. POLITICO followed up with 19 fact-checking questions that same night. Citing debate preparations, she declined to answer those questions, some simple queries like what year she graduated from college, and how much of her life she spent in Tucson. The campaign ultimately declined to answer many of the questions.

“Given that this election is less than 4 days away, it is simply impossible to accommodate this request on this timeline,” emailed campaign manager Dominique Shuminova on Thursday evening.

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