Patrick Decile Biography, Age, Parents, Acting and Music

Patrick Decile Biography

Patrick Decile (also known by his nickname Pat Pandoe) is an American actor and rapper who is known for his roles in films such as “We Were Young,” “Moonlight” (2016), and “Broken Branches” (2018).

How old is Patrick Decile | Patrick Decile Age

As of 2019, Decile is 22 years old who was born in Miami, Florida, United States.

Patrick Decile Family – Parents and Siblings

The young actor was born in Miami Gardens and was raised by his mother. The family moved around Florida while he was young before he finally settled in Miami. He has two younger siblings: a sister and a brother, with whom Decile grew up with.

Patrick Decile Acting

Decile began acting professionally when he appeared in the 2016 coming-of-age drama film “Moonlight”. His character is known as Terrel, a school bully who is seen as the film’s brutal antagonist. Patrick went to North Miami Senior High School, an environment he describes as “different”. “I was used to a different curriculum with different kinds of students — students who wouldn’t fight every day”. At the school, Decile knew no shortage of bullies and he got bullied himself. This experience helped him play his character of Terrel which he was praised for.

Moonlight won the 74th Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture-Drama and received five other nominations for the Globe Awards. It also won an Academy Award for Best Picture at the 89th ceremony alongside other awards for its various actors and contributors.

Decile is passionate about poetry since his freshman year in high school. The following year, a teacher persuaded the young man to join the school’s drama program and that is when he first got into acting. He went to college at Florida Memorial University where he also joined the drama class. One day, their teacher informed them that there would be a number of guests that day, among them was Barry Jenkins, the film director of Moonlight. Unknowingly, the class auditioned for the movie and Decile received a call back afterward.

He is also a rapper and singer under the name Pat Pandoe. His music is on SoundCloud and it ranges from the introspective to the celebratory.

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Patrick Decile Music

Some of Pandoe’s music tracks include:

  • Youth — an airy, synth-filled track about being young in Miami
  • Whats Wong ft Luko
  • Shit I Don’t Know
  • Truth Final Mix
  • Only Final Mix
  • Springtime in Paris

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