Paul Magers Biography, Age, Wife, Career, CBS, Alchoholism, Networth

Paul Magers Biography

Paul Magers is a former American news anchor and reporter. He worked at KCBS-TV  in Los Angeles. He has won many awards in his field and very much appreciated and respected anchor in his field. He received many Emmy Awards and a Golden Mic. He was born on 15th May 1954 in Santa Maria, California.

Paul Magers Age/ Family

Magers was born on 15th May 1954 ( she is 65 years old as of 2018) Paul didn’t even say anything about his parents and also there is no information about his siblings. Seeing his activeness in his field, it can be said that his childhood was very productive

Paul Magers Wife/Kids

Paul got married to a journalist, Kathryn Mager for a long time. They are married for over 30 years. Paul’s wife blessed the family with two daughters, Emily and Anna.

Paul Magers Career

Paul’s first job was in St. Paul at KSTP-TV. He worked as a technician, producer, and dispatcher there and later after completion of his doctorate degree he moved to Portland in KATU-TV and got the job of an on-air reporter.

In 1981 he worked for KGTV later in 1983 he co-anchored with Diana Piece in KARE for almost two decades. Their anchoring in the related field for consistently 20 years made a record in the field of anchoring. His left KARE on December 2003.

He then began to work for KCBS television just a month after leaving KARE. He was also famous by giving a smile on people face by showing dance moves at the end of his show. Apart from anchoring he also participated in many political debates and various community events. In March 2017 Paul announced his retirement revealing his long struggle with alcoholism.

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Paul Magers CBS

Paul announced his retirement Wednesday following 38 years in television news and also the past 13 years as an evening anchor with CBS 2 in Los Angeles.

Paul Magers Alcoholism

Paul suffered under alcoholism which led him to later to take time off from being  a news anchor and go seek treatment. He got the help he needed and retired.

Paul Magers Networth/ Salary

Paul worked for nearly four decades and saved up before he retired. The wealth he accumulated he acquired through his job as a news anchor. His net worth is estimated to be around 10 million dollars. Paul also used to earn a salary of  50, 000 dollars before he retired.

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Paul Magers Interview

RANDY: How’s life?

PAUL: How’s life?

RANDY: Yeah, how’s life?

PAUL: (sings) “I don’t care, I don’t care.” — Life’s great.

RANDY: Is retirement what you though it would be?

PAUL: You know, I have to tell you, Randy, retirement is better than I ever anticipated.

RANDY: Really?

PAUL: And I don’t really want to tell you about it because we won’t finish this interview… seriously.

Full interview with Paul Magers talking about retirement, LA and alcholism

RANDY: not bored?

PAUL: No. Freedom. Literally freedom is the word I’d use… first word I would choose.

RANDY: I have to read this: “nurse today at urgent care explained my medication may cause diarrhea-told her i’m retired & that would give me something to look forward to”

PAUL: I didn’t have anyone to talk to, so I just tweeted it.

RANDY: I really think that Twitter has become your comedic outlet.

PAUL: I like observational humor. That’s my favorite type of humor and it’s just when you have this much free time, you observe a lot more!

RANDY: It’s allowed you to connect with people too here in Minnesota.

PAUL: It has, that’s true. A lot of people in Minnesota follow me and I appreciate that very much and they say fun things. As you know, I’m sober now. Went through treatment and it’s something I work at daily.

RANDY: What is working for you right now?

PAUL: To be real frank about it, I attend a 12-step program; I go to daily meetings.

RANDY: How is life different?

PAUL: Oh it’s a hell of a lot better.

RANDY: Tell me about that.

PAUL: Than being drunk? Well, yeah, it’s a helluva lot better.

RANDY: You see things more clearly obviously.

PAUL: Because you can see (LAUGH). Sure and usually you see one of whatever it is you see (LAUGH). Everyone has a different bottom, and I certainly, you know I was a functional alcoholic. But the fact is, I was an alcoholic.

Randy Shaver interviews former KARE 11 anchor Paul Magers. Credit: Jeff Wiltgen, KARE 11

RANDY: When did that start? Because I can remember conversations when you worked here where you would call. We’d talk late at night. I could hear the ice rattle in the glass.

PAUL: Sure, yeah, it started longer ago than I thought it would have. There were people who were shocked that I did what I was doing. it’s your pride, it’s the embarrassment. It’s like admitting you have some weakness, when in fact, it’s a disease. There were days, Randy, where I sat at this little breakfast counter in the morning and I’d be alone and crying, and asking.. I still get emotional about it… asking God to help me.

RANDY: The unattended casualties from all that, what would those be?

PAUL: Your family takes a hit, some of your friends take a hit. And for me, lucky in that respect that the damage… I would call minimal. stories you can hear, and I’ve heard, woo. I feel better.

Paul Magers.&nbsp; Credit: Jeff Wiltgen, KARE 11

RANDY: You look great.

PAUL: Well thank you.

RANDY: Thin. Thinner than I remember.

PAUL: And you look much larger. Of course the camera adds 10 pounds (LAUGH).

RANDY: Knew you were going to do that.

PAUL: How much fun did we have? It should have been illegal, every day. In those 20 years, I would say, and I believe you’d probably say the same thing, it was a pretty happy environment.

Paul Magers and Diana Pierce anchor the news on KARE 11. Credit: KARE 11

RANDY: Was it the same in L.A.?



PAUL: Every man for himself (LAUGH).

RANDY: Did you know that from day one?

PAUL: Man overboard just keep going!

RANDY: Did you know that from day one?

PAUL: No… about day two?


PAUL: Day two I knew. Large egos.. man, yeah.

RANDY: How do you want people in Minnesota to remember you? In the time that you were here?

PAUL: Well, that’s pretty easy for me. It’s what I want the day I’m gone is what I want for my daughters to remember me, it’s what I want my wife to remember. It’s what I want friends like you to remember, that I was just a pretty decent person. That’s all.