Paula Harwood Bio, Age, Career, Family, Obituary, Net Worth.

Paula Harwood Biography

Paula  Harwood was born on August 1, 1955. She has become an automatic subject of public scrutiny. It is the theory that a love affair commenced. After her university education than not much known about her graduation.


Paula Harwood Age

She has an Age of 64 years old. Then she was born on August 1, 1955.

Paula Harwood Career

She was an American Actor. Paula is a musician has a credit song. She has a famous supporter.ON Peter career.they Hollywood acting roles.shE Broadway Musicals and Writings Assignments. Then Peter could encourage his wife has she doubts about roles. She was using her Twitter to feed. He promotes his husband a children’s career. She endorses and raises awareness of many of the charities closest to her heart.

Paula  Harwood Education

She was a student at atTUFT University. Then she privately funded the research university. There they meet with peter. Who was also a student in her intake?.

Harwood Height

She has a height of 5 feet s inches. Then she is tall completing her husband. His husband height of 1.75m. There she does elegantly carry her height well with her age.

Paula Hardwood Family


In 1983 she married her husband. He was named a Peter Gallagher. They have been enjoying life. Then they were company by their two children. They started for 1 year. After getting together in 1982. They have been married for 36 years. The children are James and Kathryn. The contribution made to make their profile.

Paul Hardwood Net worth

Her net worth was estimated at 8 million. She lived with pride. Then she could live luxuriously. She knows that better half of over three. And half-decade her worth. In the family of paul have six bedrooms. They also have five bathrooms. This bathroom contains a pad located. They bought in 2007 at 3 million.  Later they sell the tune of 5.25 million.

Paul hardwood Obituary

Then on April 16, 2011 paul 57 passed away.

Paul Hardwood Encinitas

Paul is a nurse practitioner in Encinitas .CA.Then she specializes in nursing. psychiatric nursing.

Paul Hardwood Twitter