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Paula White Biography

Paula White ( Paula Michelle White-Cain) is an American non-denominational pastor born on 20th April 1966 in Tupelo, Mississippi, U.S. She is the senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida and also a host of ‘Paul White Today’. She chairs the evangelical advisory board in Donald Trump’s administration. She is a former co-pastor and co-founder, along with her then-husband Randy White, of Without Walls International Church in Tampa

Paula White Age/ How Old is Paula White

Paula was born on 20th April 1966 in Tupelo, Mississippi, U.S. (52 years as of 2018)

Pastor Paula White Family

Paula was born to Myra Joanelle and Donald Paul Furr III, Her parents separated when Paula was five years old and later her father committed suicide which leads them to poverty. Her mother became an alcoholic and when she was working Paul would be the caregiver to her brother.

At the age of nine, her mother remarried to a two-star admiral in the US Navy and her family moved to the Washington, DC, where her stepfather was stationed to the National Naval Medical Center.

Paula White Husband/ Paul White Marriage

Paula White married Jonathan Cain on 26th April 2015. Paul is a musician who plays with the bands Bad English and Journey. Cain wrote Journey’s hit song ‘Don’t Stop Believin’. Paul was previously married, for the first time, when she was a teenager and got a son from the marriage. In 1984 she converted to Christianity and her marriage ended soon after.

In 1989 Paula married preacher and evangelist Randy White. In 1991 they both co-founded ‘Without Walls International Church’ in Tampa, Florida. The two divorced in 2007 and Paula left Without Walls in 2011. Paula met Randy while Randy came to visit a church where Paula volunteered as a janitor. They became friends and saw each other for a couple of months. During a tour to Israel, less than a year after they met, Randy proposed and Paula accepted.

Paula White, Husband and Son

Paul White Divorce

In 2007 Paula divorced her then-husband, Randy White, the divorce was amicable. They were co-founders of ‘Without Walls International Church’ in Tampa, Florida.

Paula during an interview said that after IRS launched a nine-year investigation into the personal and organizational finances, of White and her then-husband, Randy in 2004 there was a lot of pressure and even their church staff split in the middle with some turning on the Whites and going to the media. She said that due to “that kind of pressure” and “in a really weak moment” together with her husband they decided to divorce.

Paula said that her husband closed up to her and she kept questioning herself “Why can I win the world and not go home and win the one that I love?”.

She remembered a time Randy took her into a dark room, placed a mask on her, spun her around and told her to find her way out. With tears, White said she sat there for half an hour, scared and calling out to him. He took off her mask and informed her that that is what he felt like he was going through.

Paula White Children

Paul white has one child, a son Dean Knight from her first marriage. He once was a drug addict and was sexually abused by another male at a White’s staff member’s house.

Paula White Affair

Paula was once pictured with televangelist Benny Hinn in The National Enquirer leaving a hotel in Rome holding hands which led to speculations that they were having an affair and were engaged. White came out to put the rumors to rest and denied the allegations. She said;

“They’re going to talk about you and write … because it sells ragtag magazines. They’re going to lie on you but God’s going to tell you to keep your mouth shut.”

Paul White Ministries

In 1991 Paula and Randy White founded South Tampa Christian Center in Tampa Florida although it was later renamed to ‘Without Walls International Church’. The church struggled financially at first and couldn’t even pay the Whites a salary. From 1991 to 1998 the church changed its location three times until it secured the property at 2511 North Grady Avenue in Tampa, and changed the name of the church to Without Walls International Church.

OPn 12th July 2009 Paula became the senior pastor of the church after her husband Randy stepped down citing health reasons. On 1st January 2011, Paula became the senior pastor of Without Walls Central Church in Lakeland, Florida, making her the pastor of both church locations after Scott Thomas resigned. Later in the year, Paula restored both senior pastor positions to Randy White.

In December 2001 Paula White recorded her first broadcast of ‘Paula White Today’ and by 2006 the show appeared on nine television networks.

Paula White Church

On 31st December 2011, Paula was appointed, by the board, as the senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Church in Apopka, Florida succeeding Zachery Tims who had died in August 2011. Tims’ ex-wife Riva filed a lawsuit against the board of directors but quickly dropped it, citing a hold harmless clause in her 2009 marital settlement agreement.

Paula addressed the controversy during a service where she said;
“I’m not asking you to like me. I’m not asking you to love me or respect me, because I’ll do the work to earn that. I always ask people to give me one year of your life and I promise you will be changed.”

Paula became the senior pastor for New Destiny Church Centre officially on 1st January 2012..

Paula White Trump/ Trump Spiritual Advisor

Paula White is Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor, Trump discovered White through watching her TV show and reached out to her by telephone in 2002. Trump even appeared on her television show and he used to bring her to Atlantic City for private Bible studies.

In 2016, James Dobson credited White of having converted Trump into Christianity. Paula was part of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board during his campaign for US President. On 20th January 2017, she delivered the invocation prayer during Trump’s inauguration ceremony. She has been one of Trump’s spiritual advisers since he took over the office and has held Oval Office prayer circles with him.

Paula White Books

  • 2016: God of Timing
  • 2015: Clippity Clippitys Exciting Discovery
  • 2013: Prayer Confessions: 2nd Edition
  • 2009: Dare to Dream: See Yourself as God Sees You
  • 2008: First Fruits: From Promise to Provision
  • 2008: Move On, Move Up: Turn Yesterday’s Trials Into Today’s Triumphs
  • 2008: I Don’t Get Wholeness… That’s the Problem: Making Relationships Work
  • 2008: Fasting Made Simple: Road Map, Results, Rewards
  • 2007: You’re All That!
  • 2007: You’re All That! Understand God’s Design for Your Life
  • 2005: Simple Suggestions for a Sensational Life!
  • 2005: I Promise You: God’s Assurance for Everyday Living
  • 2005: Finding Your Authentic Self
  • 2005: Restoration: The Power of the Blood
  • 2005: Deal With It! Workbook
  • 2004: Deal With It! You Cannot Conquer What You Will Not Confront
  • 2004: Principles for Possessing Your Promise: God’s System of Seedtime and Harvest
  • 2003: Birthing Your Dreams: God’s Plan for Living Victoriously
  • 1998: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: What Every Woman Needs to Know about Unconditional Love, But is Afraid to Feel

Paula White Quotes

  1. Don’t let small minded people cancel the big thoughts and plans God has for you.
  2. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
  3. People cannot make you mad if you don’t let them!! Seek God and His presence.
  4. You are Gods hands at work in the earth.
  5. Remember, when something leaves your life, God is making room for something much better to enter! Get ready!
  6. Your future is found in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what others do occasionally!.
  7. Don’t let your history hinder you from your destiny… you are only held back by yourself! You aren’t what they say you were, you are who God says you are!
  8. By your words, you form your destiny – what you say within yourself determines the end promise of your life! Your future lives in your mouth!
  9. God takes what the enemy meant for your bad and turns it for your good! It wasn’t a set back but a set up! Wait and see what God is getting ready to do for you!
  10. Champions have the courage to keep turning the pages because they know a better chapter lies ahead.
  11. Don’t waste another moment crying over what went wrong! If it wasn’t a blessing – it was a lesson.
  12. This is the best message that I have been responsible for it. This will help you, A, find your identity. Because you can never overcome life issues. You’ll never overcome your condition without knowing your position. So identity. Significance comes out of identity, meaning life’s purpose, you’re why in life. But the great thing is this book [‘You are all that’] is so practical.
  13. Good means ultimately he’s producing character in me to conform me into the image of Christ.
  14. I came to let you know, God is not going to his authenticity be destroyed.
  15. I can’t tell what God will do because I’m not God. I can only take you back to biblical principle.
  16. I don’t go where I’m tolerated. I go where I’m celebrated.
  17. Let’s say financially. Financially, I personally believe that you should have enough to do the assignment that you feel is part of your life. And whatever that is to do, you’re going to need.
  18. You’ve been complaining, you’ve been depressed, you’ve been despondent. But take off those garments of heaviness and put back on your garments of praise. I didn’t come when you thought I was going to come, but I’m going to be right on time.
  19. I believe so many people live what I call that false identity they are living according to other people’s expectations, associations, their experiences, the labels in life. And they buy into that.
  20. My definition of prosperity would be quite different than what most people probably imagine or think because I think that a wholeness word that means nothing missing, nothing broken. It’s not finances or materialism.
  21. I say you have to remember in darkness what he told you in light. And the principle is this that there are times that it does feel like God is playing hide and go seek. But I trust him.

Paula White Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $5 million.



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