Pedro Morales Biography, Family, Wife, Kids, Career, And Net Worth.

Pedro Morales Biography

Pedro Morales was a Puerto Rican professional wrestler. He was famously known for his appearances in the United States with Worldwide Wrestling Associates (WWA) and the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF).

He became of prominence with WWA in the 1960s, where he held the World Heavyweight Championship and World Tag Team Championship. He joined the WWWF in 1970 and he won its World Heavyweight Championship and United States Championship. He also won the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship and Tag Team Championship, during his 2nd run with the by-then World Wrestling Federation (WWF), the 1980s. He established himself as the promotion’s 1st Triple Crown Champion.

In 1987, he took a step to retire from his profession wrestling. Morales also held the record for most days as Intercontinental Champion.

Pedro Morales Age

Pedro Morales was born on October 22, 1942.

Pedro Morales Family

Pedro Morales (born Pedro Antonio Morales) was born in the municipality of Culebra, an island off the shore of Puerto Rico’s main island. Morale came from a huge family, where he had 85 cousins from his mother’s side. He had been raised in Culebra and throughout his childhood, he had remained there until reaching his adolescence, when his mother sent him to live with an aunt in Brooklyn, New York, to finish his high school education.

Pedro Morales Wife

Morales had a wife by the name Karen, a teacher, began working at Avenel Street Elementary School and they married in 1966. Their relationship continued throughout his wrestling career and afterwards.

Pedro Morales Children | Kids

The couple has a son, Pedro Morales, Jr. born in 1974. When his son was about to start kindergarten, the family bought a house in central New Jersey.Pedro Morales Career

Morales frequently wrestled fellow Puerto Rican Gypsy Joe on these cards, also earning wins over Jimmy Quinn, Don Savage and Sonny Fargo, while wrestling several local figures such as Swede Hanson, Laverne Baxter and Tony Nero.

The following year, Morales began visiting several more states, often teaming with different Latin luchadores such as Pepper Gonzales and Gory Guerrero, while holding loose feuds with a wrestler simply known as “The Viking” and Mark Starr. During the following months, he served as a midcarder, losing to several of the high-card talents but gaining wins over jobbers such as Poncho Pico, Sputnik Monroe and winning a three-fall match over Gypsy Biviano.

In August, he traveled to Texas and was involved in a series of matches with Jack and Jim Dalton, facing them along multiple tag team partners. He opened 1963 by performing in several tag team matches against Johnny Barend and Magnificent Maurice and returning to New York and New Jersey in a program along Gordo Chihuahua, who worked as enhancement talent. Later in the year, he formed a recurrent tag team with Perez and feuded with Pedro Rodriguez.

Vittorio Apollo became his main stay tag team partner, along whom he challenged The Fabulous Kangaroos, Johnny Barend and Buddy Rogers on several dates. He finished the year by teaming with Pérez, earning three victories over the Fabulous Kangaroos. The team opened 1964 by feuding with Chris and John Tolos, losing the first two encounters but winning the three-fall rubber match.

The tag team next entered a feud with Jerry Graham and Luke Graham, losing several times before earning a win on September 19, 1964. Morales then entered a double feud against Pedro Rodriguez and Gene Kiniski, dominating Rodriguez but losing to Kiniski.

Pedro Morales Net Worth

Pedro Morale had an estimated Net Worth of $2 million.

Pedro Morales Death

Morales being a fighter, suffered several injuries that lingered after his career was over, limiting the amount of physical exercise that he was capable of doing but this never stopped him from being a frequent visitor to The Club.

However, Morales had an advanced case of Parkinson’s disease that even prevented him from traveling to Puerto Rico during his final years.

He passed away on February 12, this year, 2019, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, being 76 years of age.

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