Peter Lemongello Bio, Age, Relation and Education

Peter Lemongello Biography

Peter Lemongello is an American singer known for his double album Love ’76, the first album to be sold exclusively through television advertising. He was a virtual unknown but after it, he was selling out Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall and was front page news in all of the major newspapers.

Peter Lemongello Age

An American singer who is known for his double album Love ’76, the first album to be sold exclusively through television advertising was born on February 11, 1947North Babylon, New York, United States. He is 72 years old as of the year 2019.

Peter lemongello photo
Peter Lemongello photo

Peter Lemongello Relation

He is married to his lovely wife Karen and with their son,  called Peter Jr.

Peter Lemongello Education

His parents moved to North Babylon when he was 7. And he was definitely the prettiest kid in North Babylon when he graduated from high school there in 1964 because his yearbook says so.

Peter Lemongello Career

He spent the first part of his career as a cabaret singer, with several appearances on national TV, including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. He released his first two records (under the name Pete Lemongello) on the Rare Bird record label to no fanfare. In 1973, he signed to Epic Records.

In 1989, after having no success landing an Atlantic City gig, he rented a billboard on the Expressway claiming that he was coming soon. Two months later the Showboat took over the billboard and booked him for a sold-out three-night engagement.

Two years after a successful 20-night stand at Resorts Casino Hotel in 2013, Lemongello is back for another run. Interestingly enough, Lemongello’s marketing skills are more famous than his music.

After a self-promoting television ad campaign in 1976, he wound up selling a million albums. But promotion aside, fans will want to come out to the Superstar Theater to see Lemongello do what he does second best, sing. The crooner will perform his own mood-rock songs as well as plenty of songs from the Great American Songbook. Those in the mood for romance will take delight in Lemongello’s performance.

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