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Gordon Phelps was born on 11 April 1966 in Towson, Maryland. Phelps is an American of age 53 years old. Phelps has attended Calvert Hall College High School in Towson.


When Gordon was young, he listened to Casey Kasem on the American Top 40 Countdown show and that’s when he grew a person to music. Phelps also listened to a number of jockeys that influenced his radio personality and also becoming a Disk Jockey. The Deejays include:

  • Baltimore’s Johnny Walker on WFBR(am) –Walker influenced him by his remix, his personal driven style and also his sound effects.
  • Also, the broadcast of Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 by Rick Dees gave him information on sound effects and humor in the radio show.
  • Also from first talking Terry “Motormouth” on WCAU in Philadelphia in the early-mid- 1980s Hot Hits Phase.

Gordon met with a program director from WQSR(Q105) and showed him about his knowledge of current music. He got an internship in the station while he was at 17 years of age and still attending High School.

Phelps as a radio personality

He first created a show that reflected on his two influencers: Rick Dees and the fastness of Terry which he named the Phlash Phelps Phunny Pharm. Later in the years, listeners from the show would recite the number of clubs they were in as part of the fun. The fast-talking personality of the listeners was shown by reciting the alphabetical letters backward.

In 2000, Phlash was in Fort Wayne in the WCKZ (Rhythmic/102.3) where he broadcasted in the morning. In late 2000, in  September Phelps joined the East Coast and Satelite radio.

On August 21, 2000, Phlash was hired in the ’60s and 6’s Channel on XM Satelite Radio but Phelps first time to go on air was in September 2001. The channel 60’s and 6’s broadcasts from Washington Dc and Phelps also worked as a music producer. Due to the fact that Phelps had listened to the music in the early 1960s made Phelps an appropriate broadcaster. Phelps also participated in CQ USA in the XM with an active listener participant which later ended in 2006.

In 2010, his show, 60’s and 6’s were broadcast from Monday to Friday in the morning until midday.

Phelps as a disk jockey

The fact that Phelps was a strong listener of the disk Jockeys made it so easy for him to participate in music. In the 60’s and 6’s show, Phlash was a disk jockey and still advice on music production. Also, his radio personality promoted his Disk Jockey abilities.

Phlash net worth

According to the case study 2019, Phlash is worth between 100 Us Million dollars and one US million dollars.

Phlash quick facts

  1. Phlash real name is Steve Phelps. He took the name Phlash when doing disk jockey work.
  2. He has gone the states trips for 48 times.
  3. There is a thorough horse race named after him, this was after he suggested that he would like to have a horse named after him.
  4. The flag was raised on his honor to celebrate his 14 years in the satellite station.
  5. He is known for the geographical location questions he holds in the station.


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